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Alcohol Rehab Programs

Alcohol Rehab Program in the Beautiful Mountains An effective alcohol rehab program can be a life saving measure. There is a fine line when it comes to alcohol addiction. In most situations, drinking of alcoholic beverages is an acceptable behavior. Many people can enjoy the calming effects of drinking and can do so in many social situations. However to some, the lines are blurred on what is acceptable drinking and alcohol abuse. Addiction is something that simply grows and grows the more you abuse to feel the desired effects. Shortly after that a little drinking problem may escalate into alcoholism.

In this case all is not lost. Alcohol rehab programs have shown a remarkable ability to treat individuals who are struggling with drinking problems and addictions. This page will talk about some of the areas where an alcohol rehabilitation program can help with healing and with providing tools for a sober life. These areas are based upon the Cirque Lodge program, which is considered by many leading addiction professionals as one of the best recovery-based programs.

Alcohol Rehab Programs to Meet Individual Needs

Many aspects of alcohol rehab programs are designed to meet individual needs. In the field of addiction treatment, you are working with distinct individuals. People come from differing backgrounds, upbringings and cultures. They have different personalities, fears and outlooks. Alcohol rehabilitation that works for one may not be as effective for another. That is why most facilities and programs will break down the efforts of treatment into an individualized approach. This means personal attention to clients' needs and one-on-one therapy sessions to help with any underlying concerns.

A big part of this individual approach is to get to the bottom of things, to find what works with treatment for an individual, and to help and support them along into recovery. People can have many reasons why they self-medicate with alcohol abuse. They can be personal problems like trauma or dealing with grief. It can be a mental health problem like a disorder (estimates say that over 40% of alcoholics are also dealing with co-occurring disorders). An individualized alcohol rehab program speaks to the patient on their level and helps them in their specific areas of need.

Family Based Alcohol Rehab Programs

There is also an alcohol rehab process that is focused on the family. Many treatment providers will facilitate a family element as a part of their alcohol rehabilitation program. At Cirque Lodge, it is a foundational piece. Every three weeks of treatment are devoted to the family. Residents are encouraged to invite family members to our alcohol rehab centers to attend and be a part of the experience. Family week is profoundly effective at educating and preparing the loved ones of alcoholics. We feel that it is not just the individual in recovery, but the entire family system. Through family programming the loved ones of our residents can gain their own knowledge, support and tools to help them through this process. In turn, it provides a supportive strength for recovery in the home environment.

The programs that make up Family Week provide an education and healing. This can clear up misconceptions that family might have about their loved one's alcohol addiction. Therapies are also a part of the family program. These therapies can help the family to tear down the barriers built up by the drinking, codependency and enabling, and begin the process of healing. The family can develop a better understanding of their loved one's struggles and the importance of their supportive role in the recovery process.

12-step Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

The 12-steps have played a foundational part of addiction recovery for decades now. They were originally created by the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is used by alcohol rehab programs today as a continual foundation for a sober lifestyle. We at Cirque are one such program who still believes these principles can lead to a long-term abstinence-based recovery. A lot of what we do here in treatment, in groups and through experiential therapy has a founding in the steps. While times change and approaches to treating mental health evolve, the principles of the 12-step program is still helping the struggling alcoholic to find that power greater than their own.

Alcohol addiction and substance use disorders extend beyond a few weeks or months of struggle. Studies have shown us that they are chronic. The solution to help individuals struggling with alcoholism also needs a long term focus. The fellowship of the 12-step community has this in spades and it doesn't cost anything. After completing an alcohol rehab, a person in recovery can continue to be involved in these fellowships and can continue to receive the support they need to stay sober.

Staying Connected with Cirque

For the residents of our alcohol rehabilitation program, we want you to stay connected with the place that helped you get sober. It is another tool in the arsenal. We have developed a number of alumni programs and services to help you in the long-term process. An example of this is through our guesting privilege. Any graduate of our program is invited to return to our beautiful rehab facilities in Utah whenever they need for a few additional days of treatment and help. It is free of charge, but one must still be sober to take advantage of the privilege. In the unfortunate case of relapse, we also have a 2 week relapse program to help you get back to where you need to be with your recovery. Cirque also provides alumni with retreats, meetings, workshops and other continuing programs to help with staying connected and sober.