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Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction Treatment Facility in the Beautiful Mountains Cirque Lodge is a nationally recognized addiction treatment facility in Utah. It actually consists of two treatment centers and locations. This allows the alcohol and drug rehab program to address a broad dynamic of individuals who are in need of caring treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction. The Lodge is located in the mountains of Sundance. The second facility is located a few minutes away in Orem Utah. It is referred to as the Studio. Both Lodge and Studio facilities are dedicated to providing the most effective care and compassionate treatment for individuals and families that struggle.

The Lodge

The Lodge in Sundance is a limited enrollment facility. It is ideal for those seeking the most private and exclusive experience. It consists of 16 beds for men and women residents.

Aspects of the Lodge:

  • Most Private & Exclusive Facility
  • 16 Bed Limited Enrollment
  • Private Gym Facilities
  • Mountain and Nature Surround
  • Amenities of a World-class Retreat
  • Personalized Effective Treatment Program

Research has shown that shared accommodations are better for a supportive recovery environment, so the majority of rooms are shared accommodations. However, the Lodge also has private suites for those seeking the most private experience.

The Lodge offers all the amenities and accommodations you would expect from a world-class mountain retreat. It has a media / theater room, a sauna, jetted tubs, private study areas, comfortable couches and beds, and gourmet-style dining / culinary experience. The Lodge also is staffed with caring individuals in recovery for around the clock care and support.

One unique aspect of the Lodge addiction treatment center is its mountain location. Residents of the Lodge are immersed in the healing qualities of nature and the quiet serenity that is found within. Atop the Lodge is the Cirque meditation room with surrounding views of these mountains. As a recovery oriented program, part of treatment is to involve spiritual experiences to assist in the healing process. We feel the mountains and nature can amplify the aspect to those of our drug rehab program.

Studio Facility

Aspects of the Studio:

  • Larger Enrollment Support Community
  • Private Gated Location
  • Gymnasium / Local gym Passes
  • Host to Community 12-step Meetings
  • Experiential Venues Onsite
  • Personalized Effective Treatment Program

The majority of residents are enrolled at our Studio Location in Orem Utah. The Studio rests at the mouth of the Provo Canyon in the shadow of these beautiful mountains. It gets its name from being a television and movie studio in its former life. A renovation to the building made it ideal for treating individuals struggling with chemical dependency. It is a 200,000 sq. ft. facility, which provides a large number of beds and rooms for residents.

Like the Lodge, the Studio offers residents with comfortable amenities and accommodations to enhance their experiences within a drug or alcohol rehab facility. There is a full size gymnasium for basketball, volleyball or for working with private exercise instructors. There are sauna rooms for the men or women, and a media / movie room for down time. Resident accommodations provide a comfortable and supportive living environment. The men's rooms are located on the first floor near the gymnasium. Women's accommodations reside on the third floor near the dining room.

The Studio addiction treatment facility location is the home to the Cirque Lodge administrative offices and is venue to a number of our experiential therapy activities. Experiential activities are a unique and effective part to our drug rehab program. The Studio houses an indoor ropes course, is the location of our horse arena (equine therapy), and is the landing place for the private helicopter reserved for flying residents into the mountains for a tour of these beautiful places.

Residential Addiction Center

As a health care accredited facility, our focus is to provide the most professional and caring clinical treatment experience. This begins with focusing on the specific care of the individual with a setting and personal therapies intended to help them find recovery and wellness in their lives.

There are some wonderful things about a residential addiction treatment center. For a struggling alcoholic or addict this type of facility can be a safe haven and beacon through the destruction. Residential treatment means that the client stays with us for a while as they work on healing and recovery. During this time they are surrounded by the care and support of a professional staff. Studies have shown that comfort and support are better tools for addiction treatment care than those of confrontation. Great effort has been made to provide the right kind of environment to compliment an effective drug rehab program.

Residential care also eliminates many of the distractions that can be had in daily living struggles. A private and comfortable place doesn't have all the triggers and conflicts one might have at home or at work. In this light, the recovering alcoholic/addict can focus on the treatment effort and getting well again. At Cirque, we take this a step further by providing an exceptional facility, accommodations and dining experience. Again it is to make the focus on the treatment and recovery and not on any distracting negatives.

We believe that support is integral to early and long-term recovery. This is not an easy process, so the foundation begins in rehab. You have a community of residents working on recovery. Community members support one another and work towards goals with each other. Cirque Lodge also has many staff in successful recovery, who knows what it is like to go through the treatment and recovery process. All of these individuals are working together to support one another in the same cause. When time has come to complete the program and leave the facility, a continuing plan of action is put into place. This extends the efforts of support through the outreach of the 12-step community and appropriate aftercare providers.

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