What to Expect at Treatment

What to Expect Cirque Lodge Drug Rehab Center

  • "We're going to talk about this and then I am never going to use again?"

    While that doesn't really describe the dynamic it is a distilled description of cognitive therapy which is a major component in an alcohol or drug rehab program.

  • "What sort of therapies are involved in the treatment process?"

    The addiction treatment process at Cirque Lodge is made up of Cognitive Therapy, Experiential Therapy, Multi-systemic Family Therapy and a vigorous 12-step component. All of this in what we believe is the finest resource in addiction treatment coupled with a majestic setting.

  • "What amenities are offered at Cirque Lodge?"

    Private Room at the Lodge

    Our culinary program is excellent. It is so exceptional because if we allow a client to focus on poor food and refreshment, then it would distract from why drug and alcohol abuse is so destructively harmful. Our bed mattresses and linens are soft. Not because having thread counts gets us sober, but if we are focused on uncomfortable sleeping conditions then it would distract from why we need to go to bed sober and wake up refreshed and well to be that better husband, better wife, better parent, better sibling or that better worker. Treatment should be without the distractions!

  • "No one ever got better from any disease because someone was mean or hard on them."

    You will find at Cirque Lodge a kind, compassionate and competent staff. This again doesn't mean we don't have our boundaries or expectations for you. We are here to guide you onto the path of recovery. And while we are not here to become your best friend, that doesn't mean we can't be warm and friendly to you through this process.

  • "Isn't recovery hard work?"

    You should expect to come in and work hard. Addiction is described as an "allergy of the body and an obsession of the mind." The "obsession of the mind" is what we are working on in a residential setting while giving our body that chance to heal. Don't underestimate the power of alcoholism or drug addiction. It can be all encompassing and as good as the drug and alcohol rehab program is at Cirque Lodge, it will take you or your loved one being "all-in" to get the desired result of long term uninterrupted sobriety.

  • "What if I don't have the willpower?"

    Horses Are a Part of our Treatment Program

    "Willingness is when the pain of life becomes greater than the fear of change." Be mentally ready to make some changes. We all get to treatment because whether we will admit to it; our lives have become unmanageable in some respect. Our alcohol or drug use has risen to a point where it is exacerbating problems versus eliminating them. No matter who we are, not one of us has ever looked at a crack pipe, a joint or a bottle of booze and thought that this was going to make our problems go away. You should expect to make changes. Even the greatest alcohol and drug rehab program is of little use without an honest, open-minded and willing client.

  • "How long will I stay at rehab?"

    The Cirque Lodge continuum of care is typically designed with a 30-day period of treatment to start with. We provide different levels of care and to varying degrees as determined by individual clinical needs and priorities. Additional primary, extended, and long-term drug and alcohol treatment is available as required.

  • "Will I be left to fend for myself after rehab?"

    Completing the rehab program is merely one phase to recovery. After rehab, expect to immerse yourself in going to meetings, working with a sponsor, serving in your community and with others in recovery, and receiving further counseling. These aspects of your recovery are coordinated for you prior to leaving the safety of the drug and alcohol rehab program.

    When you go through the treatment process here at Cirque we always consider you one of ours. When you discharge from the facility and embark on the recovery process, please understand that we are always here to help. We have fully involved alumni programs. A guesting privilege allows you to return and get refocused on recovery whenever you need, as well as weekly aftercare services and meetings to keep you connected to the place where you got sober. Keep coming back, If not for yourself than for the rest of us!