Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Counseling Session Using Cognitive Therapy Change your thoughts, change your behaviors, and get a better result. While not everyone who comes into a rehabilitation center with the belief they are an addict or an alcoholic, everyone believes they could be doing better! Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has long been considered the evidenced based remedy for people with alcoholism and drug addictions. It also has proven effective for individuals co-occurring psychiatric and mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety. We provide an effective balance of cognitive therapy through our unique approach of individual, group, and family sessions. Performed in a caring, compassionate and magnificent setting we believe this is the most effective component in our addiction treatment programs. We believe that our sophisticated and educated staff delivering the cognitive program makes Cirque Lodge arguably the finest drug and alcohol treatment program in our industry today.

When you or your loved one comes to us for addiction treatment, we understand that everyone is struggling! Whether it is dealing with our family issues, unresolved trauma or even with loss of a loved one, at Cirque Lodge you have our assurance and commitment to walking the road of recovery with you. Whether your issue is that you are just a garden variety alcoholic or the complex client with several co-occurring diagnosis, our educated and experienced therapists will guide you on your journey.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Group Therapeutic Session One of the more effective categories of treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy which works directly with behaviors and thought impulses. It breaks down behavioral patterns and uses positive reinforcement to help with modification if needed. To understand the approaches of cognitive therapy you first must gain an understanding of what substance abuse does to an individual. Over time alcoholism and drug addiction can change brain chemistry and alter thought patterns, emotional responses and invoke behavioral change. Such responses can act as a trigger to use the substance of choice. Cognitive therapy takes a closer look at these responses, identifies them, and introduces strategies that use constructive alternatives other than harmful drugs and alcohol. The National Institute of Drug Abuse has stated that their research indicates that the skills learned through cognitive behavioral therapies remain with the individual long after concluding alcohol treatment or drug treatment.

At the Cirque, this is carried out in a positive and healing manner. We strive to supply each resident with the coping strategies necessary to not only prevent relapse from occurring but to go well beyond. This is not about just ever drinking or using again. This is about living the life you were meant to live! A master level addiction counselor / therapist works individually with residents, doing the hard work, but staying sensitive to our needs. We feel that a loving and motivational approach has many more advantages than fear and confrontation. We never saw anyone get better being mean to them! We seek to remove the feelings of doubt and hopelessness and restore the positives that come from a productive daily life.

Cognitive Therapy Sessions and Learning While Enjoying!

Experiential Session Outdoors Many of our cognitive therapy sessions are done outside of our building! Either while on a hike or sitting in a mountain meadow, we introduce a fun and we believe a more engaging way to develop coping mechanisms. There is healing in nature and we believe the effect of a cognitive therapy session with the beauty of our mountain setting has an exponentially greater effect on our clients. Being active in recovery is very powerful. A goal for our clients is to keep them moving! We feel our we engage on a much higher level by simply just not sitting in some class room or lecture hall. Regular meetings, regularly! Daily routines are a positive not only in treating chemical dependency, but the recovery process and in life itself. Our routine is to combine our cognitive sessions with the magnificence of the world around us. We believe we are better at this aspect of treatment than any other drug and alcohol treatment rehab in the nation.

Continual research on the efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is being performed with positive results. CBT has shown to be a very powerful tool in both individual and group programs and in the prevention of relapse. However, our belief is that cognitive therapy alone is not enough. We benefit from multiple approaches to care. While it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a combination of treatment and therapies to overcome our addiction issues! We encourage you to call Cirque Lodge to learn more about us and our cognitive, experiential and self-help programming. Someone is always available to take your call. 1-800-582-0709.