Rehab Experience

Positive Rehab Experiences at Cirque With Cirque Lodge you have an amazing venue, and in our estimation, the finest drug rehab experience offered today. Creating a positive atmosphere and caring environment for residents is something that we work at each and every day. People when they come to addiction treatment can be in very critical stages of life. They can be coming from difficult places and situations and entering into treatment can seem quite a shock. With us, you have a venue committed to a positive atmosphere, safety, dignity and most importantly a place for healing. We want to give those in the depths of addiction a place of hope, a safe haven from the struggles of a challenging disease.

We want the treatment experience of each client to be the time of their lives. If recovery and sobriety is something that they can envision in themselves, it can become a reality. We do this through not only the most compassionate and competent forms of cognitive therapies, but also through experiential programming and a solid recovery-oriented 12-step foundation. The focus being those positive experiences needed to change the way of thinking, to remove the doubt and despair and inspire hope. So whether it's through therapy, or family program, or out having a hike on the mountain, we aim to give those struggling through addictions the experience that hopefully impacts and changes their lives.

A Positive Experience in Drug Rehab

How could you not have a positive experience in such an amazing place? Our private addiction treatment facilities are nestled in these beautiful mountains. The facilities reflect fine and comfortable living in a private atmosphere. Our rooms feature comfortable beds, nice furnishings and down duvets. The food is comparable to fine dining establishments. We wish to take away any negatives by making it an experience to draw from and inspire. Overcoming a drug addiction is difficult onto itself, the general feeling of the drug rehab program shouldn't be.

We provide individual, group and family therapies to clients. To enhance the experience we introduce a number of indoor and outdoor activities to the fray. We are the preeminent drug treatment providers employing experiential therapies. A lot of these experiences take place out on the mountain, surrounded by the forests, waterfalls and rivers of our unique location. Lessons of recovery and a higher power can take on a much deeper meaning out in the serenity of nature. When we first started, experiential therapy was not something that was commonplace in treating addictions. We made it a central part to our recovery piece. These days many more treatment facilities have incorporated this approach to helping individuals arrest their addictions.

Through nice facilities and fun experiential activities we strive to provide a positive experience. But, let's not mistake nice for easy. It is very much about the addiction treatment at our facility. Residents are professionally treated by their own licensed treatment counselor. A plan is developed to most effectively meet their needs through cognitive behavioral therapies and through building a positive 12-step foundation for recovery. One of our professional strengths is the integration of a clinical drug rehab program with the modality of 12-step recovery. It is unlike any other treatment experience in that regard.

Care of the Cirque Lodge Staff

The experience would not be what it is without the effort and care of our staff. Residents are surrounded by helpful staff members during their treatment stay. Staff helps out in many capacities. Clinical staff works individually with clients, offering counseling and therapies. Line staff works to ensure the individual needs are being met and taken care of. Experiential staff plan out activities and provide residents with experiences that can enhance their lives. It is the staff that works tirelessly to provide care and support beyond expectation.

Many of our staff has been in a similar experience. We have been through alcohol and drug treatment and are working on our own recovery program. We have an understanding of this, how difficult it can be, and more importantly the joys of a sober productive life. We have chosen this field as a means to sharing our own experiences of strength and hope to help others achieve the same. That is what you have in our exclusive recovery center, a compassionate and dedicated staff willing to offer our best for yourself or loved one.

Private Accommodations at the Lodge

Vital Spiritual Rehab Experience

Our drug rehabilitation effort is founded on the 12-steps. We feel that recovery is as much spiritual change as it is anything else. To this end, we as a treatment provider seek to offer residents their own opportunity at vital spiritual experiences. In the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, respected psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung described such experiences as a "huge emotional displacement". The guiding forces of seeking and using drugs are "suddenly cast to one side" where a "new set of conceptions and motives begin to dominate them" (pg. 27 There is a Solution). Through a caring drug rehab and recovery program we seek to guide the struggling alcoholic or addict to achieve such solutions as a foundation for their sobriety.

We have such a dynamic program here at the Cirque Lodge that a vital spiritual change can form in literally any aspect of the experience. It can be gained through individual therapy sessions with a counselor, family sessions during Family Week, or even at a 12-step meeting. They can be had with experiential therapy out on the mountain as one comes to learn of a power greater than their own. Regardless of where it happens, we are dedicated to providing these opportunities to our residents.

We encourage you to learn more about us by calling our admissions department today at 1-800-582-0709. They look forward to talking to you and are ready for your questions.