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Detroit, Michigan
Drug Rehab Local Recovery Information

Drug Rehab Local Recovery Information

Drug Rehab Services in Detroit Michigan Addiction treatment is available for those struggling with chemical dependency and addiction. This page provides links, phone numbers and information to local drug rehab and recovery resources for Detroit, Michigan. In 2010, the Census of Detroit was 713,777. Recent addiction treatment data reflects that about 3% of these individuals received help for their struggles with drugs or with alcoholism. A number of public programs and recovery meetings are available within the city. There are also nationally recognized programs available across the United States, including Cirque Lodge a private alcohol and drug rehab facility in Utah. To learn more about the Cirque, call us today at 1-877-99-REHAB.

Recovery and Substance Abuse

People have shown a remarkable ability to recover from the struggles of drugs or alcohol. Each and every day the reality of addiction and recovery are evident in the lives of the Citizens of Detroit. Individuals are choosing to walk away from their struggles and overcoming their impulses to use and drink. Sadly, every day others are losing their lives to these same struggles and impulses. Treatment can be a means to saving the lives of those that struggle. It is just the matter of getting them into treatment and recovery programs that can help them.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration provides a great deal of data about the trends of alcohol addiction and the abuse of drugs in the United States. One of their data reports shows the numbers and the trends of treatment admissions for the states and major cities of the Country. In 2008, it was reported that 25,400 individuals received treatment for their struggles with drugs and alcohol that were from Detroit. 64% of these admissions were male. The city also shows higher than national trends for those being treated for heroin and for crack cocaine. Treatment admissions were less than the National average for alcohol addiction by 3%.

Detroit Substance Abuse Helps and Drug Rehab Programs

A number of treatment and drug rehab options are available for those in Detroit. The Department of Health and Wellness Promotion oversees the efforts in conjunction with the Partnership of a Drug Free Detroit. The City-designated Access Management System helps to determine and authorize programs for citizens. Services offered include treatment planning, counseling, drug testing and case management services. The Detroit Recovery Project was created to help those who have gone through treatment to sustain their sobriety. This is done through providing sustainable support and community support efforts.

Much of the recovery efforts offered are done in conjunction with The Partnership for a Drug Free Detroit. The partnership helps to provide around the clock information and help locating drug and alcohol treatment services for those who need them. The Partnership hotline is available 24 and 7 to help individuals in need of help for substance abuse and for alcohol or drug addiction at 1-800-467-2452. You can also learn more about upcoming community substance abuse programs and available services by visiting the website of South Eastern Michigan Community Alliance.

12-step Meeting Locators and Recovery Support

Those recovering from alcoholism can greatly benefit from the support and community of Alcoholics Anonymous. 12-step meetings are available for those seeking to continue their recovery efforts as well. Many alcohol and drug rehab programs transition into attending AA meetings to further the efforts of recovery. Detroit is covered by the General Service Area of Alcoholics Anonymous for Southeast Michigan. The General Services Office of Greater Detroit is at 380 Hilton Road Ferndale, MI 48220-2590. There Hotline is 877-337-0611. Many daily meetings are located across the metro area each and every day. You can Locate Meetings on the Southeast Region of Michigan Website.

Those struggling with different types of drug abuse can feel more comfortable going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings. N.A. offers the 12-step approach to recovery, but tailored more specifically for the many different kinds of drug abuse and addiction. The only requirement for membership in this not-for-profit support program is the desire to stop using drugs. The metro Detroit Region of Narcotics Anonymous offers services and information that need help for drug addiction. You can call their helpline at (248) 543-7200, or can find out information on meetings on the Metro Detroit Region of Narcotics Anonymous website.

Cirque Lodge Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facility

For individuals seeking the very best in an alcohol and drug rehab facility, we encourage you to learn more about the Cirque Lodge. Cirque Lodge is nationally recognized by many as one of the finest addiction treatment facilities available. A private and exclusive facility, it offers a world class experience within the serene backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Clients are personally treated for alcoholism and for drug addiction by one of the finest addiction staff and professionals. It is our focus to offer the very best when it comes to alcohol and drug treatment and recovery experience.

To learn more about the Cirque for yourself or for a loved one, we encourage you to call a member of our admissions staff. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about our facilities and addiction treatment program. They also can be very helpful in making preparations for traveling from Detroit or other parts of Michigan. Even if Cirque is not the place for you or a loved one to obtain treatment, we can help you find other options for treatment, or alcohol or drug rehab. Please give us a call today at 1-877-99-REHAB.

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