Culinary / Dining Program

Kitchen at the Cirque Lodge Studio Unequivocally we believe we have the finest culinary department of any rehab facility with a capacity of more than twelve clients. Our addiction treatment programs strive to provide those in our care with an unrivaled recovery and treatment experience. While an unrivaled treatment experience doesn't start or end with the cuisine, it is certainly a part of the experience. Please know however that our philosophy isn't about trying to be the Four Seasons because we aren't, it is about trying to take the distractions out of care. If we allow our client's to focus on a poor diet or a hard pillow then we won't focus on why weren't a better spouse. We won't focus on why we drank or used so destructively. Our food is delicious, it is presented beautifully, and there is plenty of it! Our effort in this arena not only enhances the treatment stay, but also supplies much needed replenishment to a body recovering from the ravages of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Three well-balanced meals are prepared for residents each day. The freshest and finest ingredients are used in preparing these meals. We use a farm to table philosophy sourcing our foods locally when possible. Our kitchen staff is made up of experienced culinary school graduates and chefs that strive to provide our residents with delicious menu options during their stay in our rehab center. We feel that the process of treatment and recovery from drugs and alcohol is challenging enough, having a good meal shouldn't be! Our discharge surveys consistently rave about the food experience at the Cirque Lodge!

Meeting Resident Needs with the Culinary Experience in Drug Rehab

Gourmet-Style Dining in a Treatment Experience Our culinary experience helps recovering residents in a number of ways. The struggles of severe alcoholism or drug addiction can and do deeply and negatively affect the body. Nutritional problems develop into additional unhealthy circumstances and medical concerns. Alcoholism, for example, accelerates the risk of Type II Diabetes. Meals are well-planned to provide residents with much needed balance and restorative nutrients that attend to our physical recovery. It is an integral part of an addiction treatment program focused on the holistic experience of body, mind, and spirit.

Cirque Lodge and our culinary program are also sensitive to the dietary needs of our clients. Personalized meal options can and are prepared for individuals upon request. Whether you require vegetarian, diabetic or kosher options there has been no request we haven't been able to fulfill. The kitchen is also stocked with healthy snacks, fruits, vegetables, and drinks for residents. It is open for clients to get what they need during the day. Just like home only usually we eat better here!

The Cirque Lodge culinary experience is just one of the many ways we strive to provide the finest in addiction treatment for those individuals struggling with the malady of a drug or alcohol problem. If you or someone you care about is in need of treatment, please call us. Our Admissions Department can be reached at 1-800-582-0709.