Drug Withdrawal and Detox

Drug Detox Examination

When taking an addictive drug, over time an individual can develop a physical dependence. This physical dependence can result in withdrawal symptoms that manifest themselves when these drugs are no longer in the system. The purpose of drug detoxification is to treat these symptoms when a person has decided to end their substance abuse. For those who have struggled over an extended period of time, a medical drug detox process by health care professionals is recommended.

Private, medically based detox is available at Cirque Lodge. We have assembled what we believe is among the finest in professional health care staff to oversee and attend to the needs of the patients of our facility. This is located at the Studio in Orem Utah, with medical offices, patient rooms and lounge located on the first floor. A private service is also available for the clients of our Lodge program seeking the highest levels of privacy. Our focus is to provide the same exceptional levels of comfort, compassion and services through our detoxification effort as you find within our drug rehab programs.

Drug Types and Withdrawal

Different drug types can result in different forms of withdrawal. A common misconception is that some addictive drugs don't cause withdrawal like with alcohol detox, which is not entirely accurate. Depending on the severity of addiction and substance use, a person can experience a number of physical, mental and emotional problems with any drug of abuse when it is no longer in the system. The common types of drug withdrawal are found with opiates (heroin and prescription painkillers), stimulants (cocaine and methamphetamine) and benzodiazepines (prescription depressants such as Xanax or Valium).

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Drug Detox Process

A drug detox process is widely considered to be the first step to getting help for drug addiction. In addition to dealing with the craving, it is also a caring effort to assist with the physical, emotional and mental struggles that come from no longer having the drug in the system. This can manifest itself in minor ways, such as uneasiness, sweats, aches and pains. It can also be much more intensive with illness reactions and serious mental health concerns. Medical detoxification provides monitoring and treatments to address withdrawal. In many cases effective medications are used to assist with craving, tapering off and stabilizing the patient.

Perhaps the most common question here is "how long does detox take?" The answer to this question depends on a number of factors including type of drug, age, length of abuse and how long it takes to stabilize withdrawal symptoms. Typically it can take a few days for most drugs. Stimulant withdrawal is typically one that does not require a lengthy detox. Opiate detox and withdrawal can take up to a week. Cases of benzodiazepine withdrawal have been known to last for several weeks. It is important to always seek the care of professionals when you choose to end substance abuse. Quitting "cold turkey" at home is NOT recommended as withdrawal can bring a number of severe health risks.

Treatment after Detoxification

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states "detox alone with no follow up programs is not treatment." Yes, you are off your drug of choice, but the craving is still present and the underlying reasons for drug use have not been addressed. A 2012 Johns Hopkins Study revealed that the risk of relapse after a drug detox process without treatment is between 65%-80%. With a substance use disorder an individual needs help getting these emotions and struggles under control and also needs an addiction treatment program to assist them with abstinence.

At the Cirque Lodge facility, you have the advantage of transitioning into one of the most respected and leading therapeutic drug rehab programs in the country. We focus on an individualized treatment effort for each client as well as their family members. We are committed to providing the highest levels of quality addiction care for our clients with cognitive therapies, family therapies and experiential programming. All treatment is founded on a 12-step approach, which we believe provides the most solid foundation for an abstinence based long-term recovery.

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