Dual Diagnosis & Co-occurring Disorders

Dual Diagnosis for Mood Disorders Those who struggle with addiction can also struggle with other conditions. Co-occurring mental health disorders are a major influence on the behaviors of self-medication, substance abuse and dependency. The delicate chemical structure of the central nervous system is affected by drugs and disorders. When addictive chemicals are introduced, the disorder can take on a whole new life and vice versa. Addiction treatment is more effective when it is integrated with programs that assist in treating mental health disorders. At Cirque Lodge, this effort is referred to as dual diagnosis. We are committed to providing the most compassionate and caring approach to treating mental health disorders and chemical dependency.

Mood Disorders and Personality Disorders

The most critical portion of an effective addiction treatment program other than the therapy itself is the assessment process. Properly determining and diagnosing any secondary mood disorders is obviously paramount in being able to treat it. Mood and personality disorders such as depression, bi polar disorder, anxiety, manic depression, and other types of mental health concerns are often times the driving factor behind our addiction. These imbalances in the brain can lead to the practice of self-medication, and ultimately addiction and alcoholism. We offer residents with a mental health disorder the proper treatment that they are in need of not only through cognitive therapy but from a medication point of view as well. Medications for the right reasons can perform miracles!

For those who have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder and an addiction, it may have been difficult to find proper treatment. The beauty of a residential setting is that it can provide us that quiet space, the space with no distractions. That space where we can heal and recover. Our professional staff specializes in treating individuals with complex issues in what might be the most serene setting in treatment today. Effective addiction and dual diagnosis treatment is a confluence of many factors. The right programmatic components, the right professionals, and the right facility and venue have been meticulously developed to provide as much. The Cirque Lodge rehab center is geared specifically for this task!

Mental Health and Chemical Dependency

A lot of research is still being done to determine the relationship between chemical dependencies and psychiatric mental health concerns. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimate that approximately 8.9 million Americans are dealing with co-occurring disorders (SAMHSA Co-occurring Disorders). According to an estimate by the National Institute on Drug Abuse up to 6 out of every 10 persons addicted to drugs can be dealing with co-occurring disorders (Addiction and Co-Occurring Mental Disorders). But the sobering statistic, only around 7% of these individuals actually get the therapy and addiction treatment they need for their problem. According to these same studies women with addictions are also more likely to have a co-occurring disorder like depression, anxiety, PTSD or eating disorders.

With the growing research being done about co-occurring disorders of addiction and mental health, the reason behind the development of such conditions are still not entirely known. What is known is that each condition can contribute to the other. Sort of like the chicken and the egg debate. Those with mental health concerns are at a higher risk of developing an addiction when they use drugs or alcohol. Likewise, beginning and continuing to abuse drugs or alcohol can also manifest itself in developing a dual diagnosis type of disorder. What we do know is that integrated systems of addiction treatment and co-occurring treatments have shown to work and create better outcomes for those affected by a dual diagnosis.

Disorders that are often treated with dual diagnosis programs are:
  • Depressive Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Attention Deficit – Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Bipolar Disorders
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Whether you call it dual diagnosis, dual disorders, comorbidity or co-occurring disorders, treatments have been developed for those that struggle. We still refer to it as dual diagnosis treatment. Roughly 70% of those who are admitted to addiction treatment at Cirque are diagnosed as having a co-occurring mental health concern. We provide a competent and educated staff in treating those that are faced with a dual diagnosis. Some individuals are unaware they have this type of problem. A part of assessment and treatment planning is to properly diagnose any existing disorders and provide specific care to individual needs.

Dual Diagnosis and Mental Health Treatments The wonderful thing about a residential setting for this type of treatment is that it is a quiet and compassionate environment. Caring professionals can help you come to terms with what you are struggling with. Addiction treatment and therapy provide positive and motivational tools for addressing the co-occurring problem. This is combined with the medication aspect to treating mental illness and helping stabilize the individual.

Alcohol, drug addiction and mental health disorders both require efforts at recovery. They are things that are chronic and need maintenance. One of the beautiful parts of Our Program is that we want you to stay connected with the facility. After you leave, recovery can have its ups and downs. We encourage you to come back when you can and have a little tune-up when needed. You can do this through our guesting program. It’s free of charge and gives the opportunity to return to the mountains and refocus your recovery over addiction and managing your mental health.

Cirque Lodge, located in the majestic mountains of Sundance Utah, is in the minds of many the leading alcohol and drug rehabilitation center in our nation. We help individuals with many types of complex issues including trauma, multiple addictions and co-occurring disorders. Clients with an addictions issue and a co-occurring disorder are often referred to as having a dual diagnosis. Approximately 70% of the people who admit to Cirque Lodge are dually diagnosed. Since it is such a large portion of what we do here in addiction treatment, our professional staff is extremely competent in treating individuals with complex disorders. Unlike many of the other alcohol or drug rehab agencies, Cirque Lodge has no "para-professionals." All of our clinicians are educated, experienced and licensed! For more information about our work with co-occurring disorders please call our Admission Department at 800-582-0709.