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Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center - Studio Tour 3

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Admission into the Cirque Lodge Studio

Prior to being admitted to Cirque Lodge, an intake assessment is completed by our admissions staff headed by Tommy O'. His staff carefully reviews the needs of each potential resident. This assures that Cirque Lodge is the right drug rehab center for each person. It also helps provide our addiction treatment staff with the information necessary to create an individualized program for each person suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction.

Getting help begins with a phone call to our admissions office. The admissions staff will take the time to answer any questions that our potential residents might have. There are important points of emphasis that the admissions office needs to cover. We would like to have an understanding of your medical history. This gives us an understanding of any medical issues. This also can determine if our drug rehab program is the best solution. The admission staff also would like to know your alcohol or drug abuse history. This information can help us gauge what level of treatment is needed or if there needs to be any detoxification.

Pre-Intake Assessment Form

The admissions staff can help with filling out the assessment form. The assessment form helps us gauge your reasoning for alcohol or drug treatment, any prior attempts at rehabilitation, and Medical Physician contact information, if we need any further medical details. It helps us understand the severity of the addiction as well any other types of trauma that may arise as a concern. The assessment form also lets you fill out in detail a substance abuse history. The Intake form is a good basic tool for us to use in laying out the possible treatment plans for the individual.

The admissions staff also gives the potential residents something they most always need, a listening ear. They have been where you are and can help you find your way to recovery. They are more than willing to listen to your problems and give you support for your many needs. Also in talking to a potential resident, admissions can lay the groundwork for an individualized drug treatment plan specific to the needs of the individual.

Private Transportation

Unmarked Transportation Vehicle When new residents arrive at the airport they are picked up in one of our private vehicles and transported either to detox or treatment. The Studio at Cirque Lodge is located a convenient 45-minute drive from the Salt Lake City International airport. We strive to maintain the utmost in dignity and privacy for our residents. Our private transportation service is just one element of our drug rehab program that reflects this commitment.

At the Studio, we understand the difficult process that occurs in overcoming an alcohol or drug addiction. That is why we have a commitment to keep every stay with us confidential. Our residents can feel comfortable and relaxed knowing they will not be bothered by any unwanted outside influences. By creating an atmosphere of privacy our residents can focus on recovery, and enjoy the experience that our drug rehab center has to offer. A strong commitment to privacy ensures every stay can be effective and worthwhile.

Help and Healing with Drug Rehab

Part of the admissions process is to make sure that our clinical staff has the information necessary to create your individualized alcohol or drug treatment program. It also is to help our clients feel welcome. We have been helping individuals with our drug rehab program for several years. It begins with treatment at our Studio facility. When treatment is completed, a care plan is created to help you or your loved one continue their recovery efforts towards long term goals.

If you or a loved one is in need of alcohol rehab or drug treatment, you have come to the right place. We take great care in making sure we provide our residents with the finest addiction treatment services available. We have a comprehensive program that we tailor for each individual to maximize their treatment stay. Certified drug addiction counselors along with experiential therapists are at the heart of providing a comprehensive and effective treatment experience, respected by many professionals as one of the best programs out there.

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