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Archive for the ‘Experiential Therapy’ Category

Experiential Program and Ropes Course Help with Recovery

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

The Cirque Lodge Ropes Course and Experiential ProgramThe Cirque Lodge experiential program helps to enhance and anchor down the clinical work we do. A number of indoor and outdoor activities have been created to build upon the work of individual, group, family and 12-step elements of our alcohol and drug rehab program. It is one of the unique and effective parts to the Cirque Lodge treatment experience. Our Studio location, located at the mouth of beautiful Provo Canyon, provides us with indoor venues for our experiential program. We never lose a day of this type of engaging therapy to bad weather!

The Ropes Course

The Soundstage at the Studio is a massive 17,000 ft. room. It has 50ft ceilings. Today it houses the ropes course at Cirque Lodge. (As you can see in the picture) The ropes course consists of two large tri-pods made of lumber. These things are connected by a series of climbing apparatuses, beams, wires and swings. All of these challenges are a part of the ropes course experience of our experiential program. However, not all challenges take place high up in the air. There are also a number of low ropes activities and team-based challenges to get our cognitive functions working appropriately.

High Ropes – There are many different elements, challenges to the ropes course. We provide a series of 39 climbing events separately used during experiential time. There are also other climbing challenges, a zip line that goes to the floor, a climbing wall and a giant swing. Despair and fear are two emotions where alcohol and drug addiction tend to thrive. Part of the alcohol and drug rehab program at Cirque Lodge is to get individuals out of their fears. A way that we challenge these fears is through these high ropes activities. It can take some courage to be up in the air and to take that leap. The staff that is involved in our experiential program is certified and experienced in working with residents on these climbing events. They help to make it a safe and rewarding experience.

Low Ropes – The low-ropes series of challenges in the ropes course allow us to get thinking again, problem solving in fact. It is hard to explain, but our experiential team has come up with a number of different, team based challenges. Different basic things are used in these challenges like logs, bricks, blocks of wood, ropes and boards. The residents are presented with a problem that they must think through using these items. It helps to bring out leaders in the group and to address relationship and social issues. It helps residents to learn how to problem solve while supporting one another. The ropes course also houses an indoor archery range and Native American style teepee that we use in experiential therapy sessions.

Aspects to the Experiential Program

There are many different aspects to our experiential program. The ropes course provides different lessons for the recovery process, healing and how we communicate with others. At the beginning and end of each ropes course activity there is the processing part, where residents discuss what they got out of the activity. These are things that residents can take with them and apply to their recovery. They are just one more coping strategy available to assist with a long-term recovery.

Another aspect to our experiential program is to teach residents how to enjoy themselves in treatment and recovery. Alcohol and drug addiction thrive in the negative. By introducing positive activities, our residents can find ways to have healthy fun again. Having fun in sobriety is a very powerful relapse prevention tool. Through our experiential program, residents are shown positive and healthy ways that they can have fun as they continue to work their program.

It takes several effective approaches to treat alcoholism or drug addiction. With the combination of clinical work, recovery (12-step) work and dual diagnosis, the experiential program at Cirque Lodge provides a unique and effective approach to addiction recovery. It is a program that enhances the body, the mind and the spirit. It helps to engage clients in the recovery process. Not all of this takes place in our ropes course room, but the ropes course does play a part in this unique indoor and outdoor recovery experience.

Equine Experience in a Drug Treatment Facility

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Indoor Horse Arena at our Drug treatment FacilityThe experiential program at Cirque provides many unique opportunities to learn lessons of recovery. One such activity is found through the equine program. The Cirque Lodge drug treatment facility has a number of horses that are specifically for working with clients through a number of therapeutic exercises. The Cirque Lodge Studio location has indoor and outdoor space for working with the horses. This time of year the indoor facility helps to keep the horses and the residents out of the cold elements. Residents work with horses and also members of our experiential staff through these equine exercises.


Experiential Aspects to the Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Experiential Snow Shoeing Activity in Drug RehabCirque Lodge is known for a number of things, but one that stands out when it comes to alcohol and drug rehab is our experiential program. Experiential activities offer the struggling alcoholic/addict with a chance to learn through hands on experiences. It provides a level of fun and physical challenge to the alcohol and drug rehab program and it is combined each day with the clinical aspects of addiction treatment. Today we look closer at some of these experiential aspects.


Ropes/Climbing Challenges in Rehab

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Ropes/Climbing Challenge at Cirque Lodge Drug RehabOne of the unique parts of the Cirque Lodge alcohol and drug rehab experience is experiential therapy. A number of unique indoor and outdoor activities are utilized in teaching lessons of life and recovery. One of these activities involves our ropes course. The Studio location of Cirque is formerly a television and movie studio. A large soundstage in the facility houses a ropes course, archery and a Native American teepee. The indoor venue allows residents to take part in these activities year round as a part of their addiction treatment and recovery program.


Rehabilitation Lessons Through Horses

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Equine Therapy at Cirque LodgeWhen the average individual thinks drug or alcohol rehab usually they aren’t think horses. At the Cirque Lodge, horses are a unique and effective piece to our mountain recovery program. Combined into the traditional and clinical aspects of Cirque’s recovery program is the use of experiential therapies. These therapies give hands on experience in learning and developing the tools of recovery. One piece of experiential work involves Cirque Lodge’s horses. The Studio facility has stables and indoor and outdoor venues for what we like to call ‘equine therapy’.


Treatment, Recovery and an Experiential Program

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Cirque Lodge Experiential Hiking ActivitiyCirque Lodge offers treatment in somewhat of a unique way. The clinical aspects of addiction treatment and drug rehab, as well as the well the emphasis on 12-step recovery work is balanced with a number of indoor and outdoor activities. These activities are many times referred to as experiential therapies. Time is allotted each day for residents to take part in a different activity, challenge or nature experience. These aspects to our treatment approach help to make the rehabilitation experience just a little bit more engaging, enjoyable and memorable. The processes and therapies of alcohol and drug rehab can be very taxing on individuals. With the experiential program, such process and elements are discovered through engaging activities that can enhance the entire process.


Experiential Therapies in Drug Rehab Treatment

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Cirque Lodge Ropes CourseOne aspect to alcohol and drug rehab that sets Cirque Lodge apart from fellow addiction treatment facilities is the use of experiential therapies. Coupled with the traditional and clinical aspects of rehab treatment, experiential activities provide hands on work with developing the skills needed to deal with the impulses of alcohol or drug addiction. A part of each treatment day is devoted to working with the experiential staff through a number of therapeutic and developmental activities. These activities take advantage of the Cirque Lodge location and the surrounding mountains and nature.

The Cirque Lodge Studio location offers a number of venues for different activities and experiences. A giant soundstage houses an indoor ropes course, archery range and even an authentic Native American Teepee. The ropes course consists of several climbing and team building events. Such activities are accompanied with discussions and developmental lessons on recovery from addiction. The Studio also is the home of the Cirque Lodge horses. Equine therapy is a unique and powerful aspect to those struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. Through working with horses, clients can develop skills in establishing trust, honest communication and asking for help.


Mountain Activities – Recovery from Addiction

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Experiential Activities used in Drug RehabThe warmer months at Cirque Lodge provide a new array of experiential and recovery activities. Alcohol and drug rehab at the Cirque consist of the most effective forms of clinical care combined with the healing and recovery aspects of experiential learning activities. As the snow melts, a number of new and beautiful mountain locations are available. These venues are used as places to teach concepts of recovery, the 12-steps and as quiet places for meditation in nature. Part of the fun comes from the modes and means it takes to get to these locations.


Drug Rehab and Working with Horses

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Drug Rehab and Working With HorsesCirque Lodge offers many unique challenges through its drug rehab program and emphasis on experiential therapy. One very unique aspect of this program is for the alcoholic or drug addict to work with horses in this process. Equine therapy is used in many different aspects of treatment for substance abuse, developmental and mental health concerns. To clarify, these are not therapy horses that have been broken to work with all manner of individuals. Cirque Lodge horses are bought young and residents have the chance to be a part of the process to build these horses into what they can become. In turn, the activity teaches invaluable lessons to alcoholic/addict about themselves, establishing trust, taking responsibility and creating boundaries.

Initially, making this connection with the horse is not an easy process. By habit horses are acutely aware and creatures of flight. Those who have recently come down off of drugs or alcohol are not so aware. The horse, sensing this negative energy may not want to participate in the exercise until the individual makes that connection and establishes trust with the horse. A member of the drug rehab experiential team works with the resident throughout this exercise and gives them guidance specifically when they ask for help.


Experiential Balance to Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Experiential Activity is used in Drug RehabilitationA unique aspect to the Cirque Lodge alcohol treatment and drug rehab program is the extensive use of daily experiential activities. Effective alcohol and drug rehabilitation can require many approaches on many different levels to treat the illness of addiction and help with behavioral changes. To complement the clinical effort of alcohol and drug rehab treatment, Cirque Lodge uses a number of indoor and outdoor activities. These drug rehabilitation elements help to enhance the healing process and to build skills toward recovery. The mountains, nature, horses, a climbing course, an art room, and aspects of exercise are all used within this unique program.

Experiential work is founded on the 12-step program. Many aspects of experiential activity are centered on providing vital spiritual experiences. Such experiences can be had in many ways. It is the focus of such activities to create many opportunities to incur such an internal spiritual change. Residents can go for a hike into the local mountains near the Cirque Lodge and can be a part of the serenity there. The opportunity can be taken to discuss aspects of recovery, concepts from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, as well as other aspects of overcoming the struggles of drugs and alcohol. These beautiful mountain venues can also be used as places of meditation and connecting to a power greater than one’s own.