10 Benefits of Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol Treatment has a Number of Benefits

If you have come to a point in your life when you feel you need to get help for drinking. The next step is most likely an alcohol rehabilitation program. Whether you or your loved is dealing with problem drinking or an alcohol use disorder, getting treatment for your problem is the place you need to start. It can even show you how to get your life back! Below we take a look at 10 benefits of admitting into an alcohol treatment program, more specifically a residential rehab facility. For immediate help we encourage you to call us directly at 1-800-582-0709.

  1. A Safe Environment to Heal

    One of the most basic yet essential benefits to a residential alcohol program is the safety of the controlled environment. Out in the world and in the chaos of life it can be difficult to maintain your focus with all the distraction. What rehab does is eliminates (to the best of our ability) this distraction. Our caring treatment facilities are private in addition and restrict any unwanted outside influences. It's an environment where you can feel comfortable and safe. It is a place where you can focus on healing and recovery.

  2. Medical Help / Detoxification Services

    With heavy alcohol use and dependence one of the negative side effects is withdrawal. That's why it is not recommended prior to treatment to try and quit "cold turkey." Withdrawal symptoms require medical attention in some cases. The first part of any alcohol rehab program will be alcohol-specific detoxification. This provides you or your loved one with the medical attention needed for addiction withdrawal. We strive to make this process as comfortable as possible from one of the finest medical teams available in residential treatment.

  3. Learning

    From day one of rehab you will be learning something. In fact, rare is the day in treatment when you aren't learning about alcoholism, what it is, how to overcome it and skills to stay sober. The good part, it's not always in a classroom setting. It is done through a series of workshops, personal sessions and even through fun activity. When you leave treatment you will have a much greater understanding and perspective on why you drink, and better yet what you need to do to avoid relapse.

  4. Personal Treatments and Therapies

    A drinking problem is a much broader and internal struggle than you think. It goes ever so much deeper than craving and use. It is a personal struggle impacting each individual in a completely different way. To this end, an effective alcohol rehab program needs to personalize its treatments to be sensitive to the individual and their area of need. Individual therapies are the place for dealing with the internal struggles and the reasons why we self-medicate with alcohol. Effective therapy also changes with you over time. As you learn, heal and recover the approaches of the individualized program change with you.

  5. Wellness - Recovery for the Entire Person

    Meditation Wellness Activity

    Treatment for alcoholism also involves approaches to improve your personal wellness. Alcohol use problems impact the entire person, body, mind and spirit. Therapeutic and holistic approaches to recovery provide you with a well-rounded program, giving you physical, emotional and spiritual outlets to improve. At Cirque we involve our clients in an experiential program, tapping into nature as a venue for healing and spiritual growth. The program may also involve exercise, yoga, meditation, community service projects, massage therapy and expressive therapies to promote wellness in recovery.

  6. Relapse Prevention / Coping Strategies

    An alcohol use disorder is not without their struggles. As a disorder or "disease" the nature of alcoholism is one where relapse is very high. A benefit of an alcohol treatment program is the professional approaches used to teach relapse prevention and coping strategies. A 12-step based program will center on the principles of A.A. and involvement in regular meetings as a strategy. Perhaps the most essential piece to this is if we have a slip-up, we know what to do to get ourselves back under control.

  7. Peer Support

    In spite of what your brain and "stinking thinking" may lead you to believe, you are not alone in your alcohol struggles. When you come to treatment you are surrounded by many others, all with the same common goal, to recover and be free from addictions. It is built on peer support. You will be a part of support groups during this time. It can develop into strong bonds to the people and the place where you got sober. This support also extends beyond treatment, through community and self-help programs and in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous.

  8. Family Support

    Our drinking struggles are a family struggle. Even though we may not recognize it, our drinking and our behaviors and actions affect our loved ones. In alcohol rehab is where we have the chance to work on these things as a family. For clients of Cirque Lodge, we offer a family program, with treatments and therapies centered on the family in recovery. After treatment, family support and boundaries can be the very thing that keeps us going. And it is through the efforts of family treatment, therapies and by going to Al-anon where our loved ones learn how to take on this role.

  9. Aftercare

    What does one do after treatment? The simple answer is to continue to work our program. It is so much more than this. Most alcohol rehab programs will lay out the guide map for early recovery. This is often referred to as aftercare. Here at Cirque we call it 'continuing care.'  You are continuing what you started in treatment through effective channels of recovery programs. Central to this is further involvement in Alcoholics Anonymous and working with a sponsor.  Just like with treatment, the continuing care plan is tailored to meet your specific recovery needs.

  10. Alumni Support

    The previous benefits are somewhat general to most alcohol programs. The benefits of alumni support are for those who are treated here at the Cirque Lodge facilities. When you come to us for care, we always consider you one of ours. We provide an active alumni program and supportive involvement throughout the year. For those who stay closer to the Lodge and Studio, you are welcome to attend daily 12-step meetings and weekly alumni meetings. We have a guesting privilege in place for all alumni. You are always welcome to return and guest with us free of charge, based on guesting criteria. Staying connected to the place where we got sober is one of those tools in our arsenal of long-term recovery. Through our alumni programs this is made possible.

The Biggest Benefit

The biggest benefit to alcohol treatment is the change it provides in lives. Through drinking, folks get on a destructive path that claims many lives each day. Rehab can save your life! Look no further then to the millions of folks out there who have recovered from alcohol. You can too! It all starts with making that call to get help.

To start, please call us here at 1-800-582-0709. Through this call you can learn much more about the benefits of our program and facility. You will be put in touch with a member of our staff who will answer all your questions. We can provide assessment right over the phone and can even verify if your insurance provides coverage for any/all your detox and alcohol rehabilitation costs.