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Alcohol Treatment

Sign Stating No Alcohol It can be difficult to get someone struggling with alcoholism into an alcohol treatment facility. A lot of this has to do with the stigma built up about alcohol abuse by society. This stigma makes them feel that they do not have a problem and that they can quit if they need to. Many times it is up to loved ones to get them the help that they need.

Alcohol addiction can lead to dependency which becomes an all-consuming factor of the individual. Families, employment, and basic living environment are all strained by alcoholism. When the body has developed a dependency to alcohol it isn't recommended to stop "cold turkey." Withdrawal effects can be life threatening. In a case thise severe proper medical detoxification is needed to effectively treat the problem and not lose the individual to withdrawal problems.

Alcohol Detox Program

Detoxification is often times recommended at the beginning of alcohol rehabilitation. Detox depends on the severity of the addiction and the increased severity of withdrawal. Alcohol detox is 24-hour monitoring and care for any of the withdrawal symptoms caused by the addiction. Detoxification is taken care of at an off campus facility a short drive from Cirque Lodge at the University of Utah. This detox center is a medical facility fully staffed with medical professionals to effectively treat the difficulty of withdrawal.

Withdrawal Symptoms can vary but can include:
  • Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Rapid heart rate, heart complications
  • Tremors
  • Delirium (The DT's)
Medical Detox provides treatment and stabilization in different ways as well:
  • Helps to manage acute withdrawal symptoms
  • Prescribes medications that lessen the impact of withdrawal and suppresses craving
  • Ensures the individual is stabilized physically and able to undertake alcohol treatment programming

Personalized Alcohol Abuse Treatment

An alcohol treatment plan is personalized to meet the needs of residents. Each individual can require different levels of care when it comes to rehab. What is an effective approach as addiction treatment for one may not yield the same results for another. You are dealing with individuals. The program is tailored to meet the needs of each individual resident. Throughout the residential stay, clients undergo many different therapy types and recovery elements. The reaction of clients to these treatments goes into personalizing treatment further for each resident.

When a new resident is admitted into our addiction treatment program at Cirque Lodge, they are assigned a primary counselor that works with them throughout their stay. Primary counselors are professionally licensed for offering drug and alcohol treatment therapies. This counselor works individually with the resident on their personalized alcohol treatment plan. They are available for one-on-one therapy sessions with clients, as well as family sessions during our effective family program. Primary counselors are also available to help women residents in preparing for recovery. They help them in preparing the best course of action for a continuing plan for the recovery process.

Another area of individualized help comes with diagnosis and treating mental health disorders. The National Association for the Mentally Ill estimates that 37% of those suffering from alcoholism also are dealing with at least one mental health disorder. Alcohol addiction programs have come a long way with treating co-occurring disorders. They now have an integration of care and therapy to help individuals with both concerns through dual diagnosis. The approach provides a recovery plan both for alcohol and the disorder.

Health and Nutrition

What is commonly seen in alcohol abuse patients is poor health. The behavior of seeking out and drinking booze doesn't lend itself to a happy and healthy lifestyle. When people finally get to treatment, this level of health needs addressed. Typically inpatient alcohol rehab will involve fitness programs and nutrition efforts to promote physical wellness in recovery.

Alcohol addiction also tends to be based on a 'liquid diet.' Basically it's a lot of drinking and not so much food, which can complicate things in the body. This leaves a person undernourished and possibly facing more serious health factors. It is not uncommon for alcoholics to have type II diabetes. While in treatment, proper nutrition and diet is introduced. This can help to bring back needed vitamins and minerals that have been denied previously.

Family Treatments and Program

When you have someone that is struggling with alcohol, chances are those that the person associates with are struggling some way too. Not with drinking, but with the drama and issues of living with or putting up with someone's drinking. Primarily this is family members. The behaviors of family members can also be enabling their loved one to drink and not even know. Family treatments have become a standard aspect to what is involved in an alcohol addiction program. After rehab, it is counterproductive to send a recovering alcoholic back home to an environment that fuels their alcohol abuse. Family Programs help to teach recovery, so loved ones can be more supportive and helpful in the home environment.

Even when family members mean well, their actions and behaviors can negatively affect their loved one in recovery. Family Programming helps to educate and inspire the family for the benefit of their recovering loved one. It teaches them more about the nature of addiction, codependency and enabling behaviors. Family therapies allow all involved to communicate in a therapeutic environment and resolve concerns when needed. This is not an easy process, but has shown to effectively provide healing and closure for the family system.

An Alcohol Treatment Program in the Mountains

Alcohol addiction does not have to be the end. An alcoholic or drug rehab stay can mean a new beginning here at Cirque Lodge. We provide dedicated and effective treatment in one of the most private treatment settings. If you or a loved one has a drinking problem it is never too early to get them the help that they need.

Cirque Lodge is a nationally recognized addiction treatment facility. Located in the mountains of Sundance Utah, we specialize in alcohol treatment, drug rehab, and dual diagnosis programs. For individuals in need of a treatment facility, our individualized approach can change your life and show a means to recovery from dependency to drinking.

A caring addiction treatment program is offered within a very private and caring environment. The focus is to arrest the disease of addiction while introducing new life strategies and offering much needed support. For more information about dual diagnosis, or alcohol treatment recovery, call Cirque Lodge today, 1-877-997-3422.