Experiential Therapy

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The experiential and holistic programming at Cirque Lodge is strategically and individually designed to physiologically anchor the essential skills and concepts that are being introduced daily in our individual, group, and 12-step sessions. To enhance our cognitive work, we incorporate a number of unique indoor and outdoor activities. Everything is done with a therapeutic outcome in mind for alcoholism and drug addiction. These activities not only help to apply lessons of recovery, but also give the individual a chance to reconnect with body, mind and spirit. In our rehabilitation center, hope and change in are undoubtedly introduced through the use of experiential therapy.

  • Equine Therapy – indoor and outdoor arenas
  • Nation's Largest Indoor Challenge Course "Ropes"
  • Hiking
  • Snowshoeing
  • Biking
  • Art Therapy
  • Fitness / Crossfit
  • Rafting
  • Fishing
  • Gardening

Learn more about Experiential Therapy:

  • Equine Therapy in Addiction Treatment

    Equine Therapy

    The horse is an awesome therapeutic tool. They have no agenda for us. They aren’t our spouse, our parent or our boss. When we push on their chest or nose they go backwards, when we push on their rear ends they go forward. So if I can't get the horse to do what I want it too, maybe I am the one with the communication problem? We have both indoor and outdoor arenas and our horse program is regarded as the pre-eminent equine therapy experience in addiction treatment. See the Story about Sampson, our horse in recovery.

  • Indoor Ropes and Climbing Course

    Ropes Course

    Our indoor experiential challenge course is the largest indoor facility of its kind to be found anywhere in the alcohol and drug rehab industry. Encompassing 17,000 square feet, the indoor course ensures that we never lose a day of therapy no matter how bad the weather gets. The ropes course has 39 high events which allow us to work on our individual issues and a myriad of low events that are associated with relationship and couples issues. We can stream video to the flat screens that surround the course allowing us to identify those feelings of discomfort or in some cases elation as we move through the different stations. We have an educated and experienced staff that insures every event carries the maximum in therapeutic value.

  • Recovery Experience by Helicopter


    Cirque Lodge derives its name from the beautiful glacier-carved Cascade Cirque sitting high in the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains. The majestic Cirque looms directly above the Lodge and this is where we fly. Our 7 passenger EC-130, the finest machine of its kind, allows our clients to access the back reaches of the Wasatch Range where process groups and workshops take on a whole new meaning in the alcohol treatment and drug treatment. The famous rock cairn on top of Wallsburg Ridge, in pioneer times a directional to show us the way, today a guide post that puts us on the path, the path of recovery. Alcohol and drug rehab takes on a different perspective at 10,000 feet!

  • Fly Fishing on the Provo River

    Outdoor Programming

    "Everybody needs beauty...places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul alike."
    - John Muir, Naturalist

    Again while we believe we have the most educated, sophisticated and experienced clinical staff in an addiction treatment setting, the mountains surrounding Sundance, Utah really makes the experience here special. As a result of we have pointed our outdoor experiences to take advantage of our spectacular venue. We hike, snowshoe, fly fish and when we can, run the river. We truly believe that recovery is a program of attraction and it is much more attractive doing a process group or talking about the 12-steps in the middle of an alpine meadow.

  • Yoga Class

    Fitness / Exercise

    Recovery over alcoholism and drug addiction is not just an emotional or psychological challenge. It can also be a physiological struggle as well. We like to believe that we give our residents the best-rounded program, not just spiritually and in means of treatment, but also through supplying a physical recovery. To this end residents are provided with daily opportunities to get some exercise in. The Lodge folks have their own private facilities in Sundance. The Studio residents have a full-sized basketball gym, as well as having passes to a local Gold's Gym. As a part of experiential programming we incorporate Crossfit training in the schedule.

Experiential Therapy in Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

"In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks."
- John Muir

In short our experiential therapy is multifaceted in its effort for treating the clients. Some of the activities are designed to allow our residents to enjoy themselves while in treatment, while others teach principles about recovery and the 12-step program. All provide coping strategies that help us recover from the devastating maladies created by alcoholism and drug addiction.

Our experiential therapy program is not to be confused with a physical fitness program. Everything is crafted so that all residents can participate at their individual level of physical conditioning. Activities are enjoyable but more importantly therapeutic. Cirque Lodge is committed to providing its residents with first and foremost in clinical experiential therapies in attempting to arrest alcoholism, drug addiction and other co-occurring or secondary mental health issues. All of this takes place in what we believe is the finest addiction treatment resource, in the most spectacular setting, with the finest staff.