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Addiction Treatment Programs

In Need of Addiction Treatment Addiction treatment is a field of care that is perpetually developing and improving as science teaches more about the brain and behaviors behind substance abuse and alcoholism. This page takes a look at some treatment programs offered at the Cirque Lodge in Sundance and Orem Utah.

Primary Addiction Treatment

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Our innovative and unique drug treatment and alcohol treatment program is designed to meet the early needs and issues faced by those suffering from addiction, as we begin our road to recovery. Alcohol and drug rehab services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, licensed professionals, certified counselors, nutritionists and others with extensive experience in addiction treatment. In a primary setting care consists of an initial 30-day program of personalized recovery services and caring therapies.

"Everything for a reason" The foundation for all our activities is based on the objective of arresting this terrible malady of addiction. We use therapy, education and movement to provide the needed skill set for early recovery. Our therapeutic program is made up of individual counseling, dual diagnosis, group therapy, experiential therapy, psycho-educational lectures, Family and marital sessions and a vigorous 12-step experience. Our treatment schedule provides a daily breakdown of what to expect.

Extended Addiction Treatment

For those who need more treatment than primary care can provide, we believe in the step forward program for extended care instead of a step down. The concept is to give the client additional time to practice the skills learned in primary rehab treatment while at the same time getting to the core issues of why he or she would drink and use so destructively. While the client will still participate in process groups and experiential therapy, a bigger emphasis is put on working the steps of recovery while at the same time having more autonomy from the treatment program. In addition, individual therapy sessions and nightly participation in self-help groups that pertain to an individual's particular addiction are offered. Working with a sponsor, participating in service projects, and career management counseling are all part of our extended addiction treatment program. The idea is to continue to practice the skills learned in primary care while expanding the client's list of coping strategies.

Professional Treatment

Prolonged use and abuse of drugs and alcohol can make changes to the brain that results in dependency. Addiction can develop into an uncontrollable impulse, changing behaviors significantly as the individual becomes solely focused on obtaining that next high from their substance of choice. The dilemma in this behavior is that toxic levels of substances can become fatal, and all too often do. The individual can go to any lengths to meet their need for the substance; hurting their family, friends, affecting professional relationships and even becoming involved in illegal activities.

Addiction treatment efforts become a life saving measure in this case. The significant changes to the brain demonstrate mental disease-like attributes within the individual. Professional treatment is a means to addressing this disease, a chronically relapsing problem for some. The help of a treatment program can be crucial in lowering the levels of toxicity in the individual and offering needed care and intervention.

The addiction treatment program can vary according to the needs of the individual. Advancements have been made in the clinical treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse. When your loved one comes to our rehab center with their problem this process begins with a thorough assessment. We begin with this type of process to best determine the most effective program of care. We utilize personalized treatment therapies and a series of experiential and behavioral interventions. The assessment will provide the information we need to create an appropriate treatment plan for that individual.

Addiction Treatment Programs

In this section we will take a look at many of the common treatment practices adopted by programs that help with addiction. Effective approaches to an addiction treatment center are based on a number of caring modalities. In this disease of individuals, different levels of intervention and therapy based upon a critical assessment can help address personal struggles upon a personal level. Below are some brief descriptions of the approaches used by most treatment programs.
  • Detoxification is Esstential in the Treatment Process


    Most treatment approaches will begin with a period of detoxification. Most facilities will use a medical detox to allow the drugs or alcohol to run their course through the system. Different types of drugs and especially alcohol can be complicated by withdrawal symptoms. These are adverse health reactions that can occur when the drugs/alcohol is taken away from the dependent person. These effects can vary, but can become quite severe and even fatal if not appropriately treated. The medical environment provides for appropriate clinical and physician care and medications to address such withdrawal reaction. Once the individual is stabilized, the alcoholic or addict is prepared to undergo the other aspects of addiction treatment.
  • Therapy

    Personal Therapy Session Addrssing Substance Abuse Issues
    Therapy is a broad subject when it comes to an addiction treatment facility. Generally, some form of clinical therapy will be used by an alcohol or drug rehab provider. The difference in treatment centers may be the degree of therapies that are offered. Personal therapies provided by an addiction counselor are utilized to address the individual person. Treatment can also involve the use of group therapies and family therapies for dealing with all the underlying concerns and resentments that may be present in the struggling individual. Behavioral therapies can be used to look at the thought processes and actions taken by the alcoholic/addict. Experiential therapies have also been used in many different capacities and forms in addiction treatment.
  • Support Groups Are Essential to the Recovery Process


    Support groups and networks are also introduced within the structure of an addiction program. The majority of rehab facilities work upon a recovery oriented system. Many also utilize the modality of the 12-step program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. These systems and models give levels of personal and group support as a means of getting and staying sober. Support is a great equalizer in this field. Counselors, therapist and professionals alike have oftentimes walked a similar path of addiction treatment and recovery; they can provide levels of support. Fellow addicts and alcoholics can relate their experiences with one another as a means to strengthen and support one another.
  • Medications

    Helpful Medications are Used in Addiction Treatment Programs Treating substance abuse can also involve the use of prescription medications to assist with stabilizing and chemical inbalances in addiction treatment. There are also medications that have been developed to lessen cravings and to deal with withdrawal symptoms. Many alcohol and drug rehab centers are referred to as Dual diagnosis centers, or as a co-occurring treatment facility. These facilities diagnose and treat co-occurring mental health disorders that may be present in individuals and will prescribe medications to help those struggling with addictions to deal with things like depression, anxiety or similar mental health disorders. At this point, we would like to point out that Cirque Lodge is an abstinence based program. As such, we do not prescribe medications that are used as opioid replacements or similar types of replacement medication therapies.

Cirque Lodge Addiction Treatment Programs

Cirque Lodge utilizes many of the programs used in effective treatment today, including many of the aspects that were discussed previously. What has made our facility a well-respected and leading addiction treatment center is our unique approaches to treatment, care and support that is utilized here in the surround of the mountains of Utah.
  • The Treatment Enviroment is a Part of the Process


    The environment in and around our rehab facilities plays a therapeutic role in the treatment and recovery process for individuals and families. The facilities are private and exclusive and provide an atmosphere of luxury to those who are struggling in their lives. This environment is facilitated by a dedicated and caring staff, available around the clock to meet individual needs with care and support. A unique and beneficial part of this environment is the mountain locations of the facilities. The nature and the mountains are utilized not only for their therapeutic, but also their spiritual qualities for healing, growing and recovery.
  • Balance to Care and Recovery with a Treatment Plan

    The Treatment Plan Should Provide Continuing Recovery
    Many times you run into situations where therapy is emphasized and the continuing care aspect of recovery is not covered. Or adversely, you get a very involved support network, without the clinical means to address the underlying medical concerns or underlying issues of the substance abuse problem. An addiction treatment plan takes great care in providing a continuum of recovery with the intensive therapies needed to address the underlying things and loving support needed for a long term sober outcome. Treatment planning is extensive and ongoing to provide the best possible approaches on a caring level for each resident throughout their stay.
  • Clinical and Experiential Therapies

    Hiking Activty is a part of Experiential Therapies Treatment involves the best approaches to clinical therapies. This begins with multiple sessions of personal therapy each week and broadens with group therapies and family programming. The clinical piece is combined with a highly effective experiential program. Experiential therapies allow the recovering alcoholic or addict to learn and develop through hands-on experiences. Much of this is done in our beautiful mountain environment through nature based activities. At our Studio facility, there is also an indoor ropes challenge course used to teach strategies of problem solving in recovery. Perhaps one of the most effective programs offered through experiential work is through equine therapy. Valuable lessons are learned when our residents work with the horses.
  • Aftercare & Alumni Programs

    Recovery from addiction is a long term process. Time spent in a residential treatment is only the beginning. Continued efforts are required to assist individuals in early recovery, when relapse is most likely to occur. Cirque Lodge takes a step forward with individuals by providing them with a coordinated aftercare effort. Those who remain local to our facility can take advantage of weekly aftercare meetings and 12-step recovery meetings held at the Studio Facility each and every night. Cirque Lodge also provides a growing Alumni program for graduates of our addiction treatment center. This involves Mentors, sober companions, renewal programs and support groups across the country.

Cirque Lodge is licensed by the State of Utah and accredited by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. We combine traditional cognitive therapy with a daily experiential session in what may be the most spectacular setting in alcohol and drug addiction treatment. We have an educated, sophisticated and experienced staff and have been named by several publications as one of the top programs in the nation. If you are ready to turn your "stumbling blocks into stepping stones" we invite you to call for help today. Ask us about our innovative treatment approaches, world class experiential program and our nurturing environment. For the finest in addiction treatment from the leading professionals in the industry, call 1-877-99-REHAB. Cirque Lodge is the leading privately owned therapeutic treatment experience in the country.