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Montana - Drug Rehab Local Recovery Information

Drug Rehab Local Recovery

Drug Rehab Resources for the State of Montana Addiction treatment programs can greatly help an individual who is struggling with a drinking problem or drug addiction. This section of the Cirque Lodge website is devoted to providing drug rehab and local recovery information for those living in Montana. There are treatment and rehabilitation programs available in the State. We also encourage you to call the Cirque Lodge in Sundance Utah if you are seeking a private and exclusive alcohol and drug rehab treatment stay. Treatment and recovery can be a life saving measure for the struggles of alcohol abuse, drug addiction and problems with prescription drugs.

Addiction in Montana

One of the chief concerns in Montana currently is the growing problem with prescription drug addiction and overdose deaths. On average, prescription drug overdoses total about 300 individuals in the state annually. Given Montana's population, this is an alarming number. The Department of Justice has launched a campaign to help this invisible epidemic with awareness and with prevention. This type of chemical dependency can happen to anyone and not just those who make a point to seek out and use drugs. A prescription drug advisory council has been put into place to advice on prevention strategies and policies.

Getting a loved one into an alcohol or drug rehab program can sometimes be difficult. Addicts and alcoholics can go to great lengths to protect and hide their abusing of substances. For most who struggle with addiction, an intervention is needed to help the individual into an addiction treatment program. Early intervention is considered the best time to help a loved one. There are also professionals and services that help to perform interventions. Such services can be helpful, because they have experience in dealing with individuals who are struggling with chemical dependency. Intervention providers can also help with sober transportation and with selecting the right drug or alcohol treatment.

Montana Treatment and Drug Rehab Programs

The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services oversee and coordinate the efforts of substance abuse treatment in the State. This is done through the Addictive and Mental Disorders Division of the Department. These services are provided by contracting with the many behavioral health and drug rehab providers available in Montana. Many different programs are provided for those struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. Programs are also provided to assist individuals who are struggling with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health concerns.

Through the Chemical Dependency Bureau, the Addictive and Mental Health Division assesses and offers treatment and rehabilitation services for those who need them in Montana. These services are contracted through 18 state-approved providers. Offered is a large and full range of outpatient and inpatient treatments, as well as an education program for DUI Offenders. The bureau also funds the activities in the state used to assist in youth prevention programs for alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Residents who don't have the means for treatment can apply for public funding to receive proper substance abuse treatment. You can learn more about these services, programs and addiction treatment facilities at the Addictive and Mental Disorders Division.

Recovery with 12-step Meetings

Many programs and drug rehab efforts focus on a 12-step recovery. After completing rehab, individuals can transition into attendance of 12-step meetings to further the efforts of recovery. In Montana, a number of different meetings are available each day to attend. Alcoholics Anonymous is a worldwide organization that shares strength and support for those who wish to overcome alcohol. Area 40 of A.A. covers the State of Montana. Their website can help you find a meeting. For those struggling with drug addiction, support and strength can be found through Narcotics Anonymous. Meetings can be found by City or by Area on their local website.

Family Members can also struggle with a loved one's drinking problems. The erratic behaviors and abuse taken while drunk can be very difficult. For the loved ones of alcoholics, there is strength and support through the Al-anon program. Al-anon groups can help the loved ones and friends of alcoholics in many ways. The education and support received in these meetings can also indirectly help the alcoholic in a number of ways. On the local Montana Al-anon/Alateen Family Groups website, you can find meetings times by selecting the city you live in or closest to you.

World Class Drug Rehab at the Cirque Lodge

Just a short flight away from Montana is Cirque Lodge, located in Sundance Utah. This private mountain addiction treatment facility is nationally recognized for its efforts in providing treatment for substance abuse. Residents benefit from the finest in world class facilities and an effective treatment. The Cirque Lodge is nationally accredited by the Joint Commission for providing the finest in services and care for individuals who are struggling with addiction. This mountain retreat is dedicated to providing the most effective addiction treatment within a caring and positive environment.

For those in Montana who are interested in coming to the Cirque can learn more by calling our admissions staff. Our admissions team can answer any questions you might have about this private and exclusive drug rehab facility. It is a staff made up of alumni of the Cirque Lodge facility. They can also be of assistance in making preparations for treatment, provide transportation from the airport and they can even help with selecting an interventionist if needed. Our admissions team is very knowledgeable about the facility and even just with the struggles of drugs and alcohol. To learn more about the drug rehab at Cirque Lodge, call them today at 1-877-99-REHAB.

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