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Why Intervention?
Questions and Answers

Cirque Lodge can and will help you with the process of intervening. Often the most difficult portion of the treatment process is getting our loved to agree to treatment. We whole heartedly believe in the intervention process. Not only is it invaluable in getting the people we care about into an addiction treatment program it is an excellent family education program. Often times without knowing the family can sabotage the process of getting someone to an alcohol or drug rehab facility by an untimely word or misinterpreted actions. We work with all of the leading professionals in intervention services. For help and answers to questions regarding intervention, we encourage you to call Keith Fierman CADC, BRI II Cirque Lodge Director of Family Support Services.
Keith Fierman, Director of Family Services

Keith stays in close contact with many of the top interventionists in the country, and is happy to work with you in matching the right professional to meet the needs of your family.

Meet Keith Fierman, CADC, BRI II

Keith has long been regarded as one of, if not the leading interventionist in the country. After years of travel, Keith decided to put down some roots with an organization and chose Cirque Lodge as the alcohol and drug rehab facility that would represent his knowledge of the industry and the people within the industry. This makes him, in our belief, the most knowledgeable resource in the country for families looking for intervention services.

Keith has dedicated his career to working with families, and is not only a specialist in getting you to the right intervention resource but is also excellent in referring families for their own addiction education. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for the nationally and internationally known Association of Intervention Specialists. Through his association with AIS, Keith is in close contact with the top interventionists in the country. He is excellent at assessing if an intervention is necessary and if so, matching the right professional to work with your family assuring your loved is placed in the appropriate level of care.

We encourage you to contact Keith directly to go over any questions surrounding the intervention process. He can be reached by phone at either (877) 997-3422 on his cell phone at (205) 533-2489 or e-mail him at

How Intervention Can Help Your Loved One

Intervention is simply moving the precipitating event as to why someone comes to treatment forward. Waiting for that event to happen on its own can sometimes lead to catastrophic consequences. As for waiting for our loved ones to come to the decision that their lives are unmanageable due to their alcohol and drug problems, our experience is that day never happens without the aforementioned event. That day just never comes and meanwhile the abuse, pain and suffering escalate out of control.

An intervention provides the right environment for discussing a loved one's alcohol abuse or drug problem and the consequences that are associated with those problems. It should be carefully planned to provide the right message and the right environment not only for our loved one who is struggling with their addiction issues but for their family and friends as well. By involving a professional interventionist you involve a facilitator with experience and objectivity and a person who can choreograph the entire event. Interventionist's interject the right messages and more importantly interject them at the right time. Family members can try to have these types of heart-to-heart discussions with their loved one, but our experience is that we are usually too enmeshed with family and friends to be rational or objective. This is where an interventionist really shines! If you want your loved one in an alcohol or drug rehab facility our research shows that it pays to involve an intervention professional.

Intervention providers also provide a great number of services to families seeking to help a loved one which can include:
  • Recommendations for an appropriate alcohol / drug rehab facility or program.
  • Recommendations for appropriate levels of care.
  • Recommendations for mental health placements.
  • Companion services for travel to and from an addiction treatment program.
  • Monitoring for families during the treatment episode and post discharge.
  • Family therapy recommendations.

Answers to Your Questions

We understand that you may have a number of questions regarding intervention. You can ask your question below and have it answered by Keith Fierman.

Ask a Question

I am interested in pursuing some kind of intervention/treatment for my son.
I have been in contact with Foundations Recovery Network and have spoken with a counselor there, and also an interventionist.

I realize this is expensive and I want what is best for my son, but how do I know that this is it? I know that I need some kind of intervention, as he is in denial of his drinking problem.
Hiring an Interventionist is so valuable. Having a professional work with you throughout the treatment process helps everyone. I sit on the board of the Association of Intervention Specialist and can help if you need to bounce people off me.


Can intervention help my husband?
I don't think my husband will accept help and go to treatment. Do most people seek help after an intervention is performed?
Yes. Intervention does greatly increase the plausibility for people to enter into treatment.


What is discussed during an intervention?
Is an intervention a place where we criticize our family member or is it different?
During the intervention there is a discussion about the behaviors and actions that have surrounded the addiction and the feelings that family members and loved ones have surrounding them. Most interventions are facilitated in a very loving non-judgmental manner. This motivation and love is utilized in helping the individual to agree to treatment.


How do I know if it is time to have
an intervention for my son?
Most always by the time someone is looking into outside help they are at a place where a professional is needed. The struggles of alcoholism or drug addiction can be very devastating on the entire family and outside help can provide a stop to the painful cycle.


How can Cirque Lodge help me with an intervention?
I am interested in my daughter coming to Cirque. How do they help me with intervention?
I encourage you to call me to discuss more about your daughter and her needs. I can make recommendations for you about the best way to proceed.


To learn more about how you can help your loved one, please visit the For Families section of our site. For General Questions about the Cirque Lodge addiction treatment program or for admission information, please call 1-877-997-3422.