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3 Advantages to Residential Drug Rehab


Residential Drug Rehab CenterThis article was originally posted by Cirque Lodge on 8-13-2008. Discussing advantages to residential addiction treatment:

Treating Alcohol and Drug Addiction with a Residential Program

When it is time for treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction, there are many options to weigh. Treatment has changed in recent years and more individuals are turning to residential treatment facilities for drug rehab. Gone are the days of the hospital environment. Nowadays, addiction treatment focuses more on comfort and a relaxed atmosphere for dealing with addiction problems.

Individuals seeking treatment for addiction can benefit from residential drug rehab. This article looks at three areas where a residential treatment stay can be lifesaving when it comes to alcohol and drug abuse.

  1. Residential Environment –

    A residential facility provides accommodations for staying on campus. There are many advantages to this. For many individuals, it takes getting away from the situation to fully understand the predicament. When the alcoholic/addict is in their own environment, it is all too easy to succumb to impulses of addiction. Residential rehab provides a controlled environment free from outside influences, including drugs and drink. It functions as a safe haven. In a matter of weeks the individual can clearly look at their situation in life. It provides a hiatus from the turmoil that addiction causes.

  2. Treatment Advantages –

    Each residential treatment center has a different approach to treatment, but many elements are consistent throughout. When looking into rehab, look for facilities that provide a personalized or individualized therapy. The addiction problem is very personal and not general in nature. A personalized program programs a specific therapist for the addict, and not just one therapist for a room full of those in treatment. Philosophies in treatment can vary. These philosophies can be based on race, religion, and even sexual orientation. An individual should look into different types of residential facilities and base the decision on their own needs.

  3. Health and Wellness –

    Many treatment facilities are turning more attention to the physical treatment elements of drug rehab. Studies are currently being done on the physical effects that exercise has on recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. The reason for these studies is the positive effects that exercise has demonstrated on those who have overcome addiction. Drug rehabs that have utilized some sort of physical exercise program are seeing results in recovery. Addiction does apply many negatives to a person’s physical health. Drug rehab can provide nutrition, and fitness programs to address these health issues. Rehab can provide a complete change to the individual, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Now there are many advantages to a residential addiction facility. These are just three aspects that many residential drug rehab facilities share. One should always look into every treatment option before deciding on a facility. Not every facility is the same when it comes to an effective program. This article was provided by Cirque Lodge, a private alcohol and drug treatment program in Sundance Utah. Cirque Lodge is dedicated to providing the finest in a personalized program for individuals suffering from the disease of addiction.

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