Does My Loved One Need Drug Rehab? - Assessment Test

This short questionnaire was created to help individuals determine if their loved one has a problem with addiction, or needs drug rehabilitation and should seek treatment. These questions were developed from self-assessments of addiction and tailored with questions to help family members with indications of drug abuse. This Assessment is NO substitute for a more thorough assessment by a qualified addiction professional or drug rehab provider. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability.

1. Have you ever seen your loved one use drugs for reasons other than medical purposes?

2. When using prescription drugs, does your loved one take more than the indicated dosage recommendations, or require abnormally frequent refills of medications?

3. Does your loved one often need money and you are not sure for what purposes?

4. Have you ever found drugs and/or paraphernalia related to drug use in your home?

5. Have you witnessed a radical change in your loved one's behavior and appearance that you feel is related to drug use?

6. Have you noticed a change in friends, interests and activities in your loved one that have you concerned?

7. Have you criticized or gotten into arguments with your loved one about their use / abuse of drugs?

8. Has your loved one ever been arrested for reasons related to drugs?

9. Have you ever had to make excuses for work or school to cover up your loved ones drug use / abuse?

10. Has your loved one had medical complications as a result of drug use / abuse?