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Chances are you have come to this page because you have a loved one who is struggling with alcohol or with abusing drugs. As much as you love them, the burdens and worries take their toll. You feel helpless and a hostage to the abuse. We are here to say it doesn't have to be this way. People and families are healing every day! At Cirque Lodge, we can help with answers, resources and most importantly treatment. We are the preeminent family owned, family based alcohol and drug rehab treatment facility in our nation. Our whole mission has been dedicated to providing healing and recovery, not only to the alcoholic/addict who is suffering but to the loved ones that make up the family system who are suffering as well. It is our hope that the resources supplied on this page will get your family headed in the right direction. Remember, nothing changes, if nothing changes!

We understand that you have questions on what to do next. Ask them! We get questions every day and the only ones we can't answer are the ones that are never posed. A member of our staff is always available to take your call at 1-800-582-0709. General questions can also be sent by email to info@cirquelodge.com.

A Program Developed For Families

If your loved one is a resident at Cirque Lodge, we encourage you to make every effort to be a part of our Family Week Program. Imagine an intensive alcohol and drug rehab program developed specifically for the well-being of the family! We feel it is the signature program in our entire addiction treatment experience. It is so foundational to our program that we set aside 4-days every three weeks of our treatment schedule and dedicate it to the family. Family Week provides you with the education and the skills you will need to support your loved one and yourself through the recovery process. It will help you better understand the nature of chemical dependency and the stress that it puts on families. Oftentimes we are asked what to do when attendance at Family Week isn't possible? If this is the case, be assured that you are always welcome to attend. Even after your loved one is discharged from the residential addiction treatment program, family week is available. We know of no other alcohol and drug rehab facility that offers such a promise to the family of their clients. Please be sure to check our Family Week schedule for the upcoming program, as well as an itinerary of workshops and process groups.

Al-anon or Nar-anon

Cirque Lodge Offers a Program for Families Cirque Lodge offers a weekly Al-anon meeting onsite in our facilities. The big book of Alcoholics Anonymous says "there is a certain sense of security in the familiar." We believe that regular meetings regularly, are a key component to staying sober. The same can be said for the family, "Regular meetings regularly." We find if the family much like the client will be more successful by familiarizing themselves with meetings while they are participating in family week. "We won't do it out there, if we don't do it in here."

Al-anon Family groups provide a supportive network for the friends and loved ones of alcoholics. Nar-anon is a similar fellowship for loved ones battling drug addiction. For adolescent children, many family groups provide an Alateen program. By attending these meetings you can better learn about alcoholism and drug addiction and how to support your loved one in recovery. Alanon.org or Nar-anon.org are excellent resources to find out more about these programs and regular meetings in your area.

Other Resources

We have also prepared for family additional resources they can read through to help them better understand their loved one's struggle. For those who are not quite sure if their loved one is addicted, it may benefit you have a better understanding of the signs of drug addiction. You can also find answers to a number of general treatment questions with our Admissions FAQ page. There is help and there are answers.

The reason Cirque Lodge is so passionate about what we do here in our alcohol and drug rehab facility is because many of us have walked a similar road. We know what it feels like to be alone and afraid, and also what is feels like to be at the end of a rope and exhausted by the challenges of addiction. We look forward to helping you and your loved one. Even if you feel that Cirque is not the place, still call. Your loved one's recovery is what is important to us. Let us use our professional experience and associations to find you a solution.