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Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol Rehab Serenity Prayer Cirque Lodge, located within the breathtaking mountain setting of Utah provides a peaceful place for individuals seeking answers for their alcohol problems. Our focus is on the highest levels of alcohol rehab care, not just for the individual suffering, but for their family system as well. It is drinking and alcohol dependence that stand as the foremost problem in our society when it comes to substance use disorders. According to treatment data, it is also most treated within addiction programs. Cirque Lodge is committed to providing individuals with an effective alcoholism treatment program, within a caring and compassionate environment.

Usually when people think of 'alcohol rehab' their mind can go to different places and things. The alcoholic can think of treatment as some form of punishment, when really it isn't. Great labor and care has been taken in creating the right kind of environment, facility and alcohol rehabilitation treatment to inspire and build at Cirque Lodge. Again alcohol treatment is not about bad people becoming good. It is about helping sick people become well. It's about helping those people who are lost in the depths of alcoholism with solutions to give them their lives back.

Alcohol Rehabilitation: How Do You Know If You Need It?

In society, casual drinking is a perfectly acceptable behavior. Individuals can use the resource of alcohol to relax and be at ease. There is nothing wrong with this when alcohol is taken in moderation. When an individual imbibes in a drink or two to relax there should not be much concern. However, in some situations drinking can increase. Increased consumption is the first sign that there may be an alcohol addiction forming. Addiction can begin subtly a few extra drinks here or there. When cravings increase so does the amount of alcohol it takes to receive its desired effects. You may need to ask yourself the question: am I an alcoholic?

Further exposure to alcohol addiction may result in employment difficulties. Individuals can have a hard time functioning at work without the aid of alcohol. When dependency begins the effects of alcohol are needed just to feel normal. A developed addiction can result in loss of employment and even worse. Alcohol abuse can affect families and living situations. It is never too early to seek treatment. When alcoholism sets in, a caring and intensive alcohol rehabilitation facility can be a life saving measure.

Alcoholism can be determined by the individuals unending desire to do nothing more than to drink. Alcoholism affects the lifestyle of the individual. Job, family, friends, and living all take a back seat to the consumption of alcohol. This dependence on alcohol has very adverse effects on the body's internal organs. Alcoholism can result in liver disease, heart problems, types of cancer and internal brain damage. The worst result of alcohol addiction is impaired judgment. This lack of judgment is the result of thousands of deaths in traffic related accidents. Getting treatment for alcoholism is ultimately a decision between life and death.

Alcohol Rehab, Detox and Intervention: Getting Help

Admitting into an Alcohol Program Cirque Lodge will help you when you are searching for an alcohol rehab facility. More often than not you can meet resistance when it comes to getting someone you care about into treatment, especially with alcohol. Most people just don't see their drinking as a problem. When you call our facility you are put right in touch with someone who can help you. They are more than happy to provide you with answers. They can even provide an alcohol abuse assessment right over the phone. Through this call we can determine if Cirque Lodge is the place! If it isn't we can use our professional resources to point you in a helpful direction for alcohol detox and treatment.

Cirque Lodge also can and will help you with intervention. It can take intervention sometimes to confront the alcoholic and get them to agree to alcohol rehab treatment. Cirque Lodge associates and works with many of the leading interventionists and services available. We even have one on our staff, Mr. Keith Fierman CADC, BRI II. As the Director of Family Services for Cirque Lodge, Keith can assess your needs and connect you with an intervention provider. He serves on the board of directors to the Association of Intervention Specialists. You may contact him by calling here to the Lodge, or directly on his cell phone at (205) 533-2489.

What are some Advantages to an Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Facility?

There are a number of advantages to an inpatient alcohol rehab facility. These can depend on the program. The advantages discussed are some of the exceptional parts to the Cirque Lodge program. With world class alcohol rehab facilities in Utah, Cirque Lodge serves patients from around the world.

  1. Around-the-Clock Care

    The initial days and weeks of sobriety can be just so difficult on an individual. Some of the burden is lessened when you have the support and care of professionals, anytime that you need it. Even if it is the middle of the night, and you can’t sleep, there are staff members to support you and help you. A lot of our staff is in recovery from drugs and alcohol. They understand where you are coming from and can even empathize with your struggle.
  2. Structured Programming

    In daily life, an alcoholic has a lot of time to think about how much they need a drink. In an alcohol rehab center, the structure helps to take this away. There isn't a lot of time to sit around and stir in negative thoughts. The day is filled with programs, therapy and services to help you recover from alcohol addiction. Structure is also good for the recovery process. Getting into a daily routine with positive living can be an effective form of relapse prevention.
  3. Professional Behavioral Help

    Rehab provides a lot of things, but the therapy portion is essential. A drinking problem can be just a part of a much more serious emotional or behavioral concern. Professional help can be the answer in bringing these concerns to light. Roughly 40% of alcoholics also deal with a serious mental health disorder. Professional treatment and behavioral help provides a program that diagnoses and treats such disorder, all in one rehabilitation facility. Personal therapies can also be a place to determine and discuss the reasons why an individual has to drink and what should be done about it.
  4. Caring & Controlled Environment

    At home it can be difficult to stop drinking on your own with the access that is available to liquor. In a treatment facility, the controlled environment eliminates booze and drugs from the picture. The stressors and triggers to drinking are greatly reduced within a warm and caring environment. Rehab is even homelike to help you feel comfortable and safe while in treatment. Much care is taken to eliminate distractions and allow you to focus on recovery and getting well again.
  5. Continued Program after Treatment

    Alcoholism is a chronic thing. Even after years of sobriety, the realism of falling back into alcoholic behaviors can happen. Part of treatment in an alcohol rehabilitation facility is to provide measures of continuing care and programming to help you maintain sobriety over the long-term. For a lot of people this will mean transitioning into outpatient care and being a part of Alcoholics Anonymous. We at Cirque offer a number of efforts for continuing care, coupled with an Alumni Program to keep you connected to the facility where you got sober.
Our Staff

We believe that Cirque Lodge has the finest staff in the field of addiction treatment! Through the years it has been the effort of our caring and compassionate staff that has taken our facility to the levels of success and notoriety we have attained. This is the same staff that will work each and every day with you or your loved one. After admission, each resident is assigned to work with a master's level counselor who facilitates treatment and cognitive behavioral therapies at our facilities. We also have many members of staff in successful recovery. Taking the message of the 12-steps is part of working the program. You can’t help but feel the energy and enthusiasm that the staff has for this work!

Alcoholism is a difficult struggle, but there are ways to find help and treatment for this disease. We encourage you to call Cirque Lodge and find out more about our alcohol rehab program. We applaud your effort for getting help and understand your situation. Many of us have had very similar ones. The beautiful mountains of Utah provide serenity for those seeking answers for alcohol addiction. Cirque Lodge provides the venue and alcohol rehab treatment. 1-877-997-3422.

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