10 Approaches of Drug Rehab

Studio Rehabilitation Facility We strive to provide an effective and inspirational addiction treatment program, within a comfortable and caring facility. The issues of alcoholism and drug addiction are quite complex and can require different levels of care to properly be treated. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that: "Effective treatment programs typically incorporate many components, each directed to a particular aspect of the illness and its consequences." (DrugFacts: Treatment Approaches to Drug Addiction). This post takes a look at 10 different approaches of drug rehab we offer at Cirque Lodge and how we strive to treat the suffering individual.
  1. Counseling: Counseling is a fundamental aspect to most addiction and drug treatments. Our counselors are professionally licensed and are among the best! Different behavioral therapies and groups are offered to residents. Individual counseling helps to address the personal struggles of addiction. This is coupled with group sessions, as well as family sessions during our Family Program.
  2. Dual Diagnosis: Many individuals who struggle with drugs and alcohol also have other forms of mental health disorder. We offer dual diagnosis for residents. This brings attention, care and solutions for co-occurring mental health problems that can be present. Sometimes, the individual is not aware they have such a condition. It has either been masked by the self-medication, or has been created over an extended period of substance abuse. These serious concerns are properly diagnosed and cared for when you come to us for treatment. This is done both through counseling care and also through medications when appropriate.
  3. Personalized Treatment Planning: Each individual who comes to us is unique. The program must be able to adapt to each resident and supply them with the care they stand in need of. To do this, addiction treatment planning is personalized to help the individual. It is a plan that is continually changing as the individual continues to process and progress through the program. Residents work personally with their counselor during their comfortable stay. This primary counselor oversees the treatment plan and works with the clinical team to offer the best approaches to care for the resident.
  4. 12-step Program: We are founded on the 12-step program. Part of the treatment experience is to get the struggling alcoholic / addict entrenched in this modality and focused on their recovery process. One of the unique aspects to our experience is how we combine the efforts of 12-step recovery with the clinical models of behavioral care. This has in part to do with the balance of clinical and experimental aspects, but also the efforts of our staff in recovery working with clients throughout their stay.Experiential Ropes Course Activity
  5. Experiential Therapy: In addition to the clinical aspects of addiction treatment, we incorporate daily experiential therapy to involve the residents. This gives the resident hands on opportunities to apply what they are learning. It is done through engaging and unique means. Our location in the mountains is ideal for this kind of work. Residents have opportunities to get out into the surround of nature and to apply step-work and to meditate. We do this as we go hiking, biking, climbing, fishing, gardening and snow shoeing. Residents also work with horses and have different challenges through an experiential ropes course. All of these activities have purpose to them and offer the vital lessons and tools needed for long-term recovery.
  6. Support Groups: Both the Lodge and Studio facility function as different communities. These communities provide a strong foundation of support for one another as they work on recovery. Throughout each day, the communities of men and women residents get together for different group programs and meetings. These groups are used to help educate individuals on different aspects of the disease of addiction, and also on different focuses of the recovery effort. This type of work helps them to engage one another and to develop a support system. Community comes not only from the residents, but also the efforts and involvement of the treatment staff of the facility.
  7. Fitness and Nutrition: Rehabilitation is care for the body, mind and spirit. We offer very much an active treatment program. With experiential therapy, residents have a chance at some physical activity, but there are also opportunities and facilities to exercise if the client desires. Addiction can have very negative effects on the physical wellbeing of the individual. When coupled with a well-balanced nutrition program, physical recovery from addiction can be obtained. Studies have also shown that exercise is a useful tool in the recovery process after someone leaves the care of the treatment facility.
  8. Serenity Prayer Concludes a Meeting Family Program: Alcoholism and addiction are a family concern. As sad as it may be, a lot of times the abuse of drugs or alcohol can be tied to various problems that can stem from within the home. Our program involves a Family Program for residents. They are encouraged to invite their close loved ones to participate in this educational and therapeutic program. Family Week is four days of involved workshops, groups and family counseling. This can be a difficult process, but has shown to be quite foundational in the recovery of our residents. We feel in the regard of family involvement it is a crucial part of recovery. We also feel that we do not have an equal in our industry when it comes to this level of family care.
  9. Spiritual Program: The 12-steps are spiritually based and Cirque is very much a spiritual program. Through the use of experiential therapy, we try to give individuals opportunities to obtain a vital spiritual experience while here in the mountains. When addiction treatment is completed, the recovery process is oftentimes continued through the anonymous communities of the 12-step program. Cirque Lodge strives to give residents a solid spiritual foundation for continuing this effort.
  10. Alumni Help: Recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction is a process. A lot of times it can take more than one alcohol or drug rehab stay to address the problem. We have programs in place for alumni to help them with recovery. If a former resident is in need of further care or a refresher, they can return to the facility and Guest with us for a few days. For those who have relapsed, we offer a relapse track program to help them get back on course and reevaluate their efforts of aftercare and recovery.