Alcohol and Drug Rehab Staff

Cirque Lodge, Sundance Utah has an experienced team of professionals dedicated to making our alcohol and drug rehab center the ultimate in exclusive and private drug rehabilitation. Our staff's desire is to help our residents have the best experience of their lives. To that end we have assembled a team that has a wide range of life experiences and education to help each individual find success in recovery.

The Care of the Staff

One thing that sets apart Cirque Lodge as one of the finest in alcohol and drug treatment providers is our staff. Our residents are surrounded by a caring support from treatment professionals and also members of staff who are in successful recovery. Around-the-clock care helps to meet the many different needs and challenges that arise with drug rehab and addiction recovery.

Experience is also something that the staff provides in working with alcoholics / addicts in addiction treatment. From the administration, to the counseling staff, to those who work on the frontline with residents, a private and professional alcohol and drug rehab treatment is provided within a world-class facility.

Gary F.Gary Fisher.
Gary Fisher. - Executive Director

Gary Fisher is the Executive Director at Cirque Lodge. He has been involved in the behavioral health field for the past twenty years. He sits on the Board of Directors for the Utah Council for Crime Prevention, the Board of Directors for the Recovery Management Alliance, and the Board of Directors for the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. Gary is the past chair for NAATP Leadership Convention. He also serves as the President of the Cirque Lodge Foundation. The Foundation provides patient aid for clients who lack resources to secure care. He has worked tirelessly in our industry to weave the threads of collegial nature between facilities, always giving of his time, energy, and experience to help those organizations and individuals in need. Most importantly he has, and continues to serve tirelessly in his local 12-step community, carrying the message of hope to the addict and alcoholic who still suffers. In 2010 he received the Promises Foundation award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Recovery.

Email: gary@cirquelodge.com
Brittany Harris.Brittany Harris.
Brittany Harris. - Executive Vice President

Brittany Harris. is the Executive Vice President at Cirque Lodge. She began her work experience at Cirque Lodge as a lead receptionist in 1999. She took a brief hiatus in 2004 to have 3 children and came back to Cirque in 2008 to coordinate events and work with professionals. She has a deep love for this field and hopes that her passion and hard work ethic can touch the lives of those seeking solace in a life free from addiction.

Email: brittany@cirquelodge.com
Beverly R.Beverly Roesch.
Beverly Roesch., L.C.S.W. - Clinical Director

Beverly Roesch is originally from New York City where she studied at the State University of New York at New Paltz and Stony Brook. She relocated to Salt Lake City and completed her graduate work at the University Of Utah School Of Social Work. She has worked in the field of chemical dependency treatment for 25 years. Chemical dependency and residential treatment has been her passion for her entire professional career. She believes, when done well, there is nothing more transformative and powerful than residential treatment for both the chemically dependent and their families. She has family members who have suffered from chemical dependency that have been profoundly helped by residential treatment and are now in sustained recovery. She enjoys being a mentor for fledgling counselors and has taught at the Alcohol and Drug Certificate Program at the University Of Utah Graduate School Of Social Work for 15 years.

Email: bev@cirquelodge.com
Dr. Baird.Dr. Baird.
Ronald L. Baird, D.O. – Medical Director

Dr. Baird did his undergraduate training at Brigham Young University. He received a bachelors of science in biochemistry. He then worked as a chemist for Natures Way testing herbal products for their potency and active ingredients. He did his medical training in Kansas City Missouri. After completing his internship and residency he became board certified in family medicine in 1998. He has practiced the full scope of family medicine for several years, including delivering babies, pediatrics and adolescent medicine. He has a special interest in skincare and has done additional training in laser and cosmetic procedures. Dr. Baird made a career shift to addiction medicine in 2013. He joined Cirque Lodge in March 2017. In addition to the training he has received in addiction medicine, he brings with him a wide variety of skills and experience to treat all of the basic medical needs of adult patients. Dr. Baird has the ability to explain complicated medical concepts clearly and guide the patient in helping them make decisions for their medical care. Dr. Baird believes complete medical care includes physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. He believes there are definite advantages to having one medical provider know all of the medical issues affecting the individual as well as their family.

Email: drbaird@cirquelodge.com
Daryl Bullock.Daryl Bullock.
Daryl Bullock. - Senior V.P. of Referral Relations

Daryl Bullock., Senior Vice-president of Referral Relations for Cirque Lodge is from Hattiesburg MS. Daryl has been working in the field of chemical dependency since 1988, and got his start by working as a clinical assistant at Pine Grove Recovery Center. After his first year of working at the facility Daryl attended his first physician's health conference. He knew immediately that working with professionals in the field of addiction medicine would be his calling. He has since helped scores of physicians into treatment and ultimately into recovery. Over the years his titles have changed but not his passion. Most recently before taking a senior position with Cirque Lodge, he was the Executive Director of Business Development at the world famous Betty Ford Center. Today Daryl, as a member of the staff at Cirque Lodge brings his years of experience and passion to help the suffering addict/alcoholic and their respective family members get the help they need. His experience, strength, and hope, has continued to serve as beacon to those looking to build a life full of joy and fulfillment. Daryl lives in Mississippi with his wife Lisa, and their children Tyler, Corey, Mary Alice, Logan and his beloved bulldog Sam.

Email: daryl@cirquelodge.com
Keith Fierman.Keith Fierman.
Keith Fierman. - Director of Family Support and Public Relations

Keith Fierman is the Director of Family Support and Public Relations at Cirque lodge. Keith came to Cirque after years in the field as one of our country's leading interventionists. Keith currently sits on the Board of Directors for The Association of Intervention Specialists and the Board of Directors for the ADAC. Keith is a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor and Board Registered Interventionist. Keith after referring many clients to Cirque Lodge through the years retired from being an active interventionist and has taken a position with the staff that has allowed him to use his vast experience in working with families gleaned from his years in the field. "I wanted to work for a center where every employee believes they can make a difference." Keith speaks nationally and internationally about the importance of a healthy treatment experience and the role of family support in that treatment experience and recovery.

Email: kfierman@cirquelodge.com
Stephanie Fierman.Stephanie Fierman.
Stephanie Fierman. - Director of Business Development

Stephanie Fierman. is the Director of Business Development for Cirque Lodge. She has worked in the behavioral health field for 10 years. Stephanie began her career in the field after she had a family member who struggled with addiction. Helping family members through their journey into recovery became a passion for her. Prior to her career in the behavior health field, Stephanie taught special education and developed a preschool, was the Preschool Director for Temple Emanu-El Synagogue in Birmingham, Alabama. She and her husband relocated to Provo Utah where they could become a part of the Cirque Lodge family and continue to be of support for those looking to enter recovery.

Email: sfierman@cirquelodge.com
Eial Fishman.Eial Fishman.
Eial Fishman. - V.P. of Clinical Outreach / Pacific Region

Eial Fishman was born in Israel, raised in Vancouver and then spent 16 years in Manhattan prior to making Southern California his home is 1999. Eial completed the Addiction Studies and Counseling program at UCLA in 2011 and has worked in the Behavioral Health field for 5 years, most recently at Michael's House in Palm Springs, where he currently resides.

Be it the Design Rep Group he started in NYC, the theater company in Santa Barbara or his time in Real Estate Development, Eial's love of people and interest in human behavior has always fueled his professional life. As an Alumni of Cirque Lodge, Eial is excited to play a part in helping others obtain the quality, caring and supportive treatment he himself experienced at Cirque and believes that all those struggling with addiction deserve.

Email: eial@cirquelodge.com
Courtney Carroll.Courtney Carroll.
Courtney Carroll. - Director of Admissions

Courtney Carroll is the Director of Admissions at Cirque Lodge. Originally from Indiana, Courtney graduated from Ball State University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Upon graduation she moved to Salt Lake City and worked with adolescents struggling with addiction and other co-occurring issues. Courtney then moved to California where she became the Director of Admissions for the world renowned Betty Ford Center. Given her love for health care and desire to help others, she recently completed her Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration at Regis University. She has worked in the field of chemical dependency treatment for over 15 years. Courtney and her husband, John are the proud parents of two children. In her downtime, she enjoys spending time with her family and being outdoors.

Email: courtney@cirquelodge.com
Dave B.Dave Beck.
Dave Beck., C.P.A. - Director of Experiential Therapies

Dave's greatest pleasure comes from his family and his passion to have adventure in his life. This sense of adventure launched him into a career with Cirque Lodge. Dave has been with Cirque Lodge from the beginning and deems it a great honor to have witnessed the vision of Cirque become a powerful reality. Prior to Cirque, Dave was involved with an organization that facilitated life changes in people. This background helped form the experiential part of the Cirque Lodge program. It has been and continues to be a great learning experience to work with the residents that come to Cirque. To stand alongside and watch people work through the disease of addiction and reclaim that part of their soul that was lost is a great blessing in Dave's life.

Email: dave@cirquelodge.com
Starla Losee.Starla Losee.
Starla Losee. - Executive Assistant, CEO

Starla Losee. is the Executive Assistant at Cirque Lodge. Her responsibilities include interviewing and hiring new employees, state and health inspections, and licensing. She works closely with the Executive Team on the daily operations at Cirque Lodge. She started out thirteen years ago as the Lodge Coordinator. She loves working in this field and seeing the miracles that happen through the Twelve Step Program that changes the lives of addicts and families. She enjoys being in the sunshine and spending time with her husband and six children.

Email: starla@cirquelodge.com
Aaron Olson.Aaron Olson.
Aaron Olson., C.M.H.C., S.U.D.C. - Primary Addictions Counselor

Aaron Olson. is a primary Counselor at Cirque Lodge. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, he has made Utah his home for the past 18 years with the last 4 years practicing at Cirque Lodge. Prior to Cirque Lodge, Aaron was working in a mental health recovery program in Salt Lake City and developed a deep compassion for individuals struggling with both addictions and mental illness. Aaron has also worked in the fields of juvenile justice, serious and persistent mental illness, and various levels of addiction treatment. Personally, he enjoys travel, reading, and baseball.

Email: aaron@cirquelodge.com
Francine Miller.Francine Miller.
Francine Miller. A.C.M.H.C. - Primary Addictions Counselor

Francine Miller exudes energy of love, effervescence, and an intrinsic positive regard for all people. She is a published author of “Blurred Vision”, a motivational speaker in the area of family systems in regards to addiction/recovery, meditation/mindfulness practitioner, has a multiple subject degree as an educator, and currently completed her Masters Program as a Mental Health Counselor. Francine has worked in the addiction/recovery field for many years. She has a personal understanding of addiction coming from a perspective of a daughter, wife, mother, sister, and friend of those who suffering from addiction. She has done over 25 years of work in the family systems and codependent area of recovery and brings her understanding, compassion, and insight into treatment. She speaks to families whose loved ones are struggling with addiction. She speaks on topics concerning one's connection to true self, issues of abuse, codependency, family dysfunction, neglect, alcoholism, and provides insight and healing through mindful based recovery.

Email: francine@cirquelodge.com
Michael Julian.Michael Julian.
Michael Julian S.U.D.C. - Primary Addictions Counselor

Michael was born and raised in Salt Lake City area. Michael was placed into states custody at age 14 and lived in Foster Homes and Group Homes until he was 19 when he was admitted into the Clearfield Job Corps School where he obtained his G.E.D., High School Diploma, and was trained and certified by the UAW as a diesel mechanic. While living a drug addict lifestyle being addicted to Crack Cocaine and Methamphetamines, Michael worked as a mechanic for over 20 years. Michael entered into the SL County Drug Court Treatment Program on Feb. 11, 2005 and began his sobriety while attending, and graduating, the University of Utah Substance Abuse Counseling Program. Michael came to work for Cirque Lodge immediately after receiving his license on Jan. 18th, 2008. Michael has become an amazing asset to the facility as a primary counselor with over 11 years of recovery.

Email: mikey@cirquelodge.com
Wendy Haddock.Wendy Haddock.
Wendy Haddock, A.C.M.H.C. - Primary Addictions Counselor

Wendy has over 12 years of experience in substance abuse behavioral health, 10 of which were spent with adolescents in a residential behavior health facility. Wendy has a passion for empowering others in finding their true selves, mindfulness and has had extensive training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skill development. She has a heart for people who struggle with emotional dysregulation and underdeveloped life skills. Wendy recently completed her Master degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and has been a part of the Cirque clinical team since early 2016. She is originally from Wisconsin and has live in Utah for nearly 20 years and loves spending time with her large and crazy family. She and her husband have three dogs, nine children and 21 grandchildren and counting.

Email: wendy@cirquelodge.com
Brian Tease.Brian Tease.
Brian Tease - Primary Addictions Counselor

Brian Tease is a primary counselor at cirque Lodge. Originally from Philadelphia Pennsylvania for the past 27 years he has called Utah his home. The past 18 months he has been working at cirque Lodge. Prior to cirque Lodge, Brian has worked with the Salt Lake City homeless populations through Salvation Army, wanting to further his education he attended the University of Utah where he obtained his B.S in social work and substance abuse counseling, he further his education and entered into the University of Utah Masters of social work program and graduated with his MSW degree.

Email: brian@cirquelodge.com
Holly Long.Holly Long.
Holly R. Long, L.C.M.H.C. - Primary Addictions Counselor

Holly is the Men’s Clinical Lead and Primary Therapist. She completed her undergraduate study at the University of Alabama Birmingham, then went on to earn a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Harding University. She has been practicing in Utah since 2008 focusing work on family, marital, trauma, and substance use treatment. She utilizes her systemic training to support the building of a healthy and sustainable family system.

Email: holly@cirquelodge.com

Kelly Adams.Kelly Adams.
Kelly Adams A.C.M.H.C. - Primary Addictions Counselor

Kelly has been involved in the behavioral health field for the past 11 years. Kelly has been a part of the Cirque family for the past 8 years at both the Lodge and the Studio. Prior to Cirque Lodge, Kelly worked in a youth treatment center in Provo, Utah. While there, Kelly developed a compassion for individuals struggling with behavioral issues and addiction. Kelly earned his Bachelors in psychology from UVU and completed his Masters as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Kelly enjoys spending time with his wife and four children traveling, camping, and at the movies.

Email: kelly@cirquelodge.com

Nathan Ah Quin.Nathan Ah Quin.
Nathan Ah Quin - Program Coordinator

Nathan joined the Cirque family in June 2008. He first started in the behavioral health field at the age of 19, working as a peer mentor for at risk youth. During this time he discovered a passion for helping others learn how to grow and become more then they thought they could be. Nathan quickly transitioned into working as a Field Staff in a Therapeutic Wilderness Program and developed a deep appreciation for the healing powers of nature and a love for the Utah deserts and mountains. After his time with this program, he returned to work as a youth mentor where he stayed until his move to Cirque. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science/Psychology with a Minor in Geology, graduating Cum Laude and is currently working toward his Masters of Social Work degree. Nathan leads the frontline staff team at our studio location and was named the 2012 Cirque Lodge Employee of the Year.

Email: nathan@cirquelodge.com
Stacey Perko.Stacey Perko.
Stacey Perko C.S.W - Primary Addictions Counselor

Stacey is a Primary Counselor at the Studio. She earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Utah with a specialized concentration in Mental Health and Co-Occurring disorders, which include a two year SUDTC certificate. Originating from Las Vegas, Nevada, Stacey has lived in Salt Lake City, Utah for 12 years. Through her own family's struggles with chemical dependency, Stacey has developed a deep compassion for those who suffer from addiction. Stacey discovered her passion many years ago through life experiences and community work with the Salvation Army. Through the Salvation Army she had the privilege of working at the St. Mary's residential treatment center. She has also worked at the VA assisting veterans who struggle with substance abuse and mental health.

Email: stacey@cirquelodge.com

For more information about our staff, please give us a call at 1-800-582-0709.