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Washington - Drug Rehab Local Recovery Information

Drug Rehab Local Recovery

Drug Rehab Resources for the State of Washington Alcoholism and drug addiction are treatable. Drug rehab treatment can provide the care and therapy needed to overcome the struggles of this chronic condition. Those who live in Washington State have access to treatment services in their communities. For those seeking the finest in alcohol and drug rehab facilities, we encourage you to call us at Cirque Lodge, 1-877-99-REHAB. Cirque Lodge offers the very best in alcohol treatment and addiction recovery programs. This section of the website is dedicated to providing localized information for services and addiction help.

Addiction in Washington

Prescription drug abuse has grown into a large problem in the Washington. Initiatives have been taken to help address this problem at the governmental and law enforcement level. The Recent Trends Report revealed that Washington's prescription drug abuse was among the highest in the nation. The state has taken a number of measures in spending to assist the public with this problem. Prescription drug addiction is treatable with personalized addiction care. Prevention and treatment organizations across the country have stepped up their efforts to treat those dealing with addictions to prescription meds and painkillers.

There are many kinds of treatment programs for addiction. Studies have shown that the more effective treatment approach is one that utilizes a balance of therapeutic programs. Addiction treatment can consist of either an outpatient or residential care. Within an addiction treatment program you will find counseling, support groups, Behavioral treatments and even family therapies. A good number of alcohol or drug rehab providers are based upon a recovery-oriented system and treatment programs can also consist of attending 12-step meetings and working with a sponsor.

Washington Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention

State government in Washington and the Department of Social and Health Services provide treatment services for those struggling with addictions. Those who are in need of this type of care for alcoholism or drug abuse can call the help line and receive an assessment. Low income citizens who can be assessed as chemically dependent are eligible to apply for public funding to receive addiction treatment services. Instructions on this application and a helpline have been created for publicly funded treatment. Learn more at Washington Recovery Help Line.

The focus in Washington is to provide those in need of care with a proper continuum of care. An assessment helps to determine the severity of the alcoholism or drug addiction. The results of this assessment are then used to prescribe addiction treatment care for the individual. Detoxification begins the treatment with medical care for withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. Treatment is than offered through different forms of inpatient programs. An intensive approach provides a short term concentrated program. Extended care provides a longer term addiction treatment stay within a residential facility. After completion of treatment, continuum of care involves a sober living house and/or additional outpatient treatments.

12-step Recovery and Support

After alcohol or drug rehab is completed, many people continue the process of overcoming addiction through a 12-step recovery fellowship. Alcoholics Anonymous is a worldwide fellowship for alcoholics. Narcotics Anonymous provides a support group for those struggling with a drug addiction. A transition into a 12-step group after rehab is completed gives continued support and a sponsor to work with. Treatment can begin the steps of recovery. A.A. or N.A. continues this process after rehab is completed. For those in Washington, information of Local meetings can be found on the Area 72 of A.A. website. Find a meeting at Central Washington Narcotics Anonymous.

While a loved one is receiving treatment, family members can get involved with an Al-anon program to help themselves. Alcoholism is a family problem and the behaviors of an alcoholic can have a negative impact on loved ones. Al-anon and Alateen provide a place for fellowship and support for the loved ones of alcoholics. This effort can help with changing attitudes and ideas about the disease of alcoholism. The Washington Area Alanon/Alateen Website provides a listing of meetings that can be attended to begin the process of family healing and finding serenity.

For those seeking the very best in an alcohol treatment or drug rehab facility, we encourage you to come to the Cirque Lodge in Sundance Utah. Cirque Lodge is a private mountain facility dedicated to treating individuals and families who are struggling with the disease of addiction. The Cirque is a well-recognized and respected program among addiction professionals. We look forward to helping those in Washington State with a caring and effective recovery program.

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