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Drug Rehab Program

Helicopter Tours are Part of the Rehabilitation Program Cirque Lodge drug rehab center, located in the mountains of Sundance Utah, provides the finest in effective alcohol rehab and private drug treatment. Our mountain facility offers the privacy and attention to detail found only in the finest treatment centers in the world. An individualized treatment model is developed that is chiefly designed to meet the personal needs. The drug treatment program focuses on helping people overcome alcohol abuse as well as drugs. For the best drug rehab program available, Cirque Lodge is the choice of professionals throughout the world. Call us today for a free consultation and review. Recovery begins with a phone call to one of our experienced and caring staff. Call 1-877-99-REHAB today.

An Effective Drug Rehab Program Consists of Three Main Elements

An effective recovery or drug rehab program consists of three main elements. The first important step is to have the individual go through detoxification and stabilization, where appropriate. The goal with this first phase of addiction treatment is to make sure the individual's medical health is safely stabilized, and the individual is ready for drug rehabilitation. If needed prior to admission, detox services with a separate local licensed drug detox facility is available.

The second element is the main drug rehab program. This is accomplished in a private residential environment and includes individual and group therapies. The many aspects to treatment consist of cognitive and behavioral therapy, and experiential therapy. Experiential therapy consists of hiking, biking, snowshoeing, helicopter tours of the surrounding wilderness, river walking, and the world's largest indoor ropes course.

The third element is an effective relapse-prevention program. Cirque Lodge recommends a continuing care plan for each resident. This plan should be followed for a period of no less than one year after the resident leaves the facility. A therapist in the resident's local area may be contacted to provide continuing care during this phase of long term recovery.

Treatment Program at Cirque Lodge

Cirque Lodge is located above the world-renowned Sundance Ski resort owned by Robert Redford. This primary care residential facility houses private and semi-private rooms for residents seeking the ultimate in privacy. The Studio is a 100,000 square foot facility located minutes away at the mouth of Provo Canyon. This facility also houses many elements of experiential therapy, including the world's largest indoor ropes course.

Treatment for the many types of drugs or alcohol abuse is accomplished at both facilities. It is carried out through a caring and effective program. The studio is situated on a private gated estate with over twelve beautifully landscaped acres. It includes a pasture and horse arena, where much of the equine therapy is conducted. Ed Storti, one of the most successful addiction interventionists, has said that if he were to build an alcohol or drug rehab center of his dreams, it would be like Cirque Lodge.

Upon admission, each client's needs are assessed and an individualized drug rehab care plan is developed. Each program consists of private one-on-one therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, and experiential therapy. The addiction treatment program is based on the twelve-step program, and includes long-term after-care and designation of a sponsor. It is a unique balance of effective therapy programs not found at any other facilities centered on treating addiction.

Many people who enter a residential drug rehab program view alcohol and drug treatment as a negative. We want residents to have the best experience of their lives while in rehab. We believe that if a resident has a very positive experience while here, they will carry with them this experience on their road to recovery. Such a positive experience can bring out many of the good elements of life for them.

Length of Stay for Alcohol or Drug Rehab

The minimum length of stay at Cirque Lodge is thirty days. The length of stay depends on the resident's needs, and is assessed during this first thirty days. If more time is required, as determined by the treatment staff, recommendations are made to the resident and his or her family. We always strive to make sure the resident has sufficient treatment and care to give them the best drug rehab experience and means to sobriety.

For those who need further care, then extended care program is offered. This drug rehab and recovery program gives the resident additional time to utilize the skills they learned. Residents also acquire additional skills to help maintain a sober life style. This time is typically spent on working additional steps of the 12-step program not completed during primary care. Also during this time, the resident begins working with their addiction sponsor.

Experiential Therapy in Alcohol and Drug Treatment

One of the most powerful elements of Cirque Lodge is experiential therapy. Most other programs rely solely on cognitive and behavioral therapy in private or group sessions, within the four walls of a treatment center. We believe that residents can get closer to their higher power by being in the midst of the grandeur of nature. The alcohol abuse and drug rehabilitation facility is situated high in the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains. It is here that one can truly experience the wonders of nature. One can learn to appreciate anew the beauties of life.

With this pristine setting and one of the most effective programs, we offer outdoor experiential therapy. This greatly helps residents recognize more fully their challenges, as well as provides help for overcoming their individual weaknesses. Some of these therapies include helicopter tours of some of the most remote regions of the Rocky Mountains, snowshoeing, hiking, bicycling, river walking, and the effective equine program. The equine therapy at Cirque Lodge has been recognized as one of the most important and successful elements of our experiential alcohol treatment and drug rehab program.