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Drug Rehab Center

Timpanogos Mountain Near Cirque Lodge

People can have many different reasons for needing specialized treatments for a drug addiction. Whether the burdens are affecting home life, job performance or just the outlook of that individual, the problem is substance abuse or addiction that cannot be curtailed without professional drug rehabilitation. That is where we come in! We are Cirque Lodge, a private drug rehab center in the mountains of Utah. For some time now, we have been regarded as one of the finest and most effective addiction treatment providers available. We like to believe it is a combination of effective treatments, a gorgeous private location and caring staff that creates this reputation.

There are many elements of caring alcohol and drug rehab treatment that goes into our approach. Let us tell you about a few of them.

Short and Long Term Drug Rehabilitation Center

When an addict initially agrees to treatment one of the first questions they may have is: "How long am I staying?" The professional answer to this question may not be discovered until the individual has gone through a few days or even weeks of treatment. A treatment stay at Cirque Lodge begins with around 30-days. Initially, a lot of residents of Cirque Lodge come to treatment with that in mind. However, as they go through the program, they can begin to understand that more is needed to help them arrest their disease. Many extend their treatment stays based on professional and family recommendations. At our drug rehabilitation center, we have a long-term program in place that not only enhances resolve for recovery, but also builds upon the coping strategies needed to maintain this resolve.

Cirque Lodge takes pride in its approach to long-term drug rehab care. It is a step forward and not a regression. While the approach is to continue with individualized therapies and experiential programming, more care is taken in getting the addict to address their personal struggles with addiction and what can be done about them. As a 12-step recovery oriented program, great care is taken in helping our residents become more involved in the recovery community and developing an effective continuing care plan for when they leave the sanctuary of our beautiful mountains.

Different Approaches to Drug Treatment

Studies have shown that for addiction treatment to effectively work it must attend to the multiple needs of the struggling addict. Cirque Lodge has a very unique approach to attending to these needs and we believe that it is one of the most effective approaches to treating addiction found in our industry. Cirque Lodge Director of Operations Gary Fisher is often saying that "Treatment has to be fun. It has to be engaging." To stand behind his claim, we continue to offer a program that is intensive, therapeutic, but also engaging and enjoyable. Drug rehabilitation is founded upon the 12-step program, which is practiced in our individual therapies and groups. Some feel that modern cognitive therapies and the recovery oriented system are like oil and water, hard to really get to combine together. We feel that our drug rehabilitation center has developed a program that integrates the therapies with the recovery principles rather seamlessly.

Perhaps the piece that sets apart the Cirque Lodge is our application of experiential therapies. This is where the 'fun' aspect of the addiction treatment is introduced. Each day, residents have a chance to enjoy themselves through therapeutic experiences. A good example is teaching principles of a spiritual nature. How much more impact can this lesson have out in the surround of the mountains, or next to a peaceful stream? That is what the Cirque experiential program brings to the table. It's an arsenal of indoor and outdoor activities that enhance and develop upon the standard methods of therapy. It introduces skills and techniques that more intimately connect with body, mind and spirit.

Individual, Group and Family Counseling

The bulk of treatment does come in the form of individual, group and family counseling for those struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. At our drug rehab center, residents are appointed a professionally licensed counselor to best personalize their drug rehab experience. We are also one of the finest dual diagnosis providers for those individuals in need of additional care for co-occurring mental health disorders. Individual therapies get to the heart of the matter in dealing with underlying concerns, such as trauma and mental health problems. Cirque supplies multiple individual sessions with counselors each week, which exceeds the standard of many providers of alcohol and drug rehab.

Group counseling helps to sustain what is covered in individual sessions. Whether at the Lodge facility, or at the Studio, residents function as a community of men or women in treatment. Group counseling is also an environment for this community to support one another. A vital lesson to be learned in addiction treatment is that the addict need never be alone in their struggles. To build upon this principle, Cirque Lodge offers one of the more distinguished family programs available in the treatment field. This not only helps to inform the family about their loved one's progress, but also prepares them for adopting a supportive role in the recovery process. Family Program is so essential to what we do that it takes place every three weeks, so all residents and family can take part.

Mountain-Based Drug Rehab Treatment Facility

We use the location of the mountains to our advantage. Nature has created its own venues that inspire healing. Man has always turned to these places for self-reflection and growth. As an integral part of our addiction treatment program, we provide similar opportunities for our residents. This is found through experiential therapies. No matter the time of year, we like to get out into nature. It's an opportunity to talk about things, discuss aspects of 12-step recovery, or to meditate and reconnect with a higher power. When asked about one of the things that separate Cirque Lodge from its treatment colleagues, Gary Fisher our Director of Operations often claims. "It's in our Nature!"

The serenity of the mountains is here for you or your loved one who is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction. With either the Lodge or the Studio we will have a bed and drug rehab facility dedicated to providing the highest levels of healing and recovery for you. No one should wait a single day more before making that decision to recover. Please call today. 1-877-997-3422.

Continuing on After Treatment

In just a short time, a resident's stay in our private facility comes near to its end. Continuing on after treatment can seem very daunting for some. To help our residents stay connected, a Continuing Care Plan is put into action prior to leaving the facility. This plan involves continued therapies, transitional living, and 12-step involvement in the resident's local communities. Our alumni can also stay connected to our drug rehabilitation center through programs like mentoring, retreats and regional gatherings/dinners that Cirque holds around the country.

Perhaps the most special of continuing alumni programs for residents is guesting. The Guesting Privilege is provided free of charge to all graduates of the Cirque Lodge. It is a lifetime privilege that allows those individuals to return for 3-4 days when needed to our residential drug rehab center and basically "refresh the recovery batteries" so to speak. It can be a needed answer for those who may be thinking of relapse. A lot of times it is used by alumni who are doing well to stay connected and help to serve others in the addiction treatment facility.

In the privacy of the mountains of Utah, there is a safe haven for those in need of alcoholism treatment and drug rehabilitation. We encourage you to call the Cirque Lodge drug rehab center today at 1-877-997-3422. Our admissions department is standing by and waiting to help you or your loved one once again find their way back from the challenges of chemical dependency.

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