Rehab Guide: Surviving Drug Rehabilitation

Drug Rehabilitation Survival Guide The decision to get treatment for alcohol or drug addiction is not an easy one to make. For some of us, the decision isn't ours. Our behavior or lifestyle has made the decision for us and legal, employment and family problems begin to accumulate. Now you're here and looking into information about alcohol or drug rehab programs. First thing you must understand is that addiction treatment is here to HELP you. It isn't a punishment for your behavior. It's a program to get you back. You can stop drinking and using!

This Rehabilitation Guide is a general explanation to help you prepare, undertake and benefit from an alcohol or drug rehab process. While the treatment staff at Cirque Lodge will do all they can to help with alcohol and drug rehab, a good portion of the effort and commitments to recovery still rest in you, the individual getting treatment. This Rehabilitation guide will discuss a number of general ways that you can do this in body, mind and spirit in preparing for rehab. You don't have to live a life centered on drugs and alcohol. You can recover from your addictions!

An Open Mind - One thing that we ask, and can greatly benefit anyone going through treatment for addiction, is that you come with an open mind. Be ready to learn new things through self-discovery and through challenge. It can mean giving up many old habits and embracing new ones, but these changes can be ones that save your life! With an open mind you can come to terms with your disease and with the concepts of living a sober life.

If You're Still Looking for Treatment

If you're still looking for a residential treatment facility for yourself or a loved one, by all means call us at the Cirque Lodge today. We are considered one of the finest and most effective drug rehabs available. You will find a caring and comfortable facility and one the very best staffs of treatment professionals found in our industry. We provide assessment right over the phone. Contact us today at 1-800-582-0709 or information@cirquelodge.com.

Table of Contents

This Rehabilitation Guide is broken down into sections. It provides tips and information on how to get prepared for a rehab and what to do prior to treatment, what to do while in treatment and advice on post rehabilitation efforts. You can jump to your area of interest by clicking the appropriate link in the Table of Contents. It is our hope that this advice is what you are looking for.

  1. Pre-Admission Preparation
    1. 1. Physical Preparation
    2. 2. Mental & Spiritual Preparation
  2. Rehabilitation and Recovery
    1. 3. Treatment and Recovery Goals
    2. 4. Do's & Don'ts in a Rehab Center
  3. Post Rehabilitation Effort
    1. 5. Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms
    2. 5-4. Recovery Meetings & Finding a Sponsor
    3. 6. Sober Fun in Recovery Process
  4. Conclusion

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