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Drug Abuse
Drug Rehab Center

Mountain Drug Abuse Treatment The behavior of drug abuse and seeking drugs could indicate a greater struggle with dependency and addiction. It is one of the great tragedies in our society. Nowadays it isn't just the illicit drugs like heroin or cocaine. Drug abuse and addiction is being found more in prescription medications than it ever has before. For individuals struggling with drugs or with alcohol it can take rehabilitation to recover. This page looks further into drug abuse and also into the efforts of treatment. For immediate help for a drug addiction, please contact us at the Cirque Lodge today, 1-877-997-3422.

What is Drug Abuse Really?

Drug abuse is when a person will continually turn to different types of drugs to get high, or to feel a desired effect. For prescription drugs, abuse it's defined as taking medications that are not prescribed to you, or using them in a manner they are not intended. The abuse of drugs does not necessarily mean addiction. However, this behavior can over time lead to dependency, and in most situations is a strong indicator of an addiction. This can manifest itself in different forms of behavior. Learn more about the Signs of Drug Abuse.

What is Some Ways Drugs Affect Society?

Not only does drug abuse affect families, but it also has a detrimental effect on business and society in general. There are three distinct areas in which this problem manifests itself. The first is in the cost of health care. The second is in the area of criminal behavior and the costs to the criminal justice system. The third area is the loss of jobs, economic impacts to the families affected, and the subsequent reliance on the welfare system. In its latest research, the government estimated the economic impact related to specifically drugs to be well in excess of $100 billion. This number is over $500 billion in costs in relation to alcohol, drugs and tobacco together.

With a problem this large we can see why the government is spending so much money on fighting the "war on drugs". We can certainly attack and choke off the distribution of these illegal drugs, but until we stop the demand, the point is moot. This is the reason we believe that the most important way to treat drug abuse is through an effective drug abuse program. We have seen that merely putting people in jail does not solve the problem. If we can arrest this disease at the source, the addict, then we have a much better chance at eliminating this problem from society at large.

Treating the Addict

The most effective way to help those struggling with a substance use disorder is to treat the individual. In most cases this means rehab at a drug abuse facility. Since drugs have different impacts on the brain and behavior, specific drug treatment requires personalized therapies to really arrest the disease. Therapies have improved greatly in recent decades as science has discovered more about the condition of substance use disorders. Therapy looks more deeply into the individual's behaviors and reasons behind the drug use. Therapies also are used to introduce strategies for dealing with future situations when someone is faced with drug use and abuse in their life.

Each situation of treating addiction is unique and it does take different approaches to understand why an individual has turned abusing to drugs. Sometimes, the reasons for the drug abuse involves outside influences. It is not uncommon to discover situations of childhood trauma, histories of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, or grief as driving forces for self-medication. Therapies involved in treating the addict must help address areas of personal struggle combined with the therapies that specifically address why one abuses drugs.

Another implicating factor of drug use problems involves the co-occurring existence of mental health disorders. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that as many as 6 out of 10 individuals who struggle with substance abuse also deal with a co-occurring mental health concern. These are things like depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and PTSD. To effectively treat an individual struggling with addiction, programming is needed to help with these particular disorders. This is commonly referred to as dual diagnosis. Recent revisions to the addiction treatment and mental health guidelines now refer to this as co-occurring treatment. Studies have found that integration of addiction therapies and mental health treatments have been effective at arresting both parts of a co-occurring condition.

What Else is involved in Drug Treatment?

There are many approaches to 'talk therapy' used in drug treatment today. There is also many other effective approaches involved in helping individuals recover from addiction. One of the key principles established in treating drug abuse effectively is that it does take more than one approach and you must reach an individual on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. Some things involved are:
  • Educational elements that teach more about the nature of chemical dependency
  • Family education, treatments and therapies
  • Physical programming to help with fitness and healing for body
  • Recovery oriented services to provide long-term strategies
  • Support services and programs to help with spiritual recovery
  • Services to help with work and/or finding employment

Treating addiction also requires an adequate amount of time. Studies say that it takes about 90-days of sustained sobriety before the effects and influences of the drugs and behavior are reduced. That is why you see many programs based on a 90-day treatment. Still, even after that point, an individual is faced with a condition known as post-acute withdrawal syndrome or PAWS that can occur from time-to-time. That is when the symptoms of addiction can manifest at times impairing memory and judgment. A Long-term approach is critical for providing adequate time and relapse prevention in this case.

Cirque Lodge Drug Rehab Program

If you or someone you love is in need of drug abuse help and rehabilitation, please contact us at the Cirque Lodge at your soonest convenience. The Cirque Lodge drug rehab program is founded on the principles of individualized care and effective drug treatment. Combined with this is our unique experiential program, which has shown time and time again to be an effective piece at providing recovery to body, mind and spirit. All of this is provided in the privacy of a comfortable mountain facility from the care of a dedicate, professional and compassionate staff.

If you would like answers to your questions, our admissions team is only too eager to help you, 1-877-997-3422.