The Relapse Track

Gazebo and Roses Outside Cirque Lodge For those who have attended the residential alcohol and drug treatment program at the Cirque Lodge and continue to struggle with their sobriety, Cirque Lodge offers a short-term program to help you get back on course. The "Relapse Track" is a 10-day to 2 week program. Typically, the program occurs at the facility where the resident matriculated. That's important as the staff is familiar with our individual case and while not guaranteed, there is a very good chance the alumni would work with the Primary counselor they had during their previous treatment stay. The primary goal is to evaluate why we are struggling, determine what we need to do differently, and strengthen the continuing care plan.

The Relapse Track consists of a two week short-term program of individual, group, and experiential sessions in an effort to rekindle the fire of our recovery. There is however a great emphasis on putting together a different plan for our continuing care that addresses what was lacking in our previous attempt at sobriety. Learn more about our Relapse Track by contacting any of the talented staff in our Admissions Department. They can be reached either by e-mail at info@cirquelodge.com or by phone at (800) 582-0709