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Alcohol Treatment Center

Private Alcohol Treatment Center for Those Who Need Help Alcohol addiction is a serious concern with far reaching effects. It is the most commonly abused substance. It is responsible for ruining not just the life of the alcoholic, but also the lives of those around the alcoholic. It creates a number of health problems, as well as societal and social concerns. It costs the nation over 200 billion dollars each year in one form or another…That being said, alcoholism is also treatable. You can find help and answers from an alcohol treatment center. Places like Cirque Lodge are dedicated to helping you.

Residential alcohol rehab is a safe haven away from the struggles of the world. And while you may think it as a punishment going into treatment, you will find that it is quite the opposite. It is not a place where bad people are condemned for their behavior. It is an environment where sick people become well. Even with your past, the baggage and the troubles that you may have had. Rehab can provide you with the support and alcohol treatment plan needed to get sober and to stay that way. You can heal. You can recover.

More on Alcohol Addiction and Treatment

For a majority of the people the consumption of alcohol is not a big deal. People will imbibe alcohol to reduce stress and relieve tension. For some individuals an addictive personality tends to change the drinking for stress relief to habitual drinking for constant influence in the system. Like all addiction cases, alcohol abuse begins subtly and through time can develop into a problem. When it begins to be getting to a point of losing control, an addiction is beginning to form.

It is never too early to seek the help in the form of alcohol treatment care. In fact the earlier into the addiction, the easier it is to treat. Many people feel that treatment should only be sought after a person has hit rock bottom. In dealing with alcohol, withdrawal can be a life or death situation. It is best to seek and get help when drinking initially becomes a concern, and not before it grows too late.

Cirque Lodge Alcohol Treatment Center

For years, the Cirque Lodge has been providing effective treatment and relief from alcohol addictions. Offering an accredited alcohol treatment program, you can expect the highest level of addiction treatment from our facility. We provide an array of treatment types to ensure that we have the right program for every addiction case. We also provide a balance of experiential therapy to enhance the addiction treatment process.

Cirque Lodge is made up of effective treatments within the safe haven of an alcohol treatment facility. Our treatment facility is made up of a comfortable and private environment dedicate to effective care. Upon graduation of our alcohol treatment program we also provide an involved relapse prevention program to ensure continued sobriety. There is healing and recovery in the mountains from alcohol abuse. We can help you with that.

Experiential Learning

Our facilities provide a number of unique venues for our experiential program. Experiential learning activities are a unique element to alcohol rehab. We have a mountain environment, a helicopter, horses, and a soundstage to house a rope course, why not use them as venues of recovery. The experiential program is a powerful part of alcohol rehab here in Sundance Utah. It is used as regularly as the traditional forms of addiction treatment and clinical therapies.

Experiential learning is an effective teacher through activity. This provides different lessons for the recovering alcoholic/addict and their cognitive processes. Each treatment day provides a different experiential activity and venue of our alcohol treatment center. Nature plays an integral part in all of this. The healing of nature can provide the right environment for connecting to one's higher power and having spiritual experiences. These activities help to make the time spent in alcohol or drug rehab more enjoyable, and the alcohol treatment recovery experience more impactful.

Cirque Lodge is a private and exclusive alcohol treatment center. For more information, please see our Alcohol Treatment page.