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Mountain Recovery Center

Cascade Cirque Near our Mountain Recovery Center
A mountain rehab facility can be a place to find needed recovery from drug addiction. The unique location of Cirque Lodge in many ways is ideal for the recovery process. When the Lodge was first established, the idea was to use the beautiful location as an element to treatment and recovery. For those in need of an addiction treatment program these mountains are venues for engaging recovery activities and quiet places of meditation and healing. It is a location that has many advantages, which will be discussed on this page.

We derive our name from the majestic mountains in Sundance Utah. The Cascade Cirque is a geological formation created by glacial cycles over millions of years. This towering formation can be seen from both Lodge and Studio Facilities. Residents of our recovery center have many opportunities to be immersed in this mountain environment year-round. For individuals in need of a drug rehab center, the mountain environment surrounding us can be means to hope and recovery.

Privacy in a Mountain Recovery Center

This natural location has a number of advantages. First, it provides natural privacy. Both Lodge and Studio facilities are privately located. Residents of this mountain rehab facility can focus on recovery, and not have to worry about the outside world. This privacy is also observed through the addiction treatment program. Clients are personally treated with the utmost in dignity and respect. Any transportation for our residents is carried out in private unmarked vehicles.

For those seeking the highest levels of privacy, the Lodge offers such accommodations nestled in the foliage of the mountains of Sundance Utah. It is limited enrollment with just 16 beds for clients. The Studio facility offers a larger community of residents if desired. The Lodge also has private accommodations for individuals who are in need of the utmost in a private and exclusive rehab facility. The focus of this mountain recovery center is to provide individuals with what they need for addiction treatment while maintaining the highest levels of respect and anonymity to them. Anonymity and privacy in treatment can have clear advantage when getting help through a rehab center.

Activity in a Mountain Rehab Facility

The different locations of the mountain and canyon are used for experiential activities. Hiking, biking, snow shoeing, and even some climbing are accompanied with recovery lessons. The Provo River is used for rafting and even fly fishing activities as well. Even a private helicopter is utilized to take residents on mountain tours and to remote places for hiking. Members of our experiential team accompany residents of our exclusive drug rehab facility on these activities. They take the opportunity to use these activities as experiences for recovery.

Experiential activities are used to teach recovery skills and to overcome many of the negative feelings caused by addiction. Usually a hike or a challenge in the mountains is followed by messages of experience, strength and hope. The message is sometimes a means to applying the positives learned from the activity to sobriety. At our mountain rehab facility people will have many chances to engage in activities that meet their physical limitations.

Nature and Vital Experiences

Our addiction treatment program is founded on the 12-step program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. A solid foundation of the initial steps is established during a treatment stay. One step is to find a connection to something greater than one's self. Nature provides a majestic location for establishing such a connection. While out on an experiential, clients are given the chance to meditate, reflect and to establish a connection with a higher power. The 3rd-step involves turning one's will over to this power. We compliment this experience with a private helicopter flight and meditation on the mountain.

A focus of this experience is to provide a vital spiritual change. Such experiences can cause an internal shift and change of conviction. Experiential activities are intended to provide individuals of our mountain recovery center with these experiences. We strive to give residents every opportunity to experience an internal change such as this. Nature and the mountain can lend to this. Residents get chances to meditate and to come to terms with their struggles in a healing natural environment. It can be essential to continuing the step work and aftercare programs when leaving drug rehab.

Being surrounded by the wonders of nature can play an influential part in overcoming drugs and alcohol. It is the unique balance of the addiction treatment program and experiential therapies that have helped many come to terms with their alcoholism or drug addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, the serenity of the Mountains can help you. Call us today at 1-877-99-REHAB.