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5 Helps for Supporting a Spouse in Addiction Recovery

October 20th, 2014

Supporting a Spouse in Addiction RecoveryWhen you have a spouse or partner struggling with drinking or with alcoholism it can be quite an emotional roller coaster. Alcohol and drug rehab is a step in the right direction, but addiction recovery can have its ups and downs as well. Even in sobriety, a rocky road is ahead. A common question that a spouse may have is “How do I support my husband/wife in addiction recovery?” Today we provide you with 5 helps on how to offer this support.

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Staying Connected

September 16th, 2014

Staying Connected Through the Cirque Lodge Reunion
Big thanks to all of our alumni and friends that joined us for our annual reunion this weekend. It’s amazing to think that it was our 15th and our biggest turn out yet! The ropes course was full Friday night and we had as big a number around the fire on Saturday! It’s a powerful weekend for alumni and residents alike in rekindling that resolve for recovery. It is even stronger for us, the members of staff that show up at the drug rehab facility each day to provide help. It strengthens us with a new resolve to continue what we do each day!

One of the themes of this weekend was connectedness, staying connected to those who are positives to your recovery and to the Cirque where you got clean and sober. For all the thousands of residents that have come through our doors since the beginning. We consider all of you “one of ours”. We want you stay connected and in touch. We want to continue to play part in your recovery process. Just like in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous we encourage all our alumni to keep coming back! We have created and implemented a bunch of ways to keep you connected to the Cirque wherever you are.

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Seeking Addiction Treatment for a Loved One? Some Questions to Ask

August 13th, 2014

Asking Questions About Addiction TreatmentWhen you have a loved one who is struggling with an alcohol problem or drug addiction, getting them into treatment can seem like a daunting task. This is especially challenging when you aren’t really sure what you are looking for when it comes to a treatment program. In this case it pays to be a questioning consumer as we are talking about a loved one’s health, safety and wellness. Addiction treatment providers should be able to provide answers to any or all of your questions or concerns.

Below are questions you should be able to ask every treatment provider and they should be more than willing to help you with answers. These questions are based upon a more detailed guide provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. By doing a Google search you will find that there are a number of programs available. We also advise to seek out professional help from intervention services and medical professionals if you need more educated assistance on finding an alcohol treatment or drug rehab program for a loved one.

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4 Ways Nature Can Help in Addiction Recovery

July 1st, 2014

Nature Helps in Addiction RecoveryThere is a healing power in nature that can’t be explained or quantified. Yet, when we get out into nature there seems to be an uplifting and healing balance that nurtures and restores our body, mind and soul. One of the unique advantages of the Cirque Lodge alcohol and drug rehab facility is our location and proximity to some of the most breathtaking mountain venues. Those seeking respite from their struggles with alcohol, drugs and prescription medications can find and experience nature’s healing through our program. Here are four ways in which nature helps in the addiction recovery process:

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Caring Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders

May 12th, 2014

Treatment for Co-occurring DisordersOne way that we strive to help individuals and families at Cirque Lodge is to provide the most compassionate alcohol and drug rehab program by meeting the specific needs of our clients. This especially means those residents who are dealing with a co-occurring disorder of substance abuse and a mental health problem. The numbers are not solid but estimates say that between 40-60% of individuals faced with mental health problems also struggle with substance use disorders like alcoholism and drug addiction. To help these individuals, great strides have been taken to create an integrated approach to treatment and therapy for these concerns.

Cirque Lodge offers a caring and dedicated recovery program with a focus on dual diagnosis care for mental health disorders. Our psychiatrist meets and counsels with residents on proper diagnosis and with treatment planning. Personalized therapy with a master’s level counselor involves cognitive and behavioral treatments for both alcohol or drug addiction and mental health concern. We also focus on providing a continuum of care for moving forward after treatment with furthering recovery programs and counseling help.

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Talking Opioids and Prescription Drug Abuse

April 3rd, 2014

Opioids and Prescription Drug AbuseCirque Lodge is dedicated to providing the most compassionate and professional drug rehab care for individuals struggling with prescription drug abuse and addiction. Medications for the right reasons are miracles. They help to treat us in dealing with health problems and maladies that we are faced with. They allow us to get on with our lives. However, for some of us, certain medications can be a risk and danger. Due to their makeup, prescription opioids have a much higher tendency to be abused and sadly have claimed many through overdose. Opioids are a synthetic ingredient found in many prescription strength painkillers.

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There is Help for Heroin Addiction

February 27th, 2014

Help for Heroin AddictionIt seems that heroin addiction has become a growing concern and issue. There have been an ever increasing number of cases and even spikes in overdose deaths in many parts of the United States. What has been brought to light is a very real concern surrounding the seeking, use and abuse of heroin. Stories are coming out every day about individuals with prescription drug problems turning to the cheaper street drug to get high. At Cirque Lodge, we just want you to know that it isn’t hopeless. There is help for heroin addiction. We offer a caring and compassionate drug rehab program within a private mountain facility

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Having a Relapse Prevention Plan

January 13th, 2014

Taking Time for Self-Care
It is often said that ‘recovery is a process and not an event’. The same can be said for relapse. The process it takes to actually get to the stage of using or drinking again can take time to develop and can be attributed to a number of different factors. It can start with just a simple emotional response where you are thinking about using, but can escalate from there. Having a relapse prevention plan in place can keep you prepared. Below are some suggestions on things to put into a plan for relapse prevention. We encourage you to come up with the ones that would work best for you and keep at them.

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Holiday Stress – Tips for Those in Recovery

December 3rd, 2013

The Holidays in RecoveryThe holidays are a time of celebration. They are a time to get together with loved ones. Sadly, they are also a time of unwanted stress, pressure and expectations, which can be particularly tough on those in recovery. The acceleration of stress in what is supposed to be a festive time of year can be difficult and dismal and magnified in those seeking to stay sober. Well it doesn’t have to be. There are things you can do to have a great holiday without the stress of the season taxing your sobriety.

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Building on Your Recovery

July 11th, 2013

Outdoor Activities can help you in RecoveryAfter someone goes through drug or alcohol treatment, part of the process of recovery is learning to live again, learning to adapt to experiences and situations that will seem very different sober. It is important as the alcoholic/addict takes on this process that they put their recovery first. Going to meetings, working the program, continued counseling should all be central to the individual as they begin to go to work again, or school, or repairing their lives by cleaning house. There are still other ways that person can build upon their recovery with other positive aspects of the world around them. This post takes a look at different ways you can positively build on your recovery. These are only suggestions and you should find those positive things you can do in your life to build upon your own efforts.

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