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Ohio - Drug Rehab Local Recovery Information

Drug Rehab Local Recovery

Drug Rehab Resources for the State of Ohio Community Information

In the United States, many millions struggle each year with chemical dependency to alcohol and to drugs. In Ohio, treatment measures and even local recovery programs are in place to help those who are struggling. Recovery from addiction is the focus of the Cirque Lodge alcohol and drug rehab facility. This page is dedicated to providing local recovery information and links to resources that can help you or your loved one find proper recovery in the State of Ohio. Alcohol and drug addiction are treatable conditions. Many thousands of Ohioans discover this through the effort of public, private and recovery based drug rehab programs.

Think Outside The Stigma

A unique aspect to the Ohio prevention and treatment campaign is to "Think outside the Stigma". Many people have a stigma built up about addiction that they cannot get past. This campaign provided ads and fliers that educate individuals about the many stigmas people have when it comes to chemical dependency. Such stigma and ideas can deflect concerns and even the need for treatment or drug rehab care. In the state, people have been asked to think outside the stigma in a number of ways:

Stigma 1: Drug addiction is voluntary and can be stopped at any time. Addiction to alcohol and drugs does begin with voluntary consumption. Over time however, changes to the central nervous system make the use and abuse of drugs or alcohol into a necessity. The craving develops into dependence. One cannot maintain a normal function unless they are high. Without drugs in the system, the dependent body tends to go through withdrawal. So it begins voluntarily, but the significant and permanent changes to the central nervous system develop the addiction into a chronic condition.

Stigma 2: Drug rehab or treatment will only work if it is voluntarily entered. Many people will wait for their loved one to decide they need treatment. In most cases, it does take motivation and some compelling to get the alcoholic/addict into a recovery or treatment program. Rarely does the addict/alcoholic seek out treatment individually. It can take some pressure from loved ones or employers and even the law. Through studies and experiences in drug courts and the prison system, mandated drug rehab and treatment programs have shown to be just as effective.

Stigma 3: Drug rehab is a one shot thing. Alcoholism and drug addiction are chronic conditions. Like other diseases, it can go into remission after treatment is completed. Many years later it can come back. People can have success in recovery after one treatment stay in alcohol or drug rehab. More normally, the individual can require more than one treatment stay, or continual programs like A.A. to assist them through the recovery process.

Stigma 4: The addict should hit bottom first. Some feel it is best to wait until the alcoholic/addict has lost everything before enrolling them into treatment. This thought process can be dangerous. It is never too early to get a person into treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction. Early detection and intervention can greatly decrease the additional pain and problems that can develop by waiting. Waiting also increases the risks of legal problems, the loss of jobs or family, overdosing and death.

Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services provide resources and high quality programs for those struggling with chemical dependency. The vision of the program is to create an addiction free and health Ohio. The Access to Recovery Grant has been utilized to created programs for residents struggling with addiction. The Ohio Choice for Recovery perspective of this grant has been used to create a far greater range of choices of treatment, drug rehab and recovery based support programs. The Department or Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services have created and are working on a very comprehensive plan to promote prevention and provide a statewide effort for treatment. A foundation of this is to reduce the stigma of addiction discussed above.

Recently, an initiative was made in Ohio to more thoroughly address the growing prescription drug abuse problem in this country. From 1999 to 2007 the accidental death toll of prescription drug abuse increased 300 percent. It has become the leading cause of injury death in the state. The Governor's office pushed forth an initiative to further the scope of prescription drug prevention and treatment by appointing a task force to oversee this specifically. An allocation of funds was also put forth to increase treatment access for individual who are struggling with prescription drug abuse.

Recovery and Support Meeting in Ohio

Alcoholics Anonymous - This world wide fellowship of Alcoholics has its humble beginnings in Akron Ohio. Two men trying desperately to stay sober found solace in sharing their stories with one another. From this start in Akron, the 12-step program was developed and many millions of people since have found a means and support to struggles of alcoholism. There is only one requirement to attend A.A. Meetings, and that is just the desire to do something about the drinking problem. Alcoholics Anonymous is well represented in Ohio. Many websites are available to help with finding a meeting in your area. Central Ohio Meeting Search is a place to start.

Narcotics Anonymous - This fellowship was established for helping individuals dealing with drug addiction. In Ohio, N.A. is broken into two separate regions. Each region provides a bevy of opportunities and support for the recovering addict. Narcotics Anonymous also offers plenty of special events and statewide functions for those men and women seeking to sustain their recovery. Meetings are held throughout the state each and every day. N.A. Ohio posts on line Meeting Schedules for both the Ohio and Buckeye Regions of N.A.

Al-Anon - Family members and friends of those struggling with addiction can find support and their own recovery through the Al-Anon Program. Alateen provides a support network for adolescents who are dealing with a parent or friend. For over 50 years Al-anon has provided a place for fellowship for those affected by alcoholics in their lives. It began as the wives of those in A.A. It has extended to offer a hand of fellowship to any and all individuals who require support and strength in dealing with alcoholics and addicts in their life. The Local Al-anon/Alateen website can help you. Find a Meeting in Ohio.

For those seeking the very best in an established and health care accredited alcohol or drug rehab facility, there is Cirque Lodge in Sundance Utah. Cirque Lodge is nationally recognized as one of the finest and leading addiction treatment programs and facilities. Health care accreditation allows this facility to perform at the highest levels of clinical treatment, within the comfort of a world-class luxury-style environment. For those in Ohio who require treatment from this drug rehab facility, accommodations and transportation can be arranged for a confidential recovery experience.

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