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Drug Treatment

By: Gary Fisher

Drug treatment at Cirque Lodge is based upon the knowledge that effective treatment and care must be tailored to the needs of each resident. Prior to admission, we complete a comprehensive analysis of each individual's history, including the type and length of drug abuse, as well as health, family and social issues. This drug addiction history is used to structure a drug treatment program that will provide the best opportunity for complete rehabilitation. Cirque Lodge Studio Drug Treatment Facility We offer two facilities focused on individualized addiction treatment. The Lodge is located in Sundance Utah and the Studio (pictured right) located at the mouth of beautiful Provo Canyon.

Help From a Drug Treatment Program

Effective treatment and recovery can be a life saving measure. The abuse of cocaine, heroin and even prescription drugs can lead to overdose and death. If you have a loved one who is struggling with drug addiction, perhaps it is time to get them the addiction treatment help they deserve. Within a drug treatment program, proper care is taken in arresting this debilitating disease. All the while, proper support is offered to address the individual, their vulnerabilities and personal struggles.

Rehabilitation facilities have changed a great deal in recent decades. Advancements in cognitive and behavioral therapies and in neuroscience have provided many new approaches and insights to addressing drug addiction. This has evolved into several effective aspects of drug treatment. The medical feel of an addiction program has also been changed. The facilities that offer these types of services are more comfortable and homelike now. This helps to make the experience a little less confrontational and conducive to the spirit of recovery. Therapy is provided to address the disease and caring support for the process of recovery and sobriety.

Aspects to Drug Treatment

  • There is not a single drug treatment plan that can be applied to all individuals. Differences in how an intervention is conducted, and each person's family and work background must be addressed. In addition, the drug of choice, such as the difference in cocaine, heroin, alcohol or prescription drug addiction, etc. will all require a different treatment modality.
  • When a drug rehab program is needed, addiction treatment must be available. When a person is ready to enter a drug treatment center, they should be admitted as soon as possible, as the person is likely unsure about entering treatment.
  • The treatment plan must be continuously monitored and modified as required to meet the individual's needs. Different modalities are used during treatment according to the resident's needs. These include the use of short-term medications, family or vocational counseling or other instruction or medical services.
  • Each individual has multiple needs. Effective rehabilitation requires an individualized addiction treatment to a persons' drug of choice, including medical, family or social issues.
  • Length of stay varies for each individual and is important for effective treatment. Each person's drug addiction varies, along with associated medical and social issues. Therefore, it is important for a person to stay in rehab long enough to assure effective rehabilitation.
  • Multiple therapies are required for effective addiction treatment. Group and individual counseling, both cognitive and behavioral, as well as experiential treatment have been proven to be very effective drug treatment therapy programs for addiction.
  • Treatment for dual diagnosis patients must have an integrated drug treatment. Since many individuals struggling with drug addiction also have mental disorders, treatment should address both issues for maximum benefit.
  • Medical detoxification is only the first step in illicit and prescription drug treatment. Some people mistakenly believe that detox is treatment. Although detox does get the individual off the drug as a first step, it does not address the long-term needs of the person in solving the issue of drug abuse.
  • Forced addiction treatment can be as effective as voluntary treatment. Legal sanctions, such as court orders for treatment, and family or work enticements can be equally effective on the ultimate recovery process of the individual.
  • Recovery from drug addiction is a long-term process. Like chronic medical conditions, drug addicted individuals can relapse at any time. An effort should be taken in continuing the process, upon the completion of a drug rehab program. To help with long-term recovery, an effective drug treatment program should involve a local professional for after-care. In addition, since many treatment programs are based on the twelve-step program, encouragement should be given the individual to attend local AA and NA meetings, as well as constant contact with the person's sponsor.

Drug Treatment Facilities

Cirque Lodge is a private residential facility overlooking Sundance Ski resort. The Lodge is a limited enrollment facility and a private mountain retreat. Residents enjoy a high end and private facility; surrounded completely by the healing and serenity of nature. For those looking for the highest levels of a confidential alcohol and drug rehab program, the Lodge is an ideal destination. Private and shared rooms are available for both men and women residents. The Lodge has all the feel of a five start hotel or resort. However, at the heart of the facility is a highly effective and intensive program in our facility.

To accommodate a growing program an additional facility was created for those in need of addiction care. The Studio was developed to treat a larger number of residents, as well as offer a drug rehab center for those in need of extended care. The Studio became the home of day-to-day operations, and has a number of venues for individual, group and experiential therapies. Private and shared accommodations are offered for both men and women residents. The men's rooms are located on the ground floor, while women's rooms are on the top floor. The Studio derives its name from formerly being an entertainment production facility.

Both Lodge and Studio provide our residents with a private and exclusive drug treatment facility. Alcohol and drug rehab can be a difficult process. Individuals can initially struggle with the concept of being in rehab. High levels of privacy and luxury help to clear up misconceptions of addiction treatment being a form of punishment. Residents can enjoy their time here, and focus on rehabilitation efforts and getting well again. From the accommodations, to the amenities, to the gourmet culinary experience, Cirque Lodge strives to provide the finest in a private and individualized addiction treatment facility.
Cirque Lodge, Nestled in the Mountains

For a private assessment over the phone, or for answers to your questions about the Cirque Lodge drug treatment center, call a member of our admissions team for immediate assistance.

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