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Drug Abuse
Drug Rehab Center

Mountain Drug Abuse Treatment Cirque Lodge, an alcohol and drug rehab, is a leading treatment facility. At this drug rehab center we focus on providing effective treatment for the disease of addiction and put an end to substance abuse. One of the great tragedies in our society is the problem of drug abuse. The range of drugs goes from alcohol, which is termed the "dirtiest" drug because of the many ways it affects the brain, to prescription drugs and illegal street drugs such as heroin, cocaine and meth. If you or someone you care about is in need of drug rehab help, please call the Cirque Lodge at 1-877-997-3422.

Drug Affects

Not only does drug abuse affect families, but it also has a detrimental effect on business and society in general. There are three distinct areas in which this problem manifests itself. The first is in the cost of health care. The second is in the area of criminal behavior and the costs to the criminal justice system. The third area is the loss of jobs, economic impacts to the families affected, and the subsequent reliance on the welfare system. In its latest research for 1995, the government estimated the economic impact to be well in excess of $100 billion. Nowadays, this number is over $500 billion in relation to alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

With a problem this large we can see why the government is spending so much money on fighting the "war on drugs". We can certainly attack and choke off the distribution of these illegal drugs, but until we stop the demand, the war on drugs will not be won. This is the reason we believe that the most important way to treat drug abuse is through an effective drug abuse program. We have seen that merely putting people in jail does not solve the problem. If we can arrest this disease at the source, the addict, then we have a much better chance at eliminating this problem from society at large.

Drug Abuse Program

An effective stay in a drug abuse facility must have the ability to individualize the addiction treatment process. This is because each drug has its own effect on the brain, and because many residents come to us with multiple issues of substance abuse, including multiple psychological issues. When we speak of it in this context, we are also referring to the problem of addiction.

Prior to admission, an intake counselor assesses and reviews the history of substance use of each resident. If detox is needed, an arrangement is made with a local licensed detox facility at the University of Utah hospital. Upon completion of detox, the resident is then admitted to Cirque Lodge to receive appropriate drug abuse help.

Upon admission, each resident then goes through a comprehensive survey with the counseling staff to review their history, family issues, legal problems and other issues to effectively individualize their treatment program. The approximate length of stay is estimated for each resident to obtain optimum results. A primary treatment counselor is then assigned as well as a room assignment given. The drug rehab is then begun.

What To Expect in Our Drug Treatment Program

Since it is a problem that cannot be "cured" or even "fixed" in a short thirty-day or longer program, we focus on helping the resident in our drug rehab center and their family members recognize the disease of drug abuse and on providing them tools to help them in the recovery process.

Some of these tools for addiction treatment include: recognizing they have a problem; recognizing that they need help and how and when to ask for help; how to deal differently with the stresses and problems that led them to drug abuse in the past, and; how to help family members through the Family Week program to help their loved one in their recovery. Understanding the recovery process will help both the resident and their family members to cope better.

These issues are all covered in the drug abuse treatment in both a clinical and an experiential therapy setting. The clinical elements for our drug abuse program are based on the traditional 12-step program for substance abuse. The experiential elements are unique to Cirque Lodge and include our world-famous equine therapy, as well as our indoor ropes and challenge course. The combinations of these programs have provided our residents with an outstanding record of recovery and low instances of recidivism (relapse).

Nobody initially chooses to abuse drugs. It always starts very subtly. Through peer pressure or a home environment the beginnings of addiction are formed. The different types of drugs provide different desired effects on the brains functions. The beginning of drug use is simply to receive desired effects from various drugs. That is where the seeds of addiction take root. Soon, more drugs are needed to achieve the same desired results. This is where it begins. The more exposure the body gives itself to the drugs the more the brain develops the uncontrollable impulse, the need for them. You can help by learning to see the signs of drug abuse.

From simple beginnings to a raging out of control addiction, drug abuse is a treatable disease. What it takes is a commitment to getting better and the opportunity to arrest the addiction. At Cirque Lodge, the drug abuse center in place employs a number of philosophies for the treatment of addiction. Get Help for yourself or a loved one today by calling 1-877-997-3422.