6 Methods for Daily Focus on Recovery

Having A Daily Focus
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Whether you are freshly out of alcohol or drug rehab, or have been attending AA Meetings as a means to getting sober, your recovery must be central in your life. It is when focus is lost, or the stresses of life begin to takeover, when relapse begins to creep in. In conjunction to recovery meetings and working with therapists and counseling, there is prep work the individual can do each and every day that can greatly assist them in the recovery process. This preparation can be done in the morning and evening, or throughout the day as needed to continue the efforts of sobriety. Here are six preparation methods/exercises to assist you after drug addiction treatment. Likewise, you can share what you do to help to prepare yourself for daily sober goals.
  1. Take the Time to Do It - The stresses and struggles of life can be very taxing on your time. If your recovery is a central part of your life you will take the time to prepare each day for the day. Taking this opportunity can prepare you for stresses that arise and possible triggers that can show up. Just like many of the habits that are developed through daily routine, taking the time to prepare each day for your recovery can become second-nature.

  2. Prepare with Media (READING) - The Second Suggestion I originally had as "Reading", particularly Big Book study. However, there are many recovery resources, books and media that can help you as you plan and review your day. Online audio resources are out there in the form of recovery podcasts, workshops and video blogs that can help you focus. So, there is much more than just studying the Big Book and reading to help you focus and prepare for the day. This is where suggestion #1 comes back into play. Take the time to do it.

  3. Meditate/ Breathe /Pray - As you do your step work, there are many opportunities to pray and to meditate as you improve on your life. This preparation can be used throughout the day to help you get focused back on recovery. You can start the day with meditation or prayer to get you ready. When you are presented with stresses and have resentments during the day, a little time spent focusing on your breath or praying for strength can be quite beneficial. At the end of the day, you can also take the time to do this to help you wind down.

  4. Exercise - Is always a positive, even to those in recovery. It can also be foundational to your prep work on daily recovery goals. Getting up in the morning and going for a run, or to the gym, requires a commitment, similar to a commitment to sobriety in some ways.

  5. Prepare for Service Opportunities - In recovery work, there are many opportunities to serve. When you prepare for such opportunities, you can be more sensitive to them when and wherever they occur. This service provides just so many positives as you work at your recovery. Whether it is in your home, work, or on a 12th step call, the opportunities will present themselves. By being prepared you can take full advantage.

  6. Write and Reflect - Some individuals can benefit from taking the time to write down their feelings and occurrences during the day. These things can be reflected upon over time to help the person with different problems or experiences that can occur throughout the recovery process. In this day and age of social networking your therapeutic writing can be a medium for helping others if you so choose. It can be used for a recovery blog, or similar outreach to help others. It is up to you.

There are many other ways you as an individual in recovery can do your prep work for dealing with the daily struggles and triggers that come in sobriety. We encourage you to share the things that you do in your own personal preparation.