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Video: Drug Rehab Video - Cirque Lodge

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Cirque Lodge is a nationally and internationally recognized addiction treatment facility. We treat alcoholism and drug addiction in a private, exclusive setting in the mountains of Sundance, Utah. Our alcohol and drug rehab video takes a personal look at our unique and highly regarded program. Alumni tell their stories, you meet our staff and you see our facilities. It is a Birdseye view into what we believe is the finest therapeutic experience, with the most educated and experienced staff, in the most spectacular venue imaginable. We are committed to the recovery from all mind altering substances. For more information about us, call our admissions office at 1-877-99-REHAB.

Nestled in the quiet mountains of Utah, Cirque offers two recovery facilities for individuals and families faced with the destructive malady of alcoholism, drug abuse and prescription drug addiction. Facilities are quiet, exclusive and prepared to provide the finest experience available in drug and alcohol treatment. Our flagship facility is The Lodge. It is reserved for those seeking the most private of recovering experiences. We believe it is the finest experience in treatment today. With that said, we believe the best value in treatment today is found at our Studio facility. This alcohol and drug rehab locale is at the mouth of the Provo Canyon. It encompasses 110,000 square feet and rests on 12 private acres. It is by all accounts the finest treatment resource in our industry.

Cirque Lodge Video

Elements of the Cirque Lodge program are shared by our treatment staff, recognized addiction professionals, and most importantly, our alumni. The Alumni share with you their struggles with addiction, the despair, and the hope they found through the alcohol and drug rehab program at the Cirque Lodge. The video highlights many of the amenities that we believe are offered by no other program anywhere in the country. It will give you a cursory view into why we believe our program has achieved this level of success and garnered such a stellar reputation. Hope and healing, we believe, is found through multi-disciplinary approach in treating body, mind, and spirit.

A significant difference in our program that we believe makes us successful is our commitment to experiential therapy. The Cirque Lodge video looks at several elements of our experiential program and the staff responsible for delivering therapy in an effective yet fun filled approach to getting better. You'll hear accounts of working with horses; see elements of the largest indoor ropes facility in North America, and fly with us as we go heli-hiking in the back reaches of the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains. This unique approach for an alcohol and drug rehab program has been amazingly effective at assisting in the recovery process.

After viewing the video, we hope you feel as we do that Cirque Lodge is finest in therapeutic programming for people with alcohol or drug problems. We would encourage you to call us at 1-877-997-3422. Let us answer your question. Our admissions department is skilled. If at the end of the day we by chance aren't the program that fits your needs, we can help with important information and referrals to other well regarded treatment professionals.

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