Choosing the Right Alcohol Rehab Program

Woman Talking to an Alcohol Rehab Program It can be difficult in choosing the right alcohol rehab program for you or your loved one. With the number of providers that are out there, it can be hard to know what you are looking for. This page takes a look at three effective elements that are needed in treatment for alcoholism. Cirque Lodge is a leading rehab facility in Sundance Utah. We offer a program that provides these three elements and much more. For specific answers to your questions, we encourage you to call 1-800-582-0709.

The most important decision to make when it comes to choosing a rehab center is whether they meet specific needs. Some treatment centers are inpatient and residential facilities, while others may just provide outpatient help throughout the week. It depends on the alcoholic's needs. Most times, they need the controlled environment of an inpatient alcohol facility to overcome their addiction. However, the physical demands of a financial situation may require an outpatient program. Another emphasis is choosing between a 12-step and non-12-step program. 12-step programs are spiritually based and focus on the traditional disease concept of addiction. People who struggle with these concepts may feel more comfortable in a non-12-step environment. Our program is based upon the 12-step modality with an integration of effective clinical treatments and dual diagnosis.

Personalized Care

One element to an effective alcohol rehab is personalized care. Alcoholism and its struggles can be very personal and emotional in nature. Rehabilitation should be personalized for each individual to provide them with their area of need. In some treatment facilities, personalized care is not as effective. You have one counselor/therapist working with a larger group of people at once. Personal counseling sessions may only occur a few times during the treatment. More effective programs provide regular sessions during treatment with a licensed addiction professional.

A personalized approach is what we are founded on here at Cirque Lodge. Each resident is professionally assessed and a treatment plan is developed based on individual needs. Each resident is assigned a masters-level addiction counselor when they are admitted into the program. This licensed counselor provides multiple one-on-one sessions each week with the resident. Throughout the treatment stay, the program is continually tailored to meet the personal needs of the resident. Our clinical team meets each day to discuss personal progresses of each resident, as well as ways to help them through the alcohol treatment process.

Not Just One Mode of Alcohol Treatment

A principle of effective treatment for alcohol struggles is that it takes many forms, styles and interventions. Some greatly benefit from traditional forms of alcohol detox and rehabilitation, while others may not. Rehabilitation has to offer many types of treatment elements. This array can cover the varying needs of those seeking the help. As individuals progress through the recovery process, different forms of treatment can benefit them. Personalized treatment is a start to meeting this need, but other programming is also needed to teach coping strategies and provide thorough support.

We offer an array of treatment elements and alcohol recovery programs. This is all based on the personalized approach of the individual. In addition to one-on-one care, the treatment day is filled with group programs, a family element and even experiential activities. As residents continue to progress in recovery, additional social programs and 12-step meetings become a part of their treatment plan. There is no one set way to treat alcoholism. By offering a bevy of program options, we work to meet the individual needs of the recovering alcoholic.

A different element in our center is our experiential program. In addition to traditional treatments and intensive therapies, we use experiential learning activities as a part of an alcohol addiction program. Experiential activities teach appropriate coping strategies for the recovery process. It also provides inspirations for internal changes. Nature is used as a part of our experiential piece. Residents have a chance get out on the mountain and enjoy the peace and serenity that is found in nature. It is truly a powerful element to our recovery experience.

Measures for Relapse Prevention

Another element to choosing the right alcohol rehabilitation program is the measures taken for relapse prevention. Alcoholism takes time to recover from. Even after rehab is completed, the impulses to drink are still a struggle to deal with. Most treatment programs will offer elements to help with the recovery process. This can come in the forms of additional treatment elements, a sober living house, and involvement in a 12-step fellowship or similar recovery group programs. When followed, these elements of relapse prevention can be influential in maintaining sobriety and overcoming the impulses to drink.

Upon completion of our program, each resident is prescribed a Continuing Care Plan. This consists of a number of recovery elements and programs. The resident works with aftercare in developing the right Continuing Care Plan for them. We also offer additional help elements of relapse prevention as well. A Guesting Privilege allows Cirque alumni to return to the facility for up to 72 hours of treatment without charge. Each week, aftercare hosts recovery meetings for residents who are local to the facility. Also throughout the year, Alumni gatherings are hosted to help alumni stay in touch with the facility, as well as each other.

There are many things that go into an effective alcohol rehab program. One should look into each provider and find what bests suits the needs of the alcoholic. We strive to make addiction treatment a life changing experience. This is done from a level of intense treatments and the more enjoyable aspects of the Cirque Lodge experience. For more information or help for yourself or a loved one, call us at 1-800-582-0709.