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Cirque Lodge Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center

The Joy of Recovery with Rehab When addiction to alcohol or drugs is controlling you or a loved one, it is time to seek professional help. There can be a long road on the way back to recovery, but it is possible. This comes in the form of an alcohol rehab or drug rehab center. Many people may feel that their problem isn't one that requires a stint in rehab. Meanwhile, their lives continue to spiral further and deeper into the stranglehold of addiction. The advancements in treatment in recent decades have made treatment and rehab very effective for overcoming alcoholism and drug addiction.

For the finest in a private addiction rehab program and facility, the best choice is Cirque Lodge in Sundance Utah. We provide a personalized rehab program for adult aged men and women. The alcohol and drug rehab program is tailored to provide the most specific addiction treatment for each client. The mountain location of Cirque Lodge offers the utmost in privacy. Let's face it, overcoming drug and alcohol addiction and rehab should not be a public matter. The rehab program at Cirque Lodge offers a personal and private environment for overcoming addiction. Over the years the Cirque Lodge rehab program and center has been the destination for a number of high profile individuals and celebrities. This is due to the level of privacy that we uphold in addiction treatment.

Rehab for Drugs

Drug addiction is difficult to overcome on one's own. Many types of drugs are just too controlling and create an addiction and dependency. This goes beyond illicit drugs like marijuana, cocaine and heroin. A growing concern in drug abuse nowadays in this country is prescription drug abuse. Our drug rehab program is seeing a growing number in cases of prescription drug addiction. A drug rehab addresses the personal issues and the specific problems created by whichever particular drug is being abused. In this way, the individual comes to terms with their specific addiction issues.

In rehab, the individual develops skills, or strategies, against the impulses of drug addiction. Recovery from addiction is a process. It can take a length of time to achieve. These coping skills and strategies are needed when dealing with influences of addictions after drug rehab is over. At the Cirque Lodge drug rehab center, we use cognitive behavioral therapy and our experiential program to teach these coping strategies. Rehab for drugs turns into an experience in developing these effective recovery skills.

Rehab for Alcohol

By far, the most common addiction problem treated in rehab is Alcohol related. Alcoholic beverages are the most readily available, and abused addictive substance to date. A number of things go into an alcohol addiction. Most people can regularly drink without developing addiction problems. However, a culmination of events, traumatic experiences, psychiatric disorders, hereditary addictive behavior, and similar influences can create a chemical structure in the brain that is predisposed for alcohol addiction. Almost all cases of alcohol addiction require some form of rehab. An alcohol rehab program must encompass several integral aspects to rid the body of the influences of alcoholism.

Alcohol rehab usually will begin with a period of detox. Alcohol presents the most difficulty created by withdrawal. For severe cases of alcoholism, detox becomes a life or death situation. Cirque Lodge is partnered with a local facility dedicated to providing detox.

It is a misconception that an alcoholic needs only detox to get it out of there system. As soon as that individual picks up the bottle again, the process begins anew. This time however, the problem is amplified and the withdrawal is more severe. Detox must be followed by alcohol rehab. A residential alcohol and drug rehab program provides the best resolutions for recovery from alcoholism.

Personalized Treatment Program

Addiction is so much deeper than just uncontrolled use of drugs and alcohol. It is a compilation of a number of personal and emotional factors that increase the influence of addictive substances in the brain. Rehab has got to be personalized to address these factors of addiction. A person can go through an alcohol and drug rehab program and receive proper rehabilitation, but if their personal factors are not treated, relapse is more likely of a situation. Personalizing treatment means a consistency of one-on-one therapy for addressing the underlying factors of addiction.

Every individual is different. They have different personalities, desires, needs, and expectations out of situations. In rehab this is also true. People have varying needs that an addiction treatment program stands to address. Recovery is made an easier process when these needs are met. Rehab is more effective when it is multifaceted. In this regard, the alcohol or drug rehab program can offer the right modes of treatment for the varying personalities of individuals. Tailoring rehab to address these things makes for a much more effective outcome of recovery.

Cirque Lodge for Alcohol Rehab or Drug Rehab

Through the years, Cirque Lodge has helped numerous people achieve a lasting recovery. These individuals look back at rehab as the first day of the rest of their lives. This is in part to the effectiveness of the addiction treatment, but also in continuing treatment through support and 12-step meetings. Rehab begins the process. After a stay in a rehab program or center it is the strength of support found in recovery that attributes to its success. Now is the time to turn your life around from alcoholism or drug abuse. The drug rehab center at Cirque Lodge in Sundance Utah is dedicated to helping those suffering from addiction to turn their lives around.