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Drug Rehabilitation

Wilderness Area Near the Cirque Lodge Drug Rehabilitation Center Cirque Lodge, Sundance Utah provides confidential alcohol and drug rehabilitation services. These services are primarily for individuals who have lost control of their lives due to alcohol and drug addiction. To help individuals and families, we have structured a comprehensive drug rehab program to address the needs of each resident. Ed Storti, a leading interventionist, who has helped many families place a loved one into treatment, has said, 'Cirque Lodge is the best of the best'. Our commitment to you is to live up to his statement and is reflected each day in the dedication of our drug treatment staff. For immediate assistance, please call 1-877-997-3422 and ask for admissions.

Rehabilitation from Alcohol, Drug Abuse or Addiction

Rehabilitation from alcohol, drug abuse or drug addiction is a topic that is generating more and more interest. This is because of the problems that alcohol and drug addiction create in our homes and work places. Cirque Lodge, located in the mountains of Sundance, Utah, is a leading provider of drug rehabilitation and care. Some of our residents come here because they are referred by a family member, an employer, or even by court order. Regardless of the reason, the Cirque Lodge drug rehabilitation center is here to help with treatment and with recovery.

Cirque Lodge offers the best in exclusive and private individualized addiction treatment. We treat each individual with a program tailored to their specific needs. Rehabilitation from alcohol abuse is different from drug abuse. Because alcohol and drugs affect the brain differently, we treat the addictions differently.

We base our entire drug rehabilitation program on the 12-step method developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. This includes working through the twelve step program while here in alcohol or drug treatment, and continuing the process through extended care and a fellowship suitable for the person's needs. Individual and group therapy sessions assist each resident in working through their 12-step program.

Individual Drug Rehabilitation Considerations

The individual approach to our drug rehabilitation facility begins with a confidential intake assessment. This assessment assists our staff in recommending a specific approach for alcohol treatment or drug treatment in each individual case. Since addiction to alcohol is different from addiction to a specific drug, each program is tailored to provide the recognition of the specific disease. We then provide the tools necessary to begin the process of rehabilitation. In some cases, a dual diagnosis of the individual will lead to further individualizing the rehabilitation program to treat co-occurring mental health concerns that exist.

Each resident is assigned a personal addictions counselor and case manager. Counselors are trained and certified to help the resident with their individualized drug treatment plan. Some of these components include social and family issues, work related issues, and sometimes even legal ramifications facing the resident. A drug rehabilitation program with balanced therapy is developed to then assist each resident during individual therapy sessions, as well as incorporating family sessions during Family Week. It is during Family Week that a lot of progress is made between the resident and the family member. Families can come to an understanding on the nature of alcohol and drug addiction as a disease. This is to establish the tools, for the family, to assist on the road to recovery for their loved one.

Rehabilitation and Experiential Therapy

Added to these protocols of drug rehabilitation, we include our world-famous experiential therapy. We have the world's largest indoor ropes and challenge course used exclusively for our drug rehab program. The various elements of this unique setting help residents learn about working through problems, effective communication and working together.

We have both low and high elements on the challenge course. Low elements include team challenges that help residents learn how to ask for help and how to effectively communicate. High elements challenge the residents to overcome their fears and to learn to trust others. These are two important skills that are lost by alcohol and drug addicts. These elements provide the residents with coping skills and strategies to help them not just with recovery but in avenues of life after leaving alcohol or drug rehab.

Equine therapy, otherwise known as horse therapy, is one of the most powerful segments of our experiential drug treatment program. Many residents come into the program with a strong fear of animals, especially large animals such as a horse. Many other residents come into the program not realizing how poor their communication skills are. Horses are very intelligent animals and can sense a person's fears and attitudes. Horses also do not automatically do what a person says, and many times the resident comes away by saying 'how stupid' the horse is. The fact is, horses are very smart, but the resident has to learn how to more effectively communicate his or her desires. This leads to more effective self-examination and communication in a way that is much more powerful than learning about them in a normal cognitive therapy session. Learn more by calling the Cirque Lodge drug rehab facility today 1-877-997-3422.

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