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Drug Rehab

Cirque Drug Rehab Facility With a drug addiction and dependence an individual can lose their jobs, their family and sadly their vibrancy for life. Through rehabilitation they can get it back and at Cirque Lodge that is what we strive to do. It can be a bumpy road to reclaims one's self from illicit or prescription drug addictions, but a caring place and effective addiction treatment can change those roads into paths of recovery. This page discusses aspects of alcohol and drug rehabilitation. We encourage you to learn as much you can about this malady and give our rehab a call to get help for yourself our your loved one. We are considered by many addiction professionals as the premier addiction facility available today.

Does My Loved One Really Need Drug Rehab?

If you have arrived here because your loved one is struggling from drug abuse or addictions, we would like to help you in any way we can. Chiefly, we encourage you to call a member of our admissions team to determine if your loved one is in need of drug rehab treatment. We have prepared an online drug assessment test to help you gauge your situation. THIS TEST IS NO REPLACEMENT for receiving a professional assessment. It is merely to help you become more aware of the signs of drug abuse and indications pointing to a problem.

Those that struggle from drug addiction get to the treatment stage for many different reasons, and whether they are willing to admit it or not, their lives have become unmanageable. Through treatment, one can put their disease into remission and develop the skills required to keep it that way. Human beings have shown a remarkable ability to recover from chemical dependency, but it does take work. In many cases it does take professional residential care. And rest assured if you send your loved one to Cirque Lodge for residential drug rehab, they will be in the hands of a compassionate and competent staff. You can even find tips for getting the most out of treatment in our rehabilitation guide.

Where Are Your Drug Rehab Facilities?

Nestled in the mountains of Utah, we offer two residential facilities, committed to providing a private and professional program and recovery experience. Part of this has to do with our location and our facilities. Man has always turned to the mountains and nature for its restorative qualities. We invite those individuals struggling with chemical dependency to take in these same qualities found in nature. Our comfortable facilities have large floor-to-ceiling windows throughout both locations, so residents can take in the surrounding and healing atmosphere of the mountains.

Great care has been taken to eliminate distractions. We have found that the drug addiction treatment experience is all too often plagued with distractions which restrain us from getting well. We do so by providing a facility, accommodations and amenities that exceed expectations. To this end, it becomes more about the drug rehab program and the recovery process and not focused on bad food, or uncomfortable beds. Recovery is very much a work of attraction and we have worked tirelessly to make our facilities and program reflect that.

What is involved in Drug Addiction Treatment?

Research has shown that it takes multiple treatment approaches for drug addiction to help individuals, which is really what you are dealing with, individuals. The approach is going to be different in treating a middle-aged mother of four with a prescription drug problem, than to the treatment approach for a 19-year old college student who is struggling with alcohol and methamphetamine. Our treatment utilizes a multi-systemic program of drug rehab focused on the needs of our individual residents. Therapy and counseling is facilitated by Master's Level counselors in multiple individual and group sessions each week and even family sessions when scheduled.
  • 12-steps of Rehabilitation and Recovery

    12-step Program

    We are an abstinence-based and recovery oriented facility with a foundation upon the 12-step modality developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. While in treatment great care is taken to introduce and implement these steps into the lives of our residents. This is found through all aspects of care whether it be the clinical side or through experiential therapies. The real efforts of recovery take place after the completion of drug treatment. With a foundation of the 12-steps, our residents have a continuing point to their recovery by going to meetings, working with sponsors and helping others in the program.

  • Dual Diagnosis for Drug Addiction & Disorders

    Dual Diagnosis

    For many individuals drug addiction can be part of a co-occurring problem. Mental health disorders, like depression or anxiety disorders can also coexist. When you add the effects of drug abuse or dependency it exacerbates the problem to a whole new level. Dual diagnosis in a drug rehab program is the means for diagnosing these disorders and properly treating them with medications and with appropriate therapies. We are dedicated to providing effective co-occurring treatments to our residents who are faced with mental health concerns in conjunction with their substance abuse problems.

  • Woman on Experiential Therapy Outing

    Experiential Therapy

    One area where we are different from our colleagues in drug rehabilitation is in our implementation and use of experiential therapies. Many facilities have begun to adopt experiential programs. At Cirque, it has been a part of what we do since the beginning. We are surrounded by stunning mountain venues and locations. We might as well use them as part of our recovery program! We do this through experiential therapies. It is hands on learning, discovery and healing. A resident may get more out of a nature hike or by working with horses. These are things that may not be gained through therapy alone and only through self-discovery. Plus it makes the whole process a more fun enjoyable and experience overall.

  • Drug Rehab Programs Help to Heal the Family

    Family Involved

    We believe that our Family Systems Program is the signature piece to drug rehabilitation treatment at Cirque Lodge. The far reaching effects of a drug addiction can have a deeply rooted impact on the entire family. Likewise family support and involvement in recovery can have an invaluable positive impact on the healing process. To assist family members in this effort, we provide a four-day program we call "Family Week." It consists of individual and group family therapies, experiential activities and perhaps the finest set of workshops found in our industry. Family Week provides so much more than just an education. It gives all involved on opportunity to explore, address and deal with the concerns we have regarding our loved one's alcoholism or drug addiction.

  • Couples Therapy can be a Part Continuing Care

    Continuing Care

    As we say here, 'treatment is for discovery'. The real legs of a clean and sober life come after we leave the care of the inpatient center. With our program we do all we can to pave the way for the residents leaving our facility. A fully involved continuing care plan is coordinated and readied for the individual prior to discharge. This greatly assists in the transition process and hopefully reduces the anxiousness and stress. For those who are local, or remain locally to our facility, continuing care groups, meetings and activities are held weekly at the Studio.
There is Help

We understand that you are struggling when it comes to drug addiction. You're at the end of your rope with yourself, or your loved one. Many of staff and counselors at Cirque Lodge have been there too. We want you to know that there is help! Many people have found that through drug rehab treatment they were able to get their lives under control. Through the efforts of recovery they were able to keep it that way. You can begin the process today by calling 1-877-997-3422. We will put you in touch with a knowledgeable member of our staff to help you. And even if you feel that Cirque is not the place, let us use our professional resources to help you find an appropriate drug rehabilitation center.

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