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Drug Rehab Facility

Cirque Lodge in the Mountains

The mountain provides us with a perfect location for healing and recovery. With the Cirque Lodge you have a private and exclusive alcohol and drug rehab facility nestled in the mountains of Utah. We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of addiction treatment and clinical therapies to individuals struggling with chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health disorders. Cirque Lodge is regarded by many professionals to be one of the best facilities available providing private alcohol or drug treatment care.

Drug Rehab Facility to Meet Your Needs

Cirque Lodge is committed to an exclusive drug rehab facility to meet the needs of our clients. To accomplish this we provide this high level care at two premier facilities. Our Lodge location in Sundance Utah offers the highest levels of privacy and of luxury. This 16-bed facility offers both private and shared accommodations within a world-class mountain retreat. Great attentive care is taken in establishing a comfortable atmosphere and the compassion needed to treat individuals struggling with a drug addiction.

At the mouth of Provo Canyon in Utah rests our Studio Facility. The Studio is the primary campus of Cirque Lodge and home to our administrative offices. The Studio is a 44-bed facility which allows us to treat a greater number of individuals at a lower price point. The important thing to understand is that both facilities provide the very same high components of alcohol and drug treatment care. The Studio is 100,000 sq. feet, with indoor venues for experiential therapy. We do not lose one day of experiential programming due to inclement weather.

Both Lodge and Studio facilities are committed to providing appropriate levels of comfort, compassion, privacy and luxury to residents. Recovery is a work of attraction and we feel that nice facilities and amenities help to eliminate unwanted distractions. When getting help from a drug rehab facility it can be all too easy to focus on the negatives. By having delicious foods, soft and comfortable beds, and a staff willing to go the extra mile to meet client needs, we help to eliminate things that can pose as problems during a treatment stay.

Short and Long-Term Drug Treatment

Once we come to treatment, one of the first questions we may have is "How long will we be here?" The appropriate response should be "As long as it takes," but we understand that this is not always the case. Things like work demands, or school, or other circumstances can require a short-term drug treatment stay. Cirque Lodge begins with a 30-day treatment program for our residents. This program establishes the foundation for recovery, which is furthered through a comprehensive continuing care plan created for the client to follow after alcohol or drug rehab is completed.

Studies have shown that the longer we stay in treatment, the more likely we will have a better outcome in our recovery. A long-term treatment stay gives us more time to work on the things we need to keep us clean and sober. At Cirque Lodge, we can help you in making the best decision for you or your loved one when it comes to long-term care. Our clinical team can help you with professional assessment and advice on what would be an appropriate length of stay. All-inclusive 90-day programs are available at our Studio Facility. You can learn more about them by contacting our admissions department.

Mountain-Based Treatment Facility

We use the location of a mountain drug rehab facility to our advantage. Nature has created its own venues that inspire healing. Man has always turned to these places for self-reflection and growth. As an integral part of our addiction treatment program, we provide similar opportunities for our residents. This is found through experiential therapies. No matter the time of year, we like to get out into nature. It's an opportunity to talk about things, discuss aspects of 12-step recovery, or to meditate and reconnect with a higher power. When asked about one of the things that separate Cirque Lodge from its treatment colleagues, Gary Fisher our Director of Operations often claims. "It's in our Nature!"

The serenity of the mountains is here for you or your loved one who is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction. With either the Lodge or the Studio we will have a bed and drug rehab facility dedicated to providing the highest levels of healing and recovery for you. No one should wait a single day more before making that decision to recover. Please call today. 1-877-997-3422.

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