Guesting Privilege - Family Program Participation

Helping Alumni Through Guesting Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is a process. In fact we often times say it is a process not an event. It takes time, commitment and effort. Cirque Lodge is committed to helping the alumni of our program with additional treatment assistance and care. Graduates of our addiction treatment rehab program are automatically eligible for continued help and assistance. This is by way of our Guesting Program and the ability to come back and participate in our lifetime Family Program.

The Cirque Lodge alcohol and drug rehab program consists of 30, 60, and 90 day Primary Care. We also offer extended care and referral to structured living environments. Often times after leaving residential treatment it is helpful from time to time to rekindle those thoughts and feelings we worked so diligently to obtain and one of the ways we achieve that is for our client's to come and guest. Guesting is helpful for the client returning and it is a great example for those who are in care when the resident returns to guest. It sends the message that we don't have to relapse. We can intervene on ourselves. We can get to a safe place. We can rekindle that fire of recovery. If we have a bed, you have a place. And as we like to say, "If we don't have a bed, we have a couch!" The program is available at no extra cost. The only caveat is that you don't use. You make the choice to come and guest before a relapse. It is the ultimate in preventative care in the drug and alcohol rehab industry.

Guesting Privileges

The Guesting Privilege is a chance to return to the facility and stay with us for up to 96-hours. During the 4 days of Guesting, alumni get the opportunity to refocus their efforts on a sober life. It typically occurs at the facility where you received treatment. This is a lifetime privilege for those alumni who have maintained abstinence. Again the caveat is that you haven't relapsed (used or drank). This program was originally setup to help those who were struggling with their sobriety, however as mentioned above it has been accessed usually by alumni who are doing well. It is a way to stay connected with the Cirque program and to share our experience, strength and hope with the newcomer.

The Guesting Privilege is based upon room availability, and must be approved by our clinical and admissions staff. To guest in our facility alumni must submit to a drug and alcohol screen upon admission. Once again this privilege is available for those who have remained free of drugs and alcohol. For the person who has had a relapse they still have the ability to return to the facility but that would be under the auspices of our Relapse Track.

Our goal is to give our alumni a safe environment away from the rigors of every day. A safe haven where we can get back on firm footing, recommit to our sobriety and start anew as we go back into our lives in the workaday world.

Our goal is to give our alumni a safe environment away from the rigors of the world. This safe haven can be an instrument in preventing relapse.

Unlimited Family Program Participation

An integral part of the addiction treatment program at Cirque Lodge is our Family Week. Family Week consists of multi-systemic process groups, individual sessions, experiential activities and the most outstanding lecture series in treatment today. Alumni are invited to return and participate in Family Week no matter how long after they have left the program. This gives the alumni a chance to refocus their efforts and commitments on recovery or to participate with family members who might not have been available to participate when the client was in residence. Family Week consists of 4-days (Tuesday-Friday). Research has shown that clients who participate with family members have a much better chance of achieving long-term sobriety. Again this is unlimited participation. No matter how many family members or how many family weeks; this program is available at no extra charge.

Contact Admissions for More Information

At Cirque Lodge, we want to give our residents and alumni the best possible opportunity for a successful, long-term, vibrant, recovery. The Guesting Privilege and Unlimited Family Participation are just some of the elements that help our clients accomplish this. For more information on our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, or to talk to someone about our guesting program, contact our Admissions Department at 1-800-582-0709, or e-mail us at info@cirquelodge.com.

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