Group Programming

Group Workshop When most people think of drug rehab, they probably think of a group type setting. It's people sitting around in a circle talking about things. Now rehab is a lot more than that, but the group structure of some therapies and programming does have its purpose not just with treatment, but also with support and healing. A part of the program at Cirque Lodge is built around using different group type settings, not just in a therapy room, but through experiential activity as well.

After a person leaves a rehabilitation program, being involved in additional support groups and programs can continue to provide a foundation of support. They start this in treatment. They learn and are educated in such group settings and can apply these concepts to their recovery process. One foundational purpose, that you are never alone in your struggle. There are groups and support programs always available to help you if you let them. Don't let addictions and struggles force you to isolate. There are groups of folks to help you.

Education and Learning

Groups and workshops make up a good portion of treatment in most drug rehabilitation programs. The educational element to treatment teaches those in rehab more about their addictions, the science behind it and how it affects behaviors. Educational groups help to clarify the nature of chemical dependency and why someone struggles with using and their mental health. These things are usually open discussions where those in treatment can share their questions, experience, insights and concerns.

We are continually working to provide our residents with a well-rounded educational effort of drug treatment. We cover a huge variety of topics and concepts with workshops. It starts with focuses on addiction, but can extend to much more detailed topics covering health, family life, employment, 12-step concepts and mental health issues. It is our hope that each resident of our facility has a much better understanding of their disease and what is required to recover from the struggle.

Experiential Groups and Challenges

Ropes Course

Our experiential therapy program provides unique group activities for residents. Those in drug rehab can grow in strength and build support through these activities. Whether in the ropes course or on the mountain, the group has a chance to experience things together and can learn and grow from the challenges. Out in nature, these experiences are shared through things like hiking or mountain biking, fishing, river walks or working in the garden. These experiences are shared in a group setting and many times conclude with a group discussion about healing, 12-step recovery concepts or sharing experiences and hope.

The ropes course provides the group with a completely different challenge. Only by working together can the challenge be overcome. The lessons of these exercises teach new ways in dealing with addiction problems, and also teaching the concept of asking for help. People learn how to be better communicators, leaders and even learn personal lessons about codependency in these activities. These team activities are both challenging and fun. It is a completely different approach to addiction recovery, but has shown to be a powerful teaching and healing opportunity.

12-step Groups and Meetings

After residents have been in rehab for a time, they are encouraged to take part in 12-step meetings and working with sponsors. These elements help in preparing for the recovery process. Groups and step work helps to lay the foundation for the future recovery effort. A lot of times, after rehab is completed, 12-step meetings and a sponsor are the only means one has of relapse prevention. By building this practice in a drug rehab setting, the recovering individual has an easier transition process to regular meeting attendance and sponsorship.