Addiction Treatment for Women

Addiction Program Specifically for Women According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), women can face many more disorders, concerns, trauma and other issues when it comes to alcohol and drug addiction. Due to physiological and psychological makeup, women have a much faster progression to chemical dependency than men do. According to these same studies women with addictions are also more likely to have a co-occurring disorder like depression, anxiety, PTSD or eating disorders. They are also more likely to have experienced physical or sexual trauma. (Substance Abuse Treatment: Addressing the Specific Needs of Women)

Similar obstacles are met by women getting appropriate substance abuse treatment. Primarily, most women play a nurturing role in their lives and will put the needs of those they take care of before their own. Studies have also reported that many social constraints or stigma can prevent a woman from seeking appropriate care for addiction problems. The study reported that the societal stigma towards women with addictions is greater than to those of men. This leads to the thinking that substance use really isn't a problem and doesn't need an treatment when the opposite is the case.

In spite of these obstacles, this same SAMSHA protocol states that women who enter treatment can and do show a remarkable ability to recover. At Cirque Lodge, it begins with an compassionate individualized approach and thorough alcohol treatment plan.

Personalized Treatment Program

Substance abuse treatment for women involves a personal plan to meet their specific needs. Women residents are assigned a female counselor who oversees their alcohol treatment or drug treatment, and facilitates therapy and counseling sessions. In dealing with the struggles of addiction and recovery, there can be a great number of female-oriented issues and problems to be dealt with, including co-occurring mental health concerns. Our caring substance abuse treatment program offers the recovering woman with a private and personal means for dealing with such concerns. Female staff is always on hand to meet the personal needs of the clients as well.

Accommodations for Women

Studio Accommodations for Women We treat both men and women residents, but our drug rehab center is separated to accommodate women and men accordingly. The Lodge facility has women's rooms on opposite ends of the facility then the men. At the Studio, women's rooms are located on the third floor next to the dining area. Accommodations are comfortable, relaxing and what you would expect from a private and exclusive substance abuse treatment provider. The majority of the rooms are shared with other women residents. These accommodations can greatly enhance the experience and the support of women in recovery.

Substance Abuse Recovery Program for You

Treatment is centered on a recovery program built around individual needs. A considerable amount of professional work is done in developing a plan to help you overcome the struggles of alcoholism, drug abuse or prescription drug addiction. This involves active elements to help with physical recovery and spiritual elements to help the struggling soul. A powerful aspect of this chemical dependency program is our involvement of family into drug treatment. This is a means for mothers and wives to work with their loved ones and to heal on a family level.

As a dual diagnosis drug rehab center, a good majority of women in our program who struggle with alcohol and drugs also struggle with a co-occurring mental health concern, such as depression or anxiety. Dual diagnosis offers treatment and care that address the addiction issues and also the mental health issues as well. With women there can be very specific needs to address and we work tirelessly to accommodate those needs with care and proper therapies.

To help the woman in your life in need of an addiction treatment program give us a call at 1-800-582-0709. A caring member of staff is available to field your call and answer any questions that you may have.