There is Help for Heroin Addiction

You Can get Help for Heroin Heroin use and abuse has become a growing concern and issue that can no longer be ignored. There have been an ever increasing number of cases and even spikes in overdose deaths in many parts of the United States. What has been brought to light is a very real concern surrounding the seeking, use and abuse of this illicit drug. Stories are coming out every day about individuals with prescription drug problems turning to the cheaper street drug to get high. We just want you to know that it isn't hopeless. There is help for heroin addiction. We offer a caring and compassionate drug rehab program within a private mountain facility

Get beyond the Myths

Each and every day another addiction treatment program or facility opens its doors to assist individuals who are struggling. And still, the numbers reflect that just a small percentage of heroin addicts get admitted into treatment. Part of this has to do with the stigma and many myths people have about substance use disorders and treatment programs. People cannot improve their situations without getting beyond these myths. Here are some common ones:
  • Heroin addiction is a choice
  • For treatment to be effective, the person has got to want to get better.
  • A person should hit rock bottom before they should seek help.
  • So-and-so went to treatment and it didn't work for them, so it won't work for me.
  • My heroin use is just a problem of willpower. I can stop when I want to.

These are very dangerous and risky modes of thinking. In reality they could not be further from the truth. Early detection, intervention and treatment are more effective. Hitting bottom with heroin runs life threatening risks like overdose. Whether you or someone you love is struggling each day with seeking and using heroin, get beyond the myths and get help.

Treatment Approach

There are many different approaches to treating individuals faced with struggles involving heroin. One of the more effective approaches is through behavioral therapies. We utilize a personalized treatment with individual therapy sessions focused on a cognitive and behavioral approach. It can be used to determine underlying reasons behind the heroin abuse, including undiagnosed mental health disorders. A great number of educational, supportive and even family efforts are utilized to arrest the addictions and to provide skills of recovery.

Where we differ in our approach other facilities is that we believe treatment has got to be fun, attractive and an enjoyable experience. No one has ever gotten better by yelling, intimidation or shame. So part of our program is devoted to uplifting activity. These are things that help to restore joy, positive thinking and hope for a better life. We have an experiential program with daily activities to engage and inspire. When coupled with the clinical piece it provides one of the most effective approaches that we know of.

Like all forms of addiction, heroin is a chronic condition and studies have shown that it does have a much higher possibility of relapse. Treatment is also a time to create and make preparations for a long-term recovery effort. We are a 12-step based rehabilitation program. We take particular care in introducing and teaching these concepts. After one leaves treatment it oftentimes comes down to working these steps and continuing the process to keep us from relapse. We also focus on abstinence based recovery, which means our program is not one centered on replacement medications commonly prescribed for heroin / opiate addiction.

"You Can Always Come Back."

For individuals and families who are faced with drug addiction and relapse, we want you to always understand this, you can return to Cirque when you need it. We host weekly aftercare meetings to keep alumni connected. A lifetime guesting privilege allows those who have remain sober to return anytime they need it free of charge to refocus. For those individuals who have relapsed, we offer a two week program to get you back on track. You can always find help for an addiction to heroin here in the serenity of the mountains. Whether you are seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, or are alumni looking for help with relapse, we encourage you to contact our admissions department for help. 1-800-582-0709.