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One thing we want for our Alumni to feel about the Cirque Lodge is connectedness. When you have gone through treatment here, we consider you one of ours and want to keep a relationship and connection with you through the recovery process and even beyond that. One such way to do so is through Alumni activities, gatherings and events. You can see the recaps of these events or stay in the loop on upcoming events by contacting your Alumni Director Meghan H.

The Newsletter is provided in an email format and sent out following Cirque events. There are also uplifting stories from fellow alum and news and information about Aftercare, mentoring and always info on the upcoming reunion. If you would like to be in the loop for these emails and newsletters, contact Chris to get on the mailing list.

Below are links to archived editions of the Alumni Newsletter. They are provided in a pdf format which is a standard, encryption based format across all computers, internet browsers and mobile phones. Click on the link to see that edition of Newsletter.

Alumni Director:

Meghan H.
(801) 222-9200 Ext. 169

Alumni Newsletters: