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Rehabilitation Program

Rehabilitation Program in a Mountain Lodge Alcoholism and drug addiction are difficult and complex struggles. They are characterized as a brain illness and disease coupled with very intense cravings and erratic changes to behaviors. Because this disease is difficult and complex, treatment must also be a complex and compassionate effort. The Cirque Lodge rehabilitation program is one such effort. This page discusses many areas of care and addiction treatment provided to help individuals and families recover from this difficult malady.

Whether it is alcohol rehab or drug rehab, we have found treatment to be most effective when it is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. Everyone one comes into a rehabilitation environment because of a common problem of addiction or substance use disorder. But the reasons why we have this struggle can vary in each and every person. By individualizing the treatment program and the therapy effort, the patient can gain a greater understanding of why they struggle with addictions. More importantly drug and alcohol rehab provides the needed life skills to help these same individuals handle stress, manage cravings, and modify their behaviors to better manage their disease in the future.

Aspects to Our Rehabilitation Program

We found rehabilitation on the traditions established in the 12-step program. Integrated into this effort is an innovative approach of cognitive, behavioral and experiential therapies. One of the principles of effective treatment shared by most is that it takes multiple approaches to really treat an individual for addiction. We have found that our approach is second to none in treating individuals, and their families, for the struggles of alcohol and drug abuse. Our treatment and rehab effort involves:

Cognitive Therapy

Most individuals that struggle with addiction need help with their thinking and behaviors (thoughts and actions). Cognitive therapy takes a closer look at the behavioral and emotional responses of those that struggle with drugs and alcohol. Their coping strategy prior to treatment is to self-medicate with pills or booze to resolve their problem. Cognitive therapy helps to identify these struggles and introduces new more constructive ways of coping with them.

Experiential Therapy

Where Cirque is a little different from others in our industry is our involved use of experiential and therapeutic activities as a part of treatment. These unique indoor and outdoor activities not only enhance the efforts of the cognitive work we do, but also provide a place for enjoyment, in treatment and with the recovery effort. Everyone does not learn things in the same manner. Experiential therapy is "hands on" activities to teach life lessons, communication, problem solving and most importantly a reconnection of the body, mind and spirit.

12-step Program

"Rarely have we seen a person fail that has thoroughly followed our path" Alcoholics Anonymous Chapter 5 How It Works. Cirque Lodge takes pride in being the leading abstinence based 12-step founded alcohol and drug rehab program. This modality has been around for a very long time and has helped millions of people walk away from all kinds of addictions. The principles and modalities of this program are integrated into all other aspects of the clinical and experiential work that we do. Our goal is to give you the foundation needed for continuing the steps and principles after treatment. It is in the rooms of 12-step programs like AA where most folks who go through rehab find the motivation and the support for long-term success at recovery.

Nutrition / Culinary

Prolonged abuse to alcohol or to drugs can have a serious and negative impact on our physical wellbeing. These substances reduce appetites and change our diets and lead to malnutrition. How can we recover physically from addiction if our bodies and diet are out of control? It is through nutrition and well-balanced eating. Our culinary program is the finest in our industry at Cirque. We can tailor meals to resident's special needs and provide the well-rounded nutrition needed to help their bodies physically recover from addiction.

A Program of Attraction

What we have done at Cirque Lodge is create not just an effective alcohol rehab or drug rehabilitation effort, but also a program of attraction. The work of treatment and recovery is very much one of attraction. If a person can envision, be attracted to and involved in the treatment process, well then that's a starting point! Cirque is the place where you can work on your struggles and find healing. All in the type of environment that keeps you engaged in the experience. Life can be fun again!

We have gone to painstaking lengths to remove the distractions that commonly plague addiction treatment by providing an engaging rehab experience in one of the most beautiful and peaceful of settings. People can and do recover! What we do here in the mountains is provide an effective foundation for this to happen in individuals that struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction.