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Take a Tour of the Cirque Lodge Studio Facility

There are two main locations for Cirque Lodge: the Lodge is situated above the Sundance Ski Resort. The Studio is located near the mouth of spectacular Provo Canyon in Orem Utah. At the entrance to the Studio, which is situated on 12 secluded acres, is a beautiful iron gate creating privacy for those who enter. Within the walls of the Studio, an individualized alcoholism and drug rehab program is developed. These are to help those suffering from the disease of addiction. Gary Fisher invites you to call today with any questions you might have about our alcohol rehab or drug rehab center. We welcome you to find hope and healing in the mountains so that you may find recovery and enjoy life once again.

The Studio location of Cirque Lodge was designed to meet the ever increasing needs of those in need of addiction treatment. The Studio also provided us to have top of the line indoor facilities to help keep a resident's stay as private as it can be. In the Studio, you will find an effective drug treatment program. Take a tour with us of our fine facilities to see what we offer as a caring addiction facility.

The Rose Garden

The rose garden at the Studio represents both the beauty of life as well as struggles. The petals with their sweet fragrance and delicate colors represent beauty. The thorns represent pain and challenge. Recovering drug addicts understand the struggles of life as they seek to overcome alcoholism or drug addiction. Successful rehabilitation begins with your first step. We look forward to helping you gain sobriety and a new life of hope. The rose garden at our drug rehab center is a symbol of what life can become.

In the center of the rose garden is a beautiful iron gazebo and benches. This can be a quiet place of reflection for residents. Some residents have used this spot for reading materials from Cirque's recovery library. In the summertime, when the roses are in bloom, residents can be involved in preparing roses for the different rooms of the Studio facility. This beautiful garden provides a welcome to all who enter through its gates.

Our Private Helicopter

The Studio is also the landing place for the Cirque Lodge helicopter. The helicopter, affectionately named "The Rainbow" because of its many colors, is used to give residents a once in a lifetime spiritual experience. It flies residents to remote wilderness areas in the surrounding mountains, and is an important part of the drug treatment program. As residents begin to learn and grow in the addiction treatment program, the helicopter is an exercise for them to work the steps of recovery. These private mountain places can be spiritual venues for reflection and meditation. It can be a means to making connections to a power greater than one's own.

As residents are flown and sometimes dropped off on mountain tops, they are allowed a unique opportunity to meditate and to do a bit of hiking. Many leave promises upon the mountain for a long and sober life. The Studio at Cirque Lodge, offers the finest in experiential therapy. We use our private helicopter as an experience to provide building blocks for healing.

Other Aspects to the Studio

The Studio, comprised of over 100,000 square feet, features the world's largest indoor ropes and challenge course, as well as an indoor horse arena. The third floor dining area is designed with floor to ceiling windows that give an unobstructed view of the surrounding mountains. Our drug rehab center specializes in treating drug abuse and providing the best addiction treatment possible. This is done with an individualized program for each resident.

The Studio has a larger enrollment facility than the Lodge. Accommodations are available for both men and women residents seeking rehabilitation for alcoholism or drug addiction. Men's rooms are on the first floor. The women's accommodations are located on the third. The Studio receives its name from formerly being a place where movies and television shows were filmed. Renovations made it an ideal location for a private and exclusive drug rehabilitation venue.

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