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Alcohol Rehab Program

Alcohol Rehab Program in the Beautiful Mountains A proper alcohol rehab program can be a life saving measure. There is a fine line when it comes to alcohol addiction. In most situations, drinking of alcoholic beverages is an acceptable behavior. Many people can enjoy the calming effects that alcohol has to offer and enjoy it in many social situations. However to some the lines are blurred on what is acceptable drinking and alcohol abuse. Addiction is something that simply grows and grows the more you abuse to feel the desired effects. Shortly after that a little alcohol abuse now again may escalate into a drinking problem or alcoholism. The Cirque Lodge drug rehab center is here to help you in overcoming addiction problems and achieving alcoholism recovery. We have an alcohol rehab and drug rehab treatment to help you get better again.

Alcohol abuse is a common problem in society. Millions of individuals in the nation today are faced with a sort of drinking addiction. Alcoholism is the impending result when addiction to alcohol goes too far. When the body develops a dependency to alcohol, it needs alcohol in its system just to maintain normalcy. Extended effects from alcoholism can result in high blood pressure, as well as type-two diabetes. It is never too early to get help from an effective alcohol rehab program If an individual feels their drinking may even be a little out of control it might be beneficial to find an alcohol treatment facility.

Cirque Lodge is founded upon this 12-step program. We implement it as an aspect to alcohol rehab for each individual treatment plan to build upon in the recovery process. The 12-step program once in place can be a lifelong assessment tool for bettering ones situations.

The Supported Alcohol Rehab Program

Everyone has an understanding of the 12-step program. The 12-step program has been a supportive alcohol rehab program for nearly seventy years. Originally derived by two recovering alcoholics in Akron Ohio, the 12-step program is the foundation of many alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs. The originators, known most affectionately as Bill W. and Dr. Bob, were veterans of many treatment approaches and sanitarium stays for alcohol consumption. None seemed to help them maintain sobriety. As they began to work together they took methods from each of their treatment programs and developed their own effective treatment. In 1939, they published the book Alcoholics Anonymous which is where the program derived its name. Two key structure points came from the program. Individuals would only use their first name to maintain anonymity, and second alcohol sufferers can receive strength by talking about sobriety with their peers.

The Basis of the 12-step program is a simple one. An individual is powerless over their addiction and only God or a higher power can provide the means to escaping it. What follows is a personal assessment of individual's shortcomings and their needs for enlightenment. The culmination of the 12-step process is a spiritual experience and an internal changing of one's self. The Cirque Lodge alcohol rehab facility is dedicated to providing such an experience to residents.

Detoxification Begins the Rehab Process

For many sufferers of alcohol addiction the first point of a treatment stay is a detoxification period. It is necessary to free the body from the effects that alcohol places on it. A detoxifying period is necessary to get the body cleansed of all toxins. During this time it is also imperative for monitoring to note any withdrawal effects that may ensue. Depending on the dependency, withdrawal conditions can be severe. Detoxification is a difficult but necessary in the alcohol rehab process in freeing one's self from addiction.

Detoxification services at this alcohol and drug rehab center are offered by the University of Utah's Neuropsychiatric institute (UNI). This state of the art facility offers a 24-hour monitoring service during the detoxification period. UNI is just a short distance from Cirque Lodge and is the beginning of most residential programs. Detoxification is a difficult time, qualified staff and services can make it easier on the individual.

Therapy for Alcohol Addiction

Understanding why a person has an alcohol addiction is the basis of individual therapy. Determining any underlying issues is an important part of therapy. The nature of abuse is different in every individual but there are reasons behind it for everybody. Cognitive and behavioral therapy is in place to determine such things as trauma of past difficulties in life. Sometimes an unaware disorder such as undiagnosed depression may be reasoning behind it. The intensified look into the human psyche can reveal things about individuals they are unaware of. Individual therapy is a good basis for most private alcohol rehab programs.

At Cirque Lodge, we balance individual therapy with group and experiential therapy. These modes of therapy can inspire and educate the individual. Group therapy is a good means of support and the building of friendships. Our unique brand of experiential therapy is in place to give those suffering from alcoholism a chance to enjoy life. A lot of times the fine things in life are often unnoticed because of addiction. Experiential therapy allows the individuals to get back into living. A residential program doesn't always have to be a hard thing. In many instances it can be fun as well as therapeutic.

For the best inpatient treatment experience, consider Cirque Lodge. Our licensed trained staff knows what it takes and the tools needed for recovery. It is never too early to seek treatment. If you or a loved one's drinking has become a growing concern, treatment for addiction is the first step toward recovery. For more information or help for an alcohol problem with yourself or a loved one, call us at 1-877-997-3422.

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