Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction treatment is a field of care that is perpetually developing and improving as science teaches more about the brain and behaviors behind substance abuse and alcoholism. This page takes a look at different types of addictions and some treatment programs offered at the Cirque Lodge in Sundance and Orem Utah.

Our innovative and unique drug and alcohol treatment program is designed to meet the early needs and issues faced by those suffering from addiction, as we begin our road to recovery. Alcohol and drug rehab services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, licensed professionals, certified counselors, nutritionists and others with extensive experience in treatment. In a primary setting care consists of an initial 30-day program of personalized recovery services and caring therapies. "Everything for a reason" The foundation for all our activities is based on the objective of arresting this terrible malady of substance abuse and alcoholism. Based on addiction types, we use therapy, education and movement to provide the needed skill set for early recovery. Our therapeutic addiction treatment programs are made up of individual counseling, dual diagnosis, group therapy, experiential therapy, psychoeducational lectures, Family and marital sessions and a vigorous 12-step experience. Our treatment schedule provides a daily breakdown of what to expect.

Effective Treatment Programs

In this section we will take a look at types of addictions and many of the common treatment programs that help with a specific addiction. Effective approaches to a treatment center are based on a number of caring modalities. In this disease of individuals, different levels of intervention and therapy based upon a critical assessment can help address personal struggles upon a personal level. Below are some brief descriptions of the approaches used within our addiction treatment programs.

Meditation in Alcohol Rehab

While there is stigma surrounding alcoholism, societal acceptance and the need for treatment for drinking problems, we are committed to providing the most caring and professional alcohol rehabilitation program available for individuals and families. Learn More
Drug Rehab Can Help you Get your Life Back

With a drug addiction and dependence an individual can lose their jobs, their family and sadly their vibrancy for life. Through drug rehabilitation they can get it back. That is what we strive to do, provide the inspiration and drug addiction treatment needed to recover. Learn More
Dual Diagnosis for Mood Disorders

The most critical portion of an effective addiction treatment program other than the therapy itself is the assessment process. Properly determining and diagnosing any secondary co-occurring disorders or mental health concerns. Learn More
Checking Blood Pressure in Detox

The detox process is the preliminary step to get you healthy and your life back from drug or alcohol withdrawal. We are committed to helping you through this process with a private, medically supervised detoxification service at our facility. Learn More
12-step Meeting

It is the integration of clinical modalities with the 12-step program that has helped many of our residents and alumni find long-term, successful recovery. We take pride in being one of the leading 12-step based addiction treatment facilities today. Learn More
Addiction Treatment Specifically for Women

According to studies, experience and research, women can face many more issues when it comes to alcohol and drug addiction. We provide individualized and specific addiction treatment for women in our program. Learn More
Cognitive Therapy Session

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has long been considered the evidenced based remedy for people with alcoholism and drug addictions. It also has proven effective for individuals co-occurring psychiatric and mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety. Learn More
Experiential Activities

To enhance our cognitive and 12-step work, we incorporate a number of unique indoor and outdoor activities. This is known as experiential therapy. It is a holistic and strategic approach to create and anchor essential recovery skills to clients through physiological activity. Learn More
Prescription Drug Addiction and Care

Medications for the right reasons are miracles! In addiction treatment, they are used to curb cravings, and also used to help with mental health issues. For the wrong reasons they can be a struggle. We are committed to helping those with prescription drug abuse. Learn More
Mood Disorder and Dual Diagnosis

Co-occurring mood disorders are very common among those that struggle with drug addiction or alcohol abuse. Whether the condition is pre-existing or is a result of substance abuse, an adequate addiction treatment program is needed to address this condition. Learn More
Treating Codependency

Codependency is a series of compulsive behaviors that can affect families and fuel the erratic struggles of an addiction. Through therapy and family-based programming this concern is addressed during substance abuse treatment. Learn More
Trauma and Grief Treatment

A common practice of those faced with trauma is to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol for a reprieve to their emotional struggle. Caring therapies are used to address the concerns of trauma and grief. Learn More

Cirque Lodge is licensed by the State of Utah and accredited by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. We combine traditional cognitive therapy with a daily experiential session in what may be the most spectacular setting in alcohol and drug addiction treatment. We have an educated, sophisticated and experienced staff and have been named by several publications as one of the top addiction treatment programs in the nation. If you are ready to turn your "stumbling blocks into stepping stones" we invite you to call for help today. Ask us about our innovative treatment approaches, world class experiential program and our nurturing environment. We are the leading privately owned therapeutic treatment experience in the country. Call 1-800-582-0709 today.