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Cirque Lodge Studio Facility
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Continuing your recovery after you leave treatment is the single most important step in achieving long-term sobriety. To assist our alumni with their recovery from their drug and alcohol issues, Cirque Lodge provides the graduates of our alcohol and drug rehab center with several options for continuing care both locally and nationally. Continuing care is available in Salt Lake metro area at our Cirque Lodge Studio facility. Weekly continuing care groups are also available in the Dallas, Los Angeles and New York City areas. Beyond those groups we have access to continuing care sessions in almost every major metropolitan area in the country and abroad. Recovery is a process, not an event and continuing care is instrumental in that process of putting our alcohol, drug, and co-occurring issues in remission.

Utah Continuing Care Meetings

Alumni who reside or who relocate to the Salt Lake, Park City, and metropolitan areas can participate in the weekly continuing care sessions. Continuing care at our Studio is offered to all alumni of Cirque Lodge and is free of charge. It is held on the 3rd Floor of the Studio on Monday evenings and runs from 7:00pm-8:00pm. It is a facilitated meeting specifically for our alumni, and is conducted by one of the Cirque Lodge Staff. It is unequivocally the best way to stay connected and involved with your recovery from addiction. There is no RSVP for our Continuing Care meetings. The important issue is to get here!

Continuing Care Group - Los Angeles

2001 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 505, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Men's Group
Facilitated by Dr. Reza Nabavi, PhD
Thursdays ~ 2PM – 3:15 PM

This is a process-oriented group for men in recovery (either from chemical dependency, codependency, mental illness, or co-occurring disorders) who are experiencing difficulties in one or more of the following areas: identifying feelings, expressing emotions, men’s issues, sexuality, depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem, relationships, reaching out, family relations, etc.

Women’s Group
Facilitated by Maryam Akbar, PhD
Fridays ~ 2PM – 3:15 PM

This group is designed for women with challenges dealing with interpersonal relationships, recovery issues and life transitions. This may include individuals who are early in their recovery process, finding difficulty with career or stages of life changes and those facing marriage and family relationships challenges.

Multi-Family Group
Facilitated by Dr. Reza Nabavi and Dr. Maryam Akbar

The Multi Family process group consists of multiple families in a group setting. This type of group allows families to be able to share openly with other families in similar circumstances about the typical challenges that occur within a chemically dependent family. As a result of the social support and therapist contributions, families are able to gain greater awareness and understanding of addiction and family systems and begin to live in the solution. Through education and reflection their feelings are validated and solutions are discussed. Each participant shares at the level he or she feels comfortable.

To inquire about these groups, please contact:
Dr. Reza Nabavi, PhD (310) 295-8485
Maryam Akbar, PhD, MFT (310) 896-5643
2730 Wilshire Blvd. Ste. 600
Santa Monica, CA 90403

(Clients must commit to 6 weeks)

Stay Connected

One of the four most offered responses as to why people stay sober is that they stay connected to the facility. Either through continuing care, retreats, the alumni reunion, or just even staying in contact with the friends they made in treatment. We want the Cirque Lodge drug rehab center to be a source of support and recovery help. Cirque Lodge facilitates gatherings and dinners for alumni around the country. Information can be found on our events calendar or by just simply contacting the facility. Alumni also work as mentors for those who are returning home from treatment to help them get connected in their local areas and to help them stay connected with Cirque Lodge. We are always encouraging those who have gone through our treatment program at Cirque Lodge to participate in one of our hosted events. As we like to say, "If you can't come for yourself, come for the rest of us!"